Saturday, December 31, 2005

why is it easy to fall in love???

when we were younger,
we brag about how hard to write the ABC's
how hard to study those mathematics but now,
I ask myself why is it easy to fall in love?
the substantial things that we need to learn,
those foundations that we need to build,
it seems so hard to achieve but
why do i fall in love so easily?
with just a mere overnight conversation,
creates an eternal and everlasting connection.
i always feel the same way again and again
getting attached with all the risks.
i am so vulnerable,
i admit it and im trying my best to deal with it.
but how come love seems so easy for me,
that it breaks my heart instantly like how it appeared to me.
love love love, for people it seems so complicated.
but i feel the opposite way around.
i easily fall in love, i easily give my heart away.
i cried for love, the uncertainty of its moves.
how it plays my blood and heart to the bowels of my soul.
how it conjures my doors to open wide
just to give me its false promise.
why is it easy to fall in love?
why why why?

Friday, December 30, 2005

sinag ng nakaraang taon

(its quite long, so just bear with me and forgive me for my typos and unevitable grammar errors...)every year, before the year ends, we always ponder about the things that had happened in the former year...realizing that time passed easily and things happened rapidly is a know when you are still on that situation, we always brag about time being slow and how we wanted to speed things up but later on we would realize that things really did happened so fast..not literally of course but weve been so preoccupied by stuff that we barely noticed how things are developing.

ito ay ilan sa mga SINAG ng aking 2005...

1. unang una ay ang aking pagiging 2nd year sa kolehiyo bilang isang nursing student..ito ay isang SINAG dahil dito ko na kukunin and subject na HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY..ang isa sa mga foundations ng pagiging nursing student ko..whats so special about it??? MANY STUDENTS HAVE FAILED IT AND CRIED OVER IT..SPENT SLEEPLESS NIGHTS STUDYING AND WOULD JUST FLUNK THE TEN ITEM EXAM..AND MANY HAVE TRANSFERRED SCHOOLS OR SHIFTED COURSE JUST BECAUSE OF ANATOMY. (i might be exaggerating but its true.)

2. ang taong 2005 ay ang ton kung saan magsisipagdalga na ang aking mga kabatch!!..oo, theyre turning 18...or they have turned 18 already...before i got into college i asked myself why havent i been attending debuts and parties of my friends...then when i got into college na, i was shocked...almost every week may high school friends, college friends..mga family in!!! moms getting mad at me kasi i always ask for money so i could buy a gift and a new polo or whatever the attire is..but its fun socializing with the people..being with old friends...eating, dancing and hanging out afterwards...its fun being looked upon kasi quite prepared ka sa damit mo...and its fun celebrting their birthdays..

3. im now a most of my classmates i passed swimming with flying colors....i thought that swimming being a PE class would be hard..kasi nga lalampa lampa ako...heheh...but i was wrong..being in the water and getting tanned is one of my most enjoyable experience...i still have my tan lines most of my batchmates having tan lines marks your first sem of second year...and learning how to swim means learning how to cope up with life's waves..alam mo yun..we have swimming today and tomorrow would be our anatomy class...EFFORT talaga ang gagawain kasi nga swimming, although 2 hours lang is not easy..talagang PISIKALAN...heheh..i can still remember yung mga ginagawa ko nun..drink ng kung ano ano pa...hay naku..thank GOD im over them!!!

4. my brother in law died last was really shocking..i wont tlk about it that much..just read my entry about it...

5. i got a new cellphone...N6020....unfortunately, sira na naman balik mun aako sa V200 ko for a while...then i got an mp3 player rom dad..its cool that you can listen to 100 of your most fav songs but hassle and magastos kasi i have to buy batteries again and hello..bumuli daw ba nun araw araw..

6. before december came, we finally passed our first sem..the bad thing about it is that we were was like OH MY GOSH!!>..what would just happen to me pag naiwan ako ng mga kabarkada ko?? or pag ko lang magisa sa section na yun..patay na ako...we were really anxious and against it..kasi nga parang hello!!!..but in the end, we learned to accept and dealt with it..anyway, wala naman kaming magagwa kung hindi sumunod diba??? so ayun..from being 11 sections of 45 students we became ten of 35 students...36 in our was alphabetically chosen...parang count off..1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10...tapos ulit ulit.. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10..and i end up being in the BSN21...from bsn27..21 na ako....hay..i missed my classmates..but its quite an advantage i guess...kasi more friends and more connections..thats what we like..hehehe..and more kwentons...but friendship cant be broken by those reshuffing...hello..dugot pawis na ang connection niyo even though we dont get to see everyone else always..lagi naman nagkakaroon ng interaction sa pag may mga in..yung mga magkakasection dati ang magkakasama...

hay nako...ang bilis nga naman ng panahon ano???...dati they were worryin about the millineum bug, but where are we now???5 years and turning 6 from it...hindi natin mamamalayan year 3000 na..or in our case tpos na ang ating pag aaral....

Monday, December 26, 2005

is there a real SANTA CLAUS??

waking up in a Christmas morning, and seeing a toy in our stocking is every child's dream.

yes, christmas is generally for children!! those imaginary figures that the society and the world introduced to us is only for children isnt it?? or unless there is a real SANTA CLAUS?? all of you people who could read this now would agree, adults doesnt have a SANTA CLAUS..why??? whats so special about it that only children can have a SANTA CLAUS and us ADULTS will have to make them believe of the sad truth that ************..

ikaw do you believe in SANTA CLAUS???right now..not if you used to belive... but now...

oh, would always be complicated no matter how we make things easy..

satisfied????!!!!!! tracker?!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

a christmas tale(my christmas post)

It was the night two days before christmas, December 23rd five years after the millineum bug scared the world 2005, when the "Council of Legendary People" knew that SANTA CLAUS was diagnosed with acute tonsillitis due to the rampant dispersion of STREPTOCOCCUS bacteria in the north pole. Thus, he can't laugh in his usual christmas tone the all famous "HO HO HO, MERRY CHRISTMAS". It wouldn't just make any sense if he can't laugh with all his heart on that tone. We all know that it is one of the seasons most awaited things; eg. lights, christmas tree, gifts, angels. So there he was in his four pole bed covered with thick fur comforters suffering high fever with Mrs. Claus giving him a sponge bath and checking his temperature every hour. So the council, getting so much worried because it would be christmas eve tomorrow and all the presents for all the good boys and girls around he world are now ready to be delivered. SO the council called an emergency meeting with its members:

1. Mother Nature-has no permanent address but you can text her.
2. Father Time- can be found in every clock, 24/7
3. Easter Rabbit- found in the Netherlands
4. The Tooth Fairy- a guy with a tooth factory underground, all you have to do is stump your foot six hundred and ninety one times to call him
5. Cupid- can be seen just flying around hopeless couples

So there they were perusing the resumes of possible SANTA CLAUS this year. Then they found this one interesting boy named JOT. Hehehe.. Mother Nature found it and preented it to the council. Jot is a 17 year old boy, turing 18 on the 4th of January, a sophomore student of De La Salle University. He used to believe that there was really a Santa Claus until he was older that he assumed like everybody else that it was their parents who put gifts into their Christmas stockings. But really, he used to believe that there is this fat crazy man in red and white who travels around the world to give presents.
On the other hand, Jot who lives in the Philippines near the equator in the Tropic of Cancer was gazing in the heavens for no apparent reasons at all. He was getting crazy because of the nonstop carols of the children in the streets when he felt weird. He didnt hear any out of tune songs anymore, nor get distracted by the blinking of the light. He was sure that the time stopped. And yes he was correct. The council appeared before him with their great smiles, courtesy of the TOOTH FAIRY. Mother Nature explained to him what happened and was asking him a favor, to help the elves distribute the presents. Of, course not by him alone. So with glee and enthusiasm, he agreed and they went to the NORTH POLE, where he was asked to wear a trendy and coño cloak. Hehehe..He was totally amazed on the sight. It's not what the world have portrayed a Toy factory would be, its very magnificent and unbelievable. First there were train stations where elves come down carrying their bags and cases. Then a track of roping train tracks everywhere, speeding in the speed of light. Then as they go in, the factory was like an igloo, but so gigantic that king kong could live. It is made of glass and was decorated with colorful lights and trees around it. There were angels roaming around the air. Inside you could find sets of reindeers, all the same practcing their air stunts. Yes, Santa uses differnt sets every year..The set that wins the year's reindeer exhibition show gets to be with Santa on christmas eve. Then all the elves has a wand along with them, charming toys so that it would be very beautiful and pass the CHRISTMAS standards...Jot was nonchalantly being toured by the Council..Father Time as the tour guide..He was nonchalant as always..Then they arrive at Santa's office..a huge room with tellies all over..each for every kid aroubnd the there were millions of tellies all over. Ecah telly is monitored by an elf, each equipped with a parchment and a feather pen...North Pole is really techie, Jot thought..Then all of a sudden..They heard a loud knocking..He was so sure that it wasnt part of the north was breaking..tellies were breaking and everyone was panicking..and He heard jot jot!!! was her tita..ate maribel..leaving and saying goodbye..and he was awoken in his christmas dream...hehehe

Monday, December 19, 2005

"xonrox is better than acids or SLEEPING PILLS"

Image hosted by Photobucket.comi bought paulo coelho's VERONIKA DECIDES TO DIE yesterday..i was choosing between that book or the shopaholic and sister.......

how hard is it to be usual???to be mediocre?? to be simple?? to be conventional??? to be minute in this massive world??..we always say that we are just those simple guys etc etc...but then in our own hearts, we aim to be of a kind. we aim to make a name and shine in our own little way..i agree with veronika..its hard to be be predictable..its like nakakasawa na..but then i havent read the whole book yet so ill speak about it later...

Friday, December 16, 2005

night of moon and sugars!!

it was dlsu-hsc CONCERT FOR A CURE last night....the blitz club, which is composed of different bands supported it..there were 10 bands who performed before MOONSTAR** and SUGARFREE went on stage...first was MOONSTAR88..oh gosh..the vocalist was so pretty...she really sang very well..and tell stories of the song's history....then it was SUGARFREE's turn..
Image hosted by
.. the vocalist...i think its eli or ebi or something like that was so down to earth...he is such a true pretentions on stage..he was so cool that while he is singing he went on the audience area and stood on the table, which is supposed to be a barricade..then sang the panday themesong..i was like..OH GOSH>>..abot kamay ang langit..heheh///he is just like 1foot far from us....and people were crowding our area..lucky us...heheh...after the exciting and rocking concert we went to starbucks, as usual to get some coffee..and frps for some..
Image hosted by
..i got a CAFE MOCHA...and after sipping our lavish caffeines we went outside and just goofed around....taking pictures of course and joking and telling stories and making fun with each other...then unfortunately the rain begun to fall and we end up inside the cars..we were in 3 cars..fritzie's, ivy's and patrick's..we were 17 or 16 i think..then went to 7 11..grab a bite...planned what to do next,,,planned going to batangas but it was too far then ended up cruising the tagaytay area..but fog was all around so we decided to leave tagaytay..went into a videoke resort and went home at 5am...o here i am now,.,24 hours awake, and still typing and moving..but i really want to sleep muah..

Monday, December 12, 2005


it was a night of excitement and full of nerves for the BIG 4. for uma, cass, jayson and nene..that night is the make or break night of their life...either they become 6 million worth of prizes richer or not...but the PINOYS have made up their minds and VOTED for NENE..the kumander as they say from romblon...i really like nene especially in the latter part of the series..shes so so mabait!! protective of her friends...i just cant stop admiring her when inaway niya si KUYA!.diba its so couragious to do that..its like risking your spot..but i hope nene would help her family..she said she would save half of the money in the bank..anyway..hail to nene and CONGRATULATIONS..
Image hosted by

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

"carry my bag" or ill "carry your bag"

of course, all of us have seen couples walking together in the mall, streets, schools...walking together holding hands or magkaakbayan aor just together..but ONE thing i notice always is that the guy BRINGS THE HANDBAG OF THE GIRL!!!..yeah..that small little thingy that has her kikay kit and stuff..that even a child could point is! why does HE have to carry HER SMALL BAG??!!.. yeah its a sign of gentlemanliness but i just thought that its super OA!!..ewan ko..but whenver i see couples like that i just say "OMG, ang bigat ng bag mo". isnt it too OA for a lady to let her man bring it?? diba you could carry it naman... i just dont find it cute..for others maybe but for me..its a TURNOFF. bringing your own stuff makes you look independent..not so attach to your BF..kaya nga you brought it, for your own not for HIM>..cguro pag ganun it would just be fair if the girls would carry OUR BACKPACKS while we carry your handbags.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

handaan wonder?!

whenever im in a party or a gathering that have, of course, a table full of succulent dishes, i always end up wondering why people try to get as much as they can and get all kinds in one for instance last saturday..i went into a debut and was so damn hungry after waiting for the dances and wishes to be said...i got a some food and went back to my table...then i saw these people, that tried to get all kinds..whats the point??? for the sake of getting a bite of all the dishes??? or "hello! its free, get as much as you can" not degrading those who do that but isnt it very improper to be?? isnt it that when people see you grab those delicious food at once, they might think that your being a glutton?? or being so excited of eating those?? or that youve never eaten in 7 days??? or so much more negative feedbacks..hhmm..its just that i always see the same scenario in every party i attend..even those that you expect to show finesse acts the way i talk people of the world try to be aware of what we do in social might make or totally BREAK US!!

Saturday, December 03, 2005


weekend.ohhh i love weekend....saturdays only...stuckups had a lunchdate today...we ate at mcdonalds....tyra banks retired from modelling...i so so like her especially in americas next top model..hay...ang dami kong gus2 ipost kaso sa sobrang dami eh wala na akong magwang matino..sugarfree and spongecolas gonna have a concert at our SCHOOL> the 16th..heheh...

Monday, November 28, 2005

the HALE that hit me

AAHHHHHH..this is my second time writing this one...aaarrrggghh..anyway, heres what happened yesterday..abbie and i went to SM dasma to catch HP4 again...went to the and had coffee...heres our pic....hale was also there so there were so many people shouting, trying to get a glimpse of HALE..i saw them, though..
Image hosted by

Saturday, November 26, 2005

mixed media

im really glad MONDAY is a haliday..yes AS IN HALIDAY>>>..lols...but yeah,this coming monday is a holiday..thanks to PGMA's holiday-moving hobby.,,so that makes my weekend 3 days...sun, mon and tuesday 'coz i dont have any classes every tuesdays...
heres my plan for this 3 day long weekened..

1. today, ill be going to las pinas for gaile and tito boogie's birthday party..
2. then im planning to shop maybe at SM, nearest mall.. i wanna buy contact lenses..woooooo...
3. buy new cloths..hahaha...parang ayaw ko magtipid noh???
4. date!!!!!!!! maybe on tuesday or monday..i have to date...
5. kelv's planning to go to ATC with me and tin..just gonna chill out there...maybe on monday..

-------------------------------so far yan pa lang ang naiisip kong gawin...mag gal.a.lols--------------------------

this weeks really exciting....not all people have the opportunitty to study reproductive health and when i say RH, it means *ttoooottt*...lols...

anyway, our prof taught us about family planning and this includes the demo of condom that how u call it???..hahah..we just cant help but laugh...sabi nga niya it smell like cloud9..its chocoloate so maybe gnun nga...

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


its my second time to suffer throat hurts..i have fever and i ski8pped school today...i hope my fever would subside tom...

Saturday, November 19, 2005

the time of ranting and blabbing

whew, im really enjoying my time every weekend. its a relief after a week of toxicity then a night of fun...LOLS...ive been missing my blog..but i really cant go OL every time i want...heres what happened this past week: phone's N6020 battery is malfunctioning..yeah..kaka inis would turn off whenever im after 10 letters it would shut down.then i would have to turn it on again and again and agian...i went to walter mart to look for new batts but it costs 400 bucks, so i couldnt buy it totally broke right now. and tin as well..hehehe..and im eing a parasite to my friends especially tin..i always borrow her phone so i could text..sorry tin..muah!

2.i wanna buy new clothes this week...

3.schools getting more toxic as days past by. reports are coming and presentations are nearing..ive got reports on microbio next week about chlamydia and in STS this week...

4.every sat its a must for us to have lunch with my former blockmates BSN27..its like a mini reunino of all other sections..we really missed each other and we always look forward on being together again..

5.last night, mom texted me that they were in robinsons imus to catch HP4..but i was like..i just arrived home..thats about 7:00pm..and i was running outside to be there asa..then i was running again in robinson to the cinemas..but unfortunately i didnt get to see the beginning because i was late..its ok..i would just have to catch it again..lols..

up to here,,,

Sunday, November 06, 2005

sem starter

i hate this day...first i have to wake up so early..then i have to wait 6 hours for my next class then i have no one to be with...our batch was reshuffled thats building opened its doors to health science that would be the cradle of future nurses, doctors, midwives, pt's and rad techs...i really miss my classmate so much...

Monday, October 24, 2005

part full sand and water

i just came from puerto galera..its fun there..full of sand and water..hahaha...i just hate those sandmites..their bites are so itchy....but anyway ive got lots of things to talk about...

UP LAW SCHOOL:proposed to be abolish

..i saw this news last week pa..i think sa yspeak/...some congressmen or someone is proposing that UP law school be abolished....although im not a part of the system, i did think about it...its just like this, UP las school is know to produce efficient, effective and copmpetent law people since then...most of the political body is a proud alumni of it...defensor...pangilinan...munoz palma/..etc etc etc./ in marami pa..i think they want it removed because theyre too much liberal....un ata ah..pero i dont far as im concrned i just cant help but laugh to those people..its like demolishing mt mayon...or making a disneyland in the chocolate hills....


Thursday, October 20, 2005

sem breakerss

sem break should be a time for me to have fun..and rest from all those epistaxis-causing schoolworks....and of course celebrate birthdays....ive been spendiong my sundays for the last month practicing for CARLA's cotillion..this week, weve been practicing all day till tomorrow...the event would be on the what im gonna miss????? first is majei's debut..its also on the 22nd...sorry marja, love you.......then tomorrow, ate and the rest of the gang would go to puerto galera until tuesday...leaving me and mom in the house..she'll be with me on carla's debut...but were planning on following there on sunday....i havent bought a gift for carla pa pala...hehehe...

---trivias??? to follow na lang po..

but heres some....

- you know hernia???? or LUSLOS in filipino...its an intestinal dislocation...your intestines fall down to your scrotum...pressure like lifting heavy objects can add up to the dislocation..
-darkening of the skin is caused by the production of melanin by the melanocytes..the production is triggered by exposure to sun

Thursday, October 13, 2005


it was our last meeting on my anatomy class. we have 2 chapters left; urinary and reproductive system... we were really looking forward for this last topic..hehehe..
anyway these are some of my discoveries:

- "G-SPOT" lies 30 degress anterior superior the could reach it in a missionary position and by putting 2 pillows under the woman...(men out there try it)...i remember ms monderin said that "nurses are maid for successful engineers"..

-the semen is kinda basic opposite to the vagina's acidic environment.

-the normal semen released each ejacultion is 2-5 ml...and there are about 100 million sperm cells per there would be about 500 million sperms each time a man ejaculates

-the blood that comes out each time a woman bleeds during her monthly period is in fact her endometrium.

e2 muna for now....

matagal na nawalang blogistah..

akalain mo nga naman noh?? lagi akong nagche2ck ng e mail but i always fail to updtae my blog...well busy kasi eh...
-school play
-final term na kasi
-tamad na din

hehehe.anyway ill be updating na ulit so im back on the groove...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

ALahas ni Imelda

i was watching the news last night when the issue about Imelda Marco's jewelries came up. They got it from her, the govt. says it was from their ill gotten wealth and they were planning on selling it on the auction. Now poor former first lady filed a complain, i think or a motion for it to be stopped. Would it be just to sell it???
Well for me i think its not. I think the govt. is just envy of their political success and selling it is just their excuse to gain money. I just dont know the law that much but is it just right for the govt. to confiscate your properties if you were said to be corrupt? Like your precious shoes, jewelries etc etc etc.... Hay naku ang gobernment nga naman..Its o magulo!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

incomparable violence

"To see is to believe" as the saying goes, but on our modern time now, believing does not always follow seeing the actual incident, for television has provided us the luxury of witnessing reality on our dear homes but this is incomparable to what reality really is. Television gives us the chance of witnessing reality, experience gore without actually sensing it, and shows a more docile images of reality.
Television's existence gives us the joy of seeing what is happening around the globe anytime and anywhere we want. Because everyone can access it, it does not filters what show to be shown that suits the viewer. Almost everything you asked for is found in TV channels. News programs although informative stress the violence that we are experiencing. Robberies, bombings worldwide, terrorism, deaths, rapes and more gruesome scenes are always showcased by our dear TV. Informing viewers is there primary objectives but the principle of double effect works. As they aim to inform us on the present situation, they flood viewers, things that are not really made to be aired, violence. As they inform us, they also show the violent reality that who knows who's watching at the moment. Thus, even the unadulterated minds of the young sees what the tube shows.
The tube makes things milder by being distant to the actual situation. It shows the violence outside our homes yet we can feel its rage and its effect by just watching. I don't know if it's a good thing that we are just watching it but watching it also makes an effect. We feel the emotions of the situation by just watching it; the fact that we see what is happening triggers our mind so that we can feel it. The violence that we see lets us experience it by just seeing it without actually undergoing that violence. Also it makes us connected with the situation feeling their emotions, just emotionally, though.
Although TV shows things of reality, it makes it more docile by taking away is physicality. The TV filters blood from gushing out of blooded bodies, shrapnel from hurting us, bullets from shooting us, screams from deafening us and gruesomeness from infiltrating us. This is the privilege that we get but this means that what we are seeing is far from what is really happening, the reality could be a lot more violent. Thus, violence on TV can't be compared to reality. A hard truth it is that the reality is a lot more brutal than what the tube shows. This just means that a more intense and strong emotion and trauma envelops reality.
When we watch TV, we also feel what we see however, it is just a mere glimpse of reality. The rage reality has is incomparable to what we feel. The violence that we see is just the tip of the iceberg, only the infamous part is shown. Life really is strong, and it deprives its strength to TV viewers leaving us unaware of what's life's violence is all about.
The things we see on TV is just a glimpse of life's real violence, thus it give us the privilege to see those things without actually undergoing it and most especially the TV showcases violence in a more docile way.

Friday, September 09, 2005


sorry but i just cant think of a good topic..plz help me...

Sunday, August 28, 2005

the burial, the hogwarts express, and the holiday

it was yesterday when tears had again fell in the eyes of the people. crying out loud, groaning and saying things was all we could hear. it was kuya emil's burial yesterday. the last time we could see his body, but he would be in our hearts forever.................

i would like to thank all the people who supported us. my friends, neighbors, bloggers etc. god bless you all.

last friday, while having our consti, we kinda tackled about jeepney drivers who would stop in the middle of the road, cause traffic if they would be imprisoned. hehehe. the crime is maybe shallow but its effect is disastrous. like you would be late in your exam, meeting, work, school. youll have hpn because of the inis to the driver. its their responsibility to maintain the jeepney, isnt it?? so it also their fault if it would stoped because of machine think it would be just????

im really glad there no classes today. its our midterms this week, and i havent really studied for it because i was busy. thank god and GMA for it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

in memory of kuya emil

last aug. 15, sunday, a very traic and painful thing happen to our family.

it was i think 9:45pm, sunday night, while i was talking in the phone and watching tv @ my moms room. mymom then burst into the room and shouted "si emilio nabaril daw, PATAY!",........................ emilio peralta, or emil as we call him is my ate's husband, so that makes him my brother in law. he was 24, and they just got married i think last year or last summer. they have a son, drew, my only nephew, who is 3 years i was shocked. i ask my mom who texted her, it was my ate who texted her. mom tried to call her but she run out of battery. mom told us to get ready and were gonna go at OLIVAREZ gen. HOSPITAL at sucat, pque. my mom was turning hysterical that time. while waiting for a taxi, i called mama pae, my tita who went there earlier. she was crying when i gave the phone to mom, she said that kuya emil's dead and was shot. my mom then burst out crying, and i was still speechless at that time. i still cant absorb what is happening. then on the bus was crying a little bit. then we arrived at the ER. people were there,police, airport police, media. kuya emils dead!.....i saw mama pae with swollen eyes and heard ate crying inside the closed curtains. mom went inside and i heard them cry. i went also, the embraced ate. there, lying in the bed was the body of kuya emil. i then cried, still on a shock with what had happened. then the funeral people came. unrolled the blanket covering him. i saw his body. his shirt drenched in blood and a gunshot in the left cheek.
a holdupper shot kuya emil.
his body is in rizal funeral homes, sucat.
abante-tonite published a report last aug 16.

Friday, August 12, 2005

my week of anatomy..

ive been really busy this week...with what??? as usual and will never works!!! crush is i cant concentrate...

my anatomy quizzes is really freaking me out...its so well as my classmates'...but im really studying so hard na.....

friendster is loosing its shine...and i think multiply is outshining it....i just had my multiply account now, thanks to fritzy and michell that gave me the invites...

its really fun studying anatomy.....on the contrary its amazes me knowing how our body functions..... really excited to read a book......lifes' so toxic kasi....i dont know what book to read pa....wala pa akong nabibili..hehehe...

Friday, August 05, 2005

snape's the half blooded dork!!!

ive been getting gaga over hp6 since it was released last july. hp6???? for those who just went down from the mountains, hp6 is harry potter and the half blood prince..its the book 6 and 6th of the 7th installment of JK ROWLING'S books. its worth 1499. i just cant ask mom or dad to give me cash but i have to save for it. i have 1000 na...hehehe////500 more to go....

gossips about HP6 that fritzie babbled:

- first and i think the most important is that dumbledore died!!! can you imagine??? she told me harry doesnt want to go back to hogwarts bcoz of that....
-there's a recruitment of death eaters and aurors as well..
-snape is a doubled sided spy!!! that asshole....i knew it, if you read the order, snape is one of the order of the phoenix and he is loyal to the good side but the opposite happens here.
-theres a spell called non verbal spells...hhhmmm..sounds good eh???
-theres a lot of flirting and kissing going on....yehey..thats what i like about it.....whatever jt!

----------------SNAPES played a major role in the book.....hes part of the title and.....secret...

have you read HP6???? (apparate)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

my career

honestly i cant concentrate right now. my crush is just 3 meters away from so im so kilig...hehehe..

anyway. im so excited on having our duty next sem. i really like interacting with people and added to the fact that i would help them. i know thate there are also many jobs there that enables us to interact with people but i think for me, being in the medical fiield is the beesssstttt way. heheeh.. yeah im being bias on what im saying.(im secretly looking at my crush sa monitor...yung reflection niya...) it just gives me a sense of satisfaction helping other people. im just so envy to the juniors and seniors who wears white, (i have to study more to be qualified) hahaha...anyway up to here..

Monday, August 01, 2005

ana,hp and politics

ive change my blog layout!!! hehehe...its quite absurd..(the layout of entries, im still trying to fix it and asking for help)...

anyway, i got my ana exam results and 78!!!! hahaha...its okay..its not bagsak but its quite low...many of us failed, same with the whole batch...

im really being political, as you can see in my previous post...i cant help it. i just cant help criticizing those people...hahaha...

im saving now for HP6. i really wanna have a HP fan fyi!..

Saturday, July 23, 2005


Are you proud to be a Filipino??? Yes I am!!
I just wanna laugh on what I just said, its really on the contrary on what is happening now, Its indirectly saying that I'm proud to be one of the people who is being lead by a president being asked to resign by the people who voted for her, in the first place.
Let's admit it; our political situation had always been like this. We put someone in the throne, and then ask them to resign immediately, be hostile if they ignore our commands. Hostile??? Yes, just look at those rally people who every now and then walks in the streets of EDSA and makati and everywhere else, asking someone to do something and be violent against the police force when not heard.
But political prodigies give us the option on changing the government, CHA CHA!!!!! These are the options they're giving us that we likewise rejected. I think chacha is good. Having a parliamentary government is what the people want, based on they're actions.

Anyway, back on being a Filipino. Yes, I'm proud of our heritage, colorful and blood stained past, I'm proud to be a Filipino. I'm proud of the pinoys who did well but was ignored by our own govt. hahahahaha…. I just wanna laugh…Have you notice that whenever someone becomes famous in they're career, and they have at least a drop of pinoy blood the country would surely publicized that person around the archipelago….but they didn’t help that person in the first place…that my point my dear bloggers. Why is it that our country or at least the government doesn’t want to spend even a centavo in cultivating the pinoys skills and talents but they will always be giving you the attention when you MADE IT out of your own????? Promoting self reliance??? I don’t think so.. Promoting independence??? Likwise.

.i dunno, I guess the government will always be like this unless someone will turn the rudder in a different direction.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

my phone broke

last sunday, while walking to the jeepney terminal, i was texting and then suddenly my phone, samsung v200 went white. i dont know why. but when i arrived home, i tried to turn it on again and it work, fortunately, but just the other day, it went completely white and stop working..........................................conclusion is i dont have a cellphone right now..poor me...but i think my dad would give me a new one...

a week of ....hhhmmm???

its been a week since my last post. i checked my blog always for comments but just had a hard time making time for my posting. thanks to those who keep on visting my blog, im also visiting yours from time to time.

this is just the same as the former weeks. i studied, studied and studied. last thursdaywe had our skeleton practical exam. its kinda weird looking at those human bones.hehehe. but i really enjoyed it.

i have been moody this week, switching moods from happy to silent type. i dont know why. i even joked the stuckups that i dont want stupid people in my sight.

anyway, we had our health care exam. i studied very hard for it. but when i was taking the test i didnt know the answer to 3 numbers, i remember, i felt really depressed after it. you the feeling of unsatisfaction???? the feeling of "panghihinayang"???? i asked myself why it happened??? i did everything for it. i prepared for it so much, but still i commited mistakes. im not against my mistakes, what im against is why our efforts doesnt pay off???? this is such an unfair world. but i just keep on praying for clarity of mind and strength to study.....

Monday, July 04, 2005

no no no

i really dunno what am i going to blog about, but im here on our lib. we had our health care this morning and also after this. had my blood extracted for my hepatitis b screening, just ate at mcdonalds, juno and i were writing thoughts this morning, he was telling how he feels about fem and sorts. i just laughed and teased him more.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

crusader's night

it was "crusader's night" last night. it is the DLS-HSC (de la salle- health science campus) first get together. FYI, the colleges that belongs to hsc are CNM, CPT, CMRT and CM. the banners, flyers and posters promised bands and music and a lot of fun, including the host MIKE CHAN AND HYUBS and the other girl also a CH5 host and MAYONNAISE.
we went their around 8 pm. it was raining still so we went inside angelo king bldg. stayed there for i think an hour or less then went outside when we heard the host start blabbing.
the performances are okay, some are boring, some sucks but some are really great.
finally it rained hard again....we went inside...then this chubby girl passed by us. i recognized her, she was one of mayo's members. she was the bassist. but i didnt realize it until the band was called. then it was their turn....


it was really noisy, i havent heard any of their songs except for JOPAY...they sung 5 songs, JOPAY the last.. there were people ion front slamming their bodies with each other.

just an added info:
DLSU taft- archers
DLSU dasma- patriots
DLS- hsc- crusaders

Thursday, June 30, 2005


i was beginning to think that studying is very hard. i have my anatomy and physiology of the human body class every thursday. its a 9 hour class(can you imagine), in an underground ana room that freezes me everytime, so i have to bring my jacket. anyway, we always have pre test, post test and midtest.... yeah every test that you can imagine. and the hard part is that the topic is so long e.g. integ sys, muscular, have to study the whole chapter beforehand and memorize all the details...and we have to maintain a grade of 80% to be promoted to 2nd sem.....anyway ana is fun but its really hard, it really drains my brain out.

anyway this one's a lot significant than the former....

PGMA made a public apology on what she had done. clearly, she said that she was just guarding her votes....hhhmmm??!!! damn those vote.. is she really the president by law??? did she really won??? but for me that's not the issue, the issue is about those stupid welgists (correct???) since marco's regime the pinoy have been rallying and shouting out loud and practicing their freedom of speech, criticizing the govt, the administration and whoever it was.. they would put someone in the office and after a while they would put them down...what do we really want??? we are not contented on what the politicians doing..we always want to be SOMEONE... why not go with the flow and just follow the leaders??? its not hard.. the leaders are being pressured to do this and that becuse of the will of the people, and not doing what they have planned....can you get it??? they spread out their platforms on election time and when they win they start doing it..but the pinoys wanted all of it at once.....hay naku....???? are you one of us or them??

Saturday, June 25, 2005


its been a while since i last posted an entry here. i have been quite busy with school. stdudying very well and going home late. but the urge for blogging still won't vanish in me. i woulod still blog no matter what. and thats why i made another template. its quite the same with my older one. i just cahnge the pictures and images and some colors.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

independence day post

i was reading Philippine Star this morning when i pass through an article by Yason Banal, The F word in an F world.

theres a qoute there by Diosdado Macapagal that made me think on our country's independence.

"A nation is born into freedom on the day when such a people, molded into a nation by a process of cultural evolution and sense of oneness born of common struggle and suffering, announces to the world that it asserts its natural right to liberty and is ready to defend it with blood, life, and honor." –Diosdado Macapagal, on June 12, Independence Day

i agree with DM, a country whose people asserts their freedom and rights is an independent one. the freedom from aliens are not its only basis, although we are not in anyones hand, we are still dependent on something. the people should know their rights in order to fight for it when injustice comes. the people should fight for it and must not let abusive officials take over the law. well, i believe the law is for the citizens. it is their to protect us, to guide us and help us. but as i can see, it is the other way around, the citizens are for the law. we are serving the law by tolerating bribes. we are being manipulated by law makers and using the law as a threat. we bribe to escape from the law, we pay the law to get out of it. but i cant blame them. who wants to be imprisoned anyway, no one, but why do they keep on doing unlawful things? thats the question.

anyway, today is our independence day, JUNE 12, 2005. may we be free forever. may we practice the rights of everyone. and may we act justly and lawfully.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

summers over for me

i enrolled last tuesday, i got my schedule and looked at it. OMG! is this really what i am going to attend? look at this from mondays to fridays my classes are from 8 am to 6 pm, then every saturday it is from 8 am to 11 am.

i have classes 6 days a week.
and i have saturday classes, i have one last sem and its awfull, impractical and tiring, but we diont have one every wednesday.
but good thing all of my classes are in hsc but still i have a couple in the main campus.
im really excited to bond with my friends.
my tropa, 4 or 3 of them rebetd a house, which means we can now hangout there.
but aaahhh...i hope we can survive 2nd year of nursing.


Friday, June 03, 2005

read and be millionaire

i am a fan of game ka na ba? since then, the shows not give prizes but it also educates the viewers on the broad range of questions that are asked. people's mind are asked to think and analyze things from their everyday living to the most complicated things.

i was watching the reign of WENG, the one week champion. on e of his million peso question was something to do with everyday things. so i thought it was the TOOTHBRUSH, and it is indeed.

then just i think last week a question about a high tech gadget, so i thought it was an MP# PLAYER/IPOD, and again it is.

then just today the question asked was about an intelligent showbiz personality, a harvrd alumnus, and can speak 5 languages. the i said its NATALIE PORTMAN, im really sure of my answer. and it was her.


Monday, May 16, 2005



haven't you noticed how starbucks has taken the place of megamall, enchanted kingdom and jollibee? today, starbucks spells gimik. suddenly everyone is mad about coffee, and is willing to spend a whoping hundred bucks for "one tall _mocha frappe please!"
everyone claims it's different, it's something else, it's to die for. instead of catching a nice flick at the cinema, the filipino's new idea of fun is to voluntarily aprk their buns at the cafe and
gulp all the caffeine they can.
no one knows exactly why starbucks has become a hoT spot, when what they serve is just foamed blend 45 for crying out loud.
oh try pointing out this to starbucks fanatics (i.e. the likes of teeny-boppers and kikay girls), and you can expect getting attacked on how little you know about coffee. get ready with the answers like "duh! starbucks isn't just coffee! they're ground beans and processed chocolate and skimme milk! what do you know about that?"
they have a point there though bec even in US, when you talk coffee, starbucks comes first. their ingredients are never questionable, and if i'm not mistaken, starbucks is an establishes-since-year brand. in short, starbucks is the coffee authority. but it ends there. starbucks is coffee period. certainly not a gimmick place of some sort, not convincing enough as an alternative for the mall. this i repeat, is the case in the US.
but starbucks invades manila and here it becomes an obession. as you may have already seen, the interiors of starbucks cafes are all designed to create a distinct ambience. notice from the italian-tiled flooring, to the cowboy-motif wall covering, to the fancy lamps, tables and chairs crafted like those only seen in home magazines.
of course, who would miss the complicated bar counter, behind which all the grinders and blenders are displayed as if to remind you they really do process your cappuccino.
i mean, who can resist frequenting a posh place like this? instead of worrying about other important things, the typical kikay teenager puts on her best dress, and with her kikay friends goes straight to starbucks where she orders "one tall caramel please!" this takes time to prepare, whch is fine. she feels rewarded by the fact that the ethical barista would shout her name accross the room by the time her frappe is ready.
after she claims it, she heads for the self service corner where she takes excessive packets of extra sugar, extra cream, an inch thick of tissue paper for souvenir. then she sits by the front window, hoping someone she knows would pass by and see her drinking expensive coffee. she takes remarkably small sips in order to prolong her stay, like a real smart-ass.
during the entire process, there is the obligatory flaunting of nokia cellphones, the occasional eruptins of "yeah" and "sure" here and there. you get the impression everyone in the room is from the conyo sector. pathetic as it is, the starbucks atmosphere is so contagious that it simply brings out the social climber in one.
you have to admit that the Philippine franchiser - whoever he is - deserves credit. he's certainly not stupid. he sees through us filipinos, and definitely knows how to flatter us. mr.starbucks is aware of the average pinoy desire to be associated and considered among the elite becwell, in reality, the average pinoy is far from being that. the average pinoy home is less attrctive than a place like starbucks. the average pinoy meal si without garnishes. the average pinoy environment is less comforting and convenient than the service of starbucks.
but when in starbucks, the averagge pinoy is instantly made to feel he's in new york, or las vegas or paris, or anywhere elso but manila -
one probable reason why we filipinos buy this flick. we are total suckers for anything that is western in concept. but starbucks has gone beyond colonial mentality; it has become pure escapism. it helps us forget about the EDSA traffic jam,. the hostges in mindanao, and the decreasing popularity of ERAP. in this age of harsh realities of poverty and chaos, anything that offers oblivion and temporary indulgence sells fast. no matter how costly it is.
with their little creativity in repackaging, starbucks is no longer coffee. it's already a religion,. that we filipinos practically worship that green logo with exotic lady shows where we derive our strength to move on. it is from the promise of starbucks every pay day.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

reporters notebook!!!

if every broadcaster, journalists, reporter and newsmen in the world will have a notebook of their everyday experience,i think we would have tons of magpakailanman and maalaala mo kaya stories to show.

the philippines was labeled as the most threatening place for broadcaster, journalists, reporter and newsmen. ironically pinoys are know world wide for our hospitality and being the only catholic country in SEA it is far from what we are know for. the increasing number of killed newsmen is alarming for the pinas government. who are killing these truth seekers?? they are the ones who reveal any annomalies and let the public know whats new and whats uptodate. i hope it would never come a day when no one likes to be one of them because of fear and that we will be ignorant on whats hapening around us.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

paris and nicole's stuffs

LOL... The fight between Paris and Nicole, The Simple Life stars, has been in the news for a long time. Its just now that i gain interest on how true the news was. I was researching on the truth and the details of their fight. So i knew that it happened when Paris invited her friends to watch her first live performance, among them are Mary-Kate Olsen and Lindsay Lohan. So Nicole was also there of course but instead of playing Paris' performance she played her SEX VIDEO. What did Paris do? She dumped Nicole as her bestfriend, also in the TSL. Im a fan of TSL. They're fun to watch , those bitchy things and mischiefs that they do are funny. I read that Kimberly Stewart will be replacing Nicole in TSL. I wonder how bitch she is???

Sunday, May 01, 2005



Wednesday, April 27, 2005


oh..its been a long time since i posted...been busy with some colds and coughs....but i still dont know what will i talk about.....

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

could you fall in love in two days???

i met her last saturday while i was in my friends debut. i was so bored at the party that i chatted on our cable tv's, chatroom. of course i wasn't watching but i posted a message and my number in search for friends, sisters and bros. many people texted me, some i already knew, some are new to me. this girl texted me. we got so involved in our texting that i was enjoying it than the party itself. i left the party at 11, still texting with her up until1 or 2 in the morning. then we talked again on sunday, and planned to meet by monday. we met andwe chatted for a long time. we were really compatible, i guess. like what she said that we could really jive. then we really made a connection. we enjoyed the day and bonded so much....*wink*..tuesday, i asked her to come with me as lasalle...she went with me..we were together the whole day..then again our bonding became much closer..

here's the catch.....

yesterday, we texted noong umaga..then i got no reply after 2-3 text. i was worried, thinking what i did wrong..i texted her asking for a reply...still no response..later that noon, she texted me, she said she was just not in the mood for texting....i was shocked...many things popped in my mind..things that i shouldn't think of her... but i cant help it... then last night, i miscalled her, then she just texted me gud night......i was really feeling sad and teary last night...i thought she just doesn't want me anymore and things like that...i was missing her.....i dont know if i was just missing her or was i falling for her????

please help me....

Saturday, April 09, 2005


Postings here are personal, it is based from my own ideas and things that i experienced or things that comes into my mind. The subjects are my own choice and not from anyone else, the opinions expressed on this blog are from what i think things are. The opinions in this blog has nothing to do on your blog or what you think whatsoever, it is published in order to let people know what i feel or how i see things. I have the liberty to post whatever i want and say what i want. Feel free to visit. If ever you're not satisfied on what i wrote, it is not my job to know all the things about what i write, my postings here are just an overview of the entire ubject. Any disclaimer please message me. Thank you


you asked why panay sex articles??
why sex articles??? is so happen that im a teen and im on the stage of discovering things... we are all different..... this is what i want to write about...and it is not always that i write about this things... is so happens that these things popped i my mind.... ok???

Saturday, April 02, 2005

pedophiles and threesomes

nice subject isnt it.
sex, usually is done by two bodies inlove, executed with love and passion for each other, discretely it is done out of lust but these days as people get liberated and open minded, they try different things, deviant as they consider and having threesome is not an exception. yeah group sex maybe, but 3 persons having sex, because of lust. i was aloof on that threesome idea before but when i read and researched it, i discovered that its not that bad afterall.

ikaw what can you say about having threesome??


what can you say???

Saturday, March 26, 2005

kapayapaan ngayong may kaunlaran na...

  • kung dati sobrang simple lang ang buhay ng mga mommy at daddy natin, ngayon iba na tayo.
  • si mommy ngayon pag uwi mo wala sa bahay,nasa opisina yaya lang ang aabutan mo.
  • ngayon pag uwi mo sa bahay wala ka nang makikitang mga open house.yung mga walang gate. lahatmay bakal na gate na.may kandado.hindi na pwede ang wala. pag iniwan mo sasakyan mo ng hindi naka lock, pag balik mo lupa na lang iyon. wala ka nangbabalikan. di pwede magtiwala kung kani kanino. lahat ngayon may lock na. kahit nga may lock nananakaw padin.
  • ngayon ang baon ng mga bata depende kung anong grade o year na sila. yung mya service 50 pesos, pag collge kn 200 ang kadalasan.
  • may mga free pag bumuli ka ng mga tshirt sa mall. free bag pag bumuli ka ng worth 1000 at free kunga no ano pa.
  • ang mga guro di na masyado kataas ang level. mas pinipili nila na sa abroad magturo kaysa dito. maraming guro ang nagiinit ang ulo dahil sa mga estudyante.
  • ma'am, miss at sir ang tawag namin sa kanila ngayon.
  • ang tubig binibili na. kahit saan ka tumungin may nagtitinda ng ice water,mineral o distilled.
  • pag pumunta ka sa ilog pang field trip nalang o nature tripping, ang picnic sa tagaytay na ginagawa.
  • malaking bagay ngayon pag kumain ka sa mall kesa sa bahay lang.
  • ngayon meron nang disciplinary office. doon ka muna bago sa principal.
  • pag bagsak ka ngayon okay lang. walang kaso iyon, madaling solusyunan.hindi nasiya big deal. lahat dumadaan diyan.
  • di na simple ang mangarap ngayon: makatapos, makolehiyo at pumunta sa ibang bansa.kung hindi man yumaman o makapagtayo ng computer center sa kanto.
  • marami nang high tech na laruan ngayon. nauso ang tamagotchi, txt, yugio,t sunami, beyblade, magiccards,r ollerblades, playstation 1&2, xbox, bounce, snake, racing, rc, memory, space impact, unostack oh, millionares, monopoly,t aboo, counter, ragna, red alert, twist at marami pang iba.
  • ang mga matatanda kasali na sa mga laro ng bata. lahat pwede na maglaro ng mga toys na ito. uso ngayon ang mga ragnarok at counterstrike. pag may mga tournaments marami ding kasali, ang pera libo o daan ang taya o panalo.
  • mga tsinelas ngayon goma pa din pero mas makapal. pag may pera ka ang tatak ay islander,birkenstock at sketchers.
  • ngayon parang di mo alam kung paano ka mabubuhay nang wala ang mga gamit na ito. filing mo tagabundok ka pag wala ka nang mga yan. wala sa sibilisasyon. oo, takot tayo namapahamak. mapatay, manakawan, makidnap, mabugbog,marape at masnatchan ng cell habang nagttxt, pero sige pa din tayo sa pagbibigay ng motibo sa mga masasamang taong ito. sige pa din ang inarte sa kalye, payabang ng alahas at cellphones sa kalye.
  • ngayon, nalalaro pa din nang taguan. kasohanggang 10 lng. dahil may curfew na. takot na din tayong makidnap o marape pag gabi na.
  • ngayon yung mga masisipag na lang ang gumagawa ng assignment.
  • ang mga multiplication table ay ginagwa na sa kamay. madali nang idikt sa mga klasmeyt na nagrerecite.
  • madali nang magcompute dahil sa calculator at cel phones.
  • unahan din sa pagbaba ng kamay pag may tinatanaong ang teachers.
  • takot na tayo pag nakita na na galit si daddy. dahil may dala na itong sinturon o kaya naman pag galit si mommy ay ma-ban tayo o maging grounded sac ellphones, gigs, hangouts at phone. pati na din sa pagbawas ng allowance natin.
  • nagautoload ka na ba? loading center sa phone? nagtinda ng avon o sara lee?pagbebenta ngcellphone accesories??
  • punyeta o pu*ang**a ang maririnig mo pagnapapaligo ng bata. taran*ad* pag inis sa iyo. gag* pagtatanga tanga ka. at kaawaan ka ng diyos ngayun pagnagmano ka..di pa din nagbago yun diba?
  • crush mo?? ligaw na agad ngaun. text lng ang katapat niya. wala ng pakipot. basta if u lyk each otherkayo na. pag nililigawan mo ibibili mo nang pagkain tuwing break.manunuod kayo ng sine na lalake ang sagot. bibigyan mo ng mga alahas at flowers. itetext mo araw araw.
  • pag gusto mo maginit ng food, nandyan ang oven o microwave. nandyan ang gas stove o pwede magtake out na lang sa mga fastfood.
  • ang mga sawsawan, ready made na.
  • bibilin mo nalang sa supermarket.
  • meron na ngayong pearl shakes, special halohalo na may ice cream, italian ice cream, icedcoffe, lattes.
  • nandyan ang starbucks, seattles, fiorgelato, dreyers, selecta, chowking, zagu at orbits.
  • di na sakang ang lakad ng bagong tuli kasi painless na.
  • ang mga may menstruation bihira matagusan. marami nang vendo machines sa loob ng mga cr's.
  • ang mga girls, di makakaalis pag di dala ang kikay kit. di pwede na oily ang mukah. di pwede dry ang lips. kailangan laging makintab ang mga labi. rosycheeks dapat. at dapat well trimed ang kilay.
  • ang mga guys laging may gel. matigas lagi ang buhok. nakatirik o nakaayos man.
  • ang mga kama may kutson na. makapal angkumot at may tissue sa sidetable mo para sa laway o sipon mo.
  • ang kama pwedeng ayusin na agad o pag freetym na lng.
  • tuwing monday may flag cremony pa din, patiexercise at sermon. pero pag friday may flagretreat. lahat excited umuwi dahil pwede nang magpuyat.
  • bago ka mamili sa dalawang choices kailangan critical thinking. iisipin mo muna kung makakaganda basa iyo un o hindi. papangit ka ba o hindi? tataba ka o hindi?
  • ang awit na ngayun ay ang kina britney, cristina, kyla, thecorrs, bep, ashlee, jojo, hilary, regine....
  • ang clss president ay ang maraming kaibigan. gwapo o maganda.
  • ang treasurer ang pinakamayaman.
  • ang mga matatalino tahimik lng.di maingay.
  • naaasar tayo pag traffic, pag naubusan ng load, walang signal, di makaconnect sa net, madaming tao sa mall, pila sa counter, bad hair day, mainit, di nagrereply ang katxt, walang pera at pag di sinipot ng ka eyeball..
  • ang mga kapatid ang mortal enemy. pas may sakit tayo its either na nasa ospital ka o uminom ka na lang ng gamot mo.

NAPANSIN MO ITO. ITO ANG MUNDONG GINAGALAWAN MO NGAYON. ISANG MALAYA, MODERNO NGUNT PaYAPANG MUNDO PARIN. ang kapayapaan sa sarili mo ay hindi nakasalalay sa mga bagay na nakapaligid sa iyo, ito ay nasa loob mo.magiging mapayapa ang mundo mo pag ginusto mo.......

ito ako na talaga ang gumawa...

Friday, March 25, 2005

kapayapaan noong wala panh kaunlara....

Heto ang KAPAYAPAAN na alam natin, noong wala pang KAUNLARAN...
> Si Nanay ay nasa bahay pag-uwi namin galing sa paaralan;
> Walang mga bakod at gate ang magkakapit-bahay,
> kung meron, gumamela lang;
> 10 sentimos o diyes lang ang baon: singko sa umaga, singko sa hapon;
> Merong free ang mga patpat ng ice drop: buko man o munggo.
> Mataas ang paggalang sa mga guro at ang tawag sa kanila ay
> Maestro/a:
> Di binibili ang tubig, pwedeng maki-inom sa di mo kakilala.
> Malaking bagay na ang pumunta sa ilog para mag-picnic, o kaya sa
> tumana;
> Grabe na ang kaso pag napatawag ka sa principal's office o kaya
> malaking
> kahihiyan kapag bagsak ka sa exams;
> Simple lang ang pangarap: makatapos, makapag-asawa, mapagtapos ang
> mga
> anak...
> Pwedeng iwan ang sasakyan at ibilin sa hindi mo kakilala; wala
> namang
> lock ang mga jeep na Willy's noon.
> Mayroon kaming mga laruan na gawa namin at hindi binili: trak-trakan
> (gawa sa rosebowl ang katawan at darigold na maliit ang mga gulong,
> "sketeng" (scooter) na bearing na maingay ang mga gulong at de-sinkong
> pako para sa preno; patining na pinitpit na tansan lang na may 2 butas
> sa
> gitna para suotan ng sinulid (pwede pang makipag-lagutan); sumpak,
> pilatok, boca-boca, borador, atbp.
> Di nakikialam ang mga matanda sa mga laro ng mga bata: kasi laro nga
> iyon.
> Maraming usong laro at maraming kasali: laste, gagamba, turumpo,
> tatsing
> ng lata, pera namin ay kaha ng Philip
> Morris, Malboro, Champion (kahon-kahon yon!)
> May dagta ang dulo ng tinting na hawak mo para makahuli tutubi,
> nandadakma ka ng palakang tetot, pero ingat ka sa palakang saging
> dahil sa
> kulugo;
> Butas na ang sakong ng Spartan mong tsinelas - suot mo pa rin;
> Namumugalgal ang pundiya ng kansolsilyo mo kasi nakasalampak ka sa
> lupa.
> Sa modernong buhay at sa lahat ng kasaganaan sa high technology... di
> ba
> minsan nangarap ka na rin... mas masaya noong araw!
> Sana pwedeng maibalik...
> Takot tayo ngayon sa buhay. Kasi maraming napapatay, nakikidnap,
> maraming addict at masasamang loob... Noon takot lang tayo sa ating
> mga
> magulang at mga lolo at lola. Pero ngayon, alam na natin na mahal pala
> nila tayo kayat ayaw tayong mapahamak o mapariwara... Na una silang
> nasasaktan pag pinapalo nila tayo...
> Balik tayo sa nakaraan kahit saglit...
> Bago magkaroon ng internet, computer, at cellphone.
> Noong wala pang mga drugs at malls.
> Bago pa nauso ang counter strike at mga game boys.
> Tayo noon... Doon...
> Tinutukoy ko ang harang taga o tumbang preso kapag maliwanag ang
> buwan;
> Ang pagtatakip mo ng mata pero
> nakasilip sa pagitan ng mga daliri pag nanonood ka ng nakakatakot sa
> "Mga
> Aninong Gumagalaw"
> Unahan tayong sumagot sa Multiplication Table na kabisado natin,
> kasi
> wala namang calculator.
> Abacus lang ang meron tayo...
> Pag-akyat natin sa mga puno; pagkakabit ng kulambo; lundagan sa
> kama;
> Pagtikwas o pagtitimba sa poso;
> pingga ang pang-igib ng lalake at may dikin naman ang ulo ng babae;
> Inaasbaran ng mga suberbiyo ang usansiya; Nginig na tayo pag lumabas
> na
> ang yantok-mindoro o buntot-page.
> Nai-sako ka rin ba? O kaya naglagay ka ba ng karton sa pwet para
> hindi
> masakit ang tsinelas o sinturon?
> Pamimili ng bato sa bigas; tinda-tindahan na puro dahon naman,
> bahay-bahayan na puro kahon; naglako
> ka ba ng ice-candy o pandesal noong araw?
> Karera sa takbuhan hanggang maubos ang hininga; pagtawa hanggang
> sumakit
> ang tiyan;
> Meron pa bang himbabao, kulitis at pongapong? O kaya ng lukaok,
> susuwi
> at espada?
> Susmaryosep ang nadidinig mo pag nagpapaligo ng bata... Estigo
> santo
> kapag nagmamano.
> Mapagod sa kakalaro, minsan mapalo; matakot sa "berdugo" at sa
> "kapre";
> Tuwang-tuwa kami pag
> tinalo ang tinale ni itay kasi may tinola!
> Yung crush mo?
> Pag recess: mamimili ka sa garapon ng tinapay - alembong,
> taeng-kabayo o
> biscocho?
> Pwede ring ang sukli ay kending Vicks (meron pang libreng singsing) o
> kaya nougat o karamel;
> Kung gusto mo naman - pakumbo o kaya kariba, mas masaya kung inuyat;
> Puriko ang mantika, at mauling na ang mukha at ubos na ang hininga
> mo sa
> ihip kasi mahirap magpa-rikit ng apoy.
> Madami pa...
> Masarap ang kamatis na piniga sa kamay at lumabas sa pagitan ng
> daliri
> para sa sawsawan, ang palutong pag
> isawsaw sa sukang may siling labuyo, ang duhat kapag inalog sa asin,
> ang
> isa-sang isubo ang daliri kasi puno
> na ng kanin...
> Halo-halo: yelo, asukal at gatas lang ang sahog;
> Sakang ang lakad mo at nakasaya ka kasi bagong tuli ka; o naghahanap
> ka
> ng chalk kasi tinagusan ang palda
> mo sa eskwelahan.
> Lipstick mo ay papel de hapon; Labaha ang gamit para sa
> white-side-wall
> na gupit;
> Naglululon ka ng banig pagkagising; matigas na amirol ang mga punda
> at
> kumot; madumi ang manggas ng damit mo
> kasi doon ka nagpapahid ng sipon, di ba?
> Pwede rin sa laylayan...
> May mga program kapag Lunes sa paaralan; May pakiling kang dala kung
> Biyernes kasi magi-isis ka ng desk.
> Di ba masaya? Naalala mo pa ba?
> Wala nag sasaya at gaganda pa sa panahon na yon...
> Masaya noon at masaya pa rin tayo ngayon habang ina-alaala iyon...
> Di ba noon...
> Ang mga desisyon ay ginagawa sa awit na "sino ba sa dalawang ito? Ito
> ba
> o ito?" Pag ayaw ang resulta
> di ulitin: "sino ba sa dalawang ito? Ito ba o ito?"...
> Awit muna: Penpen de Serapen, de kutsilyo, de almasen. How how the
> carabao batuten...
> Presidente ng klase ay ang pinakamagaling, hindi ang pinaka-mayaman;
> Masaya na tayo basta sama-sama kahit
> hati-hati sa kokonti; Nauubos ang oras natin sa pagku-kwentuhan, may
> oras
> tayo sa isat-isa;
> Naaasar ka kapag marami kang sunog sa sungka; kapag buro ka sa
> pitik-bulag o matagal ka ng taya sa holen.
> Yung matatandang kapatid ang pinaka-ayaw natin pero sila ang
> tinatawag
> natin pag napapa-trouble tayo.
> Di natutulog si Inay, nagbabantay pag may trangkaso tayo; meron
> tayong
> skyflakes at Royal sa tabi.
> Kung naaalaala mo ito... nabuhay ka na sa KAPAYAPAAN!
> Pustahan tayo nakangiti ka pa rin!
> Nasa iyo ang susi... paki-buksan lang kaibigan...

from. email...

ewan ko ba....

hanggang ngayon ay hindi ko alam kung tungkol saan ang isusulat. hindi ako isang natural na manunulat. wala akong talentong panliteratura ngunit heto ako at may blog at nagsusulat. maraming bagay ang nasa isisp ko ngayon. ang mga araw na nagdaan ay aking ibinubuno sa mga walang kwentang bagay. oo, walang kwenta, dhil walang pasok ay wala akong magawa at maatupag. kapag bakasyon, nawawalan ako ng silbi sa sarili. hindi ko alam kung ano ang aking pweding gawin, dahil hindi naman ito importante. hindi tulad kapag may pasok ay marami akong pweding gawin.

sa totoo lang, mas gusto ko pa ang mga araw na nagdaan. noong may pasok. kasi marami akong nagagawa. hindi lang ako nandito sa bahay, nakatunganga at hayok sa pag alis. kapag may pasok ang mga estudyanteng katulad ko ay may regular na income. yung baon natin. pero ngayon...hay naku. masaya kana kapag may 50 ka. kaasar. ang hirap ng pera pag bakasyon.

hindi lang pera ang issue. ang mga kaibigan at kamag aral mo ay maaalala mo din. kahit na sabihin mong ayaw mo ng mag aral, kesio ang hirap at nakakatamad, kapag nawala na itong mga regular mong ginagawa ay malulungkot ka din. ang mga nakagawian mong gawin. kahit na hindi mo sabihin, namimis mo din ang iyong paaralan.

ang aking paaralan. noong HS ako, mabuting estudyante ako. minsan nagwewelga at rebelde laban dito ngunit ito makatwiran. ngunit ngayon gusto kong sumigaw na bakit??!!! nagpunta ko doon. nagtanong ako kung nasan na ang aming class picture noong akoy ikaapat na taon at annual/ yearbook namin. pucha!! ang class picture daw namin ay nawala. ano?! pasaway ha. puta. anong nangyari. ano ba naman yung maglilitratong iyon. winawala. ang ganda pa naman nun. kaasar talaga.. sabi ko nga bakit ang malas namin? sa amin pa nangyari ito. marami din naman kaming nagawa para sa aming inang paaralan ah. wala silang maitulak kabigin samin. kahit ganito kami ay kami ay responsable at marurunong. eto pa, ang aming annual?? isasabay daw sa batch na ito. ano?! puta dual na iyo hindi na annual. bakit ganon? may nangyari kasing anomalya sa paaralan ko dati. malaking problema kaya daw hindi naasikaso. pero itoy hindi makatwiran para sa amin. nagbayad kami. excited na akong makita ang mga pictures namin doon. ang mga alaala. mga larawang sumaksi sa mga panalo at bagyo na pinagdaanan ng batch namin.

aba! hindi ko namanlayan ay nakapagsulat na ako ng isang artikulo. wala man itong kwenta ay at least ay naibahagi ko sa inyo ang aking buhay. mabuhay tayong lahat.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

unplanned plans....??????????!!!!!!

it was my kabirthdays debut kagabi @ cita's was ganda...and few of our blockmates @ lasalle were nandun..unexpectedly i was nakasali sa treasures because most of the participants didnt made punta.....then we made sayaw waltz...majei and i danced and a whole group danced also....imagine that.....

then most of the people left except for anjs friends...i made sayaw like the ones in tatarin or so all night....hehehe.....also..gene was doing the manok sayaw...tin and majei were creepwalking, while lexi was, i think doing a tatarin thing also...jola even took a video of me.....i think it would be the end of my career...i was literally loosing my dignity that time..and people might loose their respect sakin no...tapos un..we kissed goodbyes and went sa car.... we were not in the mood to make uwi pa so we head to roxas baywalk...just like wasnt ivy tel karelle and 1100 nandun na kami......i was excited pa naman..kasi it was my first time to go their ng gabi....but i was was so baho there...i thought they are making improvements but why does the water still stinks??? we had frappe and walked along the was stinking....we cant stand to sat at the seawall....but those jologs lovers....eeewww...halos magpaeat na sila sa dilim ng sea....they were like so damn not bitter ok...but i was takot sa dagat that was so dark...unpredictable.........i dunno....then...nakinig to some of the bands then @ 3 headed back to CAV....but we were not in the mood to go home we called kelvs and went to his lolos wake.......we were their up to 530....the sun begun to rise sa east kaya we went home na dinnn...........

ps....i was trying to sound like COño here but it was not effective....i think....i can express myself effectively in eng than in baluktot one....hehehe....kahit na may mali minsan....

from mitty.......she recommended BAYFRESH as an air freshener....hehehe

Saturday, March 19, 2005

musical tag..

i have been musically tagged by MITTY
MY CURRENT RANDOM SONGS:Crazy for you---Spongecola
Sane grounds—kitchie
Since you’ve been gone--Kelly
I pc crashed down last month and I had it reformatted..
So bye bye music…
pongecola’s, pero inde para sakin…its for my friend…last cd..nag paburn ako…
crazy for you….
torn---nat I.
Wherever you will go—the calling
Stigmatized—the calling
I believe—fantasia (is the title right)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

farewell fresh year.....

it's been a year since i started my fresh year at lasalle. it was great that i passed nursing, being my first choice..and ece, my 2nd, which unfortunately i didnt happy being a nursing student...theres the pressure, lots of activiies, toxic skedz, and yet im able to study to get high grades..later ill be taking my last exam for my finals, i got sick so i wasnt able to take CHEM....i have to go back to school just for looking forward to next subjects, new profs and new classmates......YEah, you heard it right, new classmates, i just knew it yesterday form william na we are gonna be reshuffled........too bad...weve made a name...our class' chemistry was so great....hay naku..i really cant imagine being with other people again...adjusting and what about the my classmates.......huhuhuh...good thing that STUCKUPS' tin, majei, tisha and tel planned to get a dorm...and we can all hang out there...i would really miss my net......stuckups....pekers...dormers....wimpys....the boys..carycel's...karen..etc etc....BSN 17...........

Monday, March 14, 2005

a not so ideal weekend.....

ill make this short ok.....i have typed my real post kanina tapos nawala yung window......asar.....

i was brought as lasalle-umc last fri because of the tri days fever...
my bloood, urine, and x ray was taken
the doc who got blood from me literally serach for my nerve....
imagine???gets mo??pinasok niya yung needle tapos she pushed it then pulled then hinanap niya from left to right.......sakit nun....
hindi pa siya nakuntento at sa kabila naman dahil wala talagnag lumalabas na blood...
i was diagnosed with pneumonia..
i was confined sa umc....
kaso wala pang avilable room so we waited sa ER.......
i have not eaten all day long.....
until 7 na at wala pa ding room....
i wa stransferred sa our lady of pilar med center......
tapos dun na ako nagpagaling.....
stuckups visited me saturday afternoon...
che,yayie, aye and janine nung gabi naman....
jen and elisha sunday morning...
and erub and lady.............
then mga 4 i was discharged.....

yun lang po........diba i told you sa previous post ko na i had tita who happened to be anurse told my mom that pneumonia is a complication of measles.......yaayyy....!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Sunday, March 06, 2005

babtism of fire


have you heard the term babtism of fire????its quite popular..there are just different versions....its the binyag as they call it....premarital sex.....binyag before marriage....first time ika nga.....

premarital sex had been a part of teenagers life...many of my friends relay their sexperience to us..some did it with their BFs or GFs some with ka EYeBALL.....some with strangers.....

curiosity.....i could say is the root of this urge....teens hormones are at their peek these days....the curiousity because of heard stories of friends and the mass media are the causes....because of the gradual revealing of these before ungodly and obscene subject in the mass media, teen gets more and more curious as more and more informations are also a part of the curious crowd, ill be a hypocrite if i would deny it......but my dreams are higher than my hormones....yeah, im pro premarital long as it is safe or done responsibly.....contrasting isnt it??? premarital sex done responsibly???? hahaha....yeah...there are lots of contraceptives to use....condoms for instance are the most common..can be bought on any drugstores or merchandise stores.....but beware of suspicious and OA looks from the other customers.....but PMS done irresponsibly could bring lots or responsibility....the worst??? a BABY...or maybe AIDS if your unfortunate.....a baby, GOD's gift but also a responsibility for a lifetime....lucky you if pinanagutan ka, or if your parents are supportive but what if its the other way around???? STD' dami na nila....madaling makuha....isang sawsaw lang tapos ka na.....although antibiotics can cure some of them, paano kung HIV yan??? tapos ka na....the thread of your life is starting to shorten........

mga katoto just saying is be careful at howag po tayo lagi magpapadala sa atng mga emosyon....emotions are good but can also risk u...think before you lang.....

ikaw nabinyagan ka na ba ng apoy????

ITS niCE @ BE BCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whew...its been a long time.....and finally my computer was fine now after a month or less of being paralyzed by net viruses....anyway a week of no blog and net means a week of memories and experiences waitin to be sit back and read....

noong lunes...hehehe...filipinong filipino....we defended our research entitled "THE BENEFITS AND RISKS OF COSMETIC SURGERY", yeah cosmetic surgery, the growing fad today. we chose the topic because we like the idea of looking good by means of technology. our research included rhinoplasty or nose job, liposuction and breats augmentation...the defense went fine..the questions that were asked are

by juno: "Is death the worst possible risks of cosmetic surgery?"
yeah, maybe if the surgeon isnt competent enough and not so experienced..but undergoing CS is a personal is an individuals job to weigh the risks and rthe benefits to attain a more content physical attributes

by ms cayago: "What are the risks of rhinoplasty?"
well, there are no specified risks on certain procedures but there are the general risks like infection, bleeding etc etc.. because of it she told us to just add it in our recommendation....

so thats it our defense ended, then it was tin, majei and tish's turn with SCHIZOPHRENIA as their topic......also they end it with smiles on their face......since it was only past 2 or so..we decided to celebrate..6 of, ivy, tel, tin, majei and tish....went to town and had a glorious sizzling lunch..

earlier that day we practiced our swing dance for the fridays competition..we only had an hour to prepare and no time to eat.....

tuesday came...nothing our stupid costumes...oo as in parang basahan sabi nila...pwede ding disco ball...thursday....last practice sa PE and we are sweating like hell..sobrang pagod na kami..

friday na.....
contest na..
mamayang hapon....
nagsuot na ng damit.....
nag handa....
pumila at naghawak kamay upang magdasal....
nagline up...
ayan na..
BSN 17...
sige lang kya natin ito...
we swinged to the fullest...
aiming for the grand prize...
just to compensate for our humiliating dress...
tapos na...
ay nagkamali kami..
pati din sila...
pero okay lang daw...
ang ganda daw...
okay lang din ang costume pag marami....
ayan na announcement na ng winner...
punta sa gitna...
consolation plaque...
ay patay wala kami...
inde kami...
hala inde pa din kami...
grand champion for modern standard...
hearts racing...
cross fingered...
BSN 17...
taln dito, hugs at kisses...
kinuha ko ang award..
the vistory is ours...
ayus ito...ang galing namin...

after the competition, i realized why we won...not all of us of course has the dancing prowess and daning finess but out dedication in what we are doing and cooperation between the class really helped us........

nakareceive ako ng text..speech daw ako sa sat..NSTP a graduate what can i say...OMG...thats not a joke...standing infront of fresh lasalista is nice but so tired na kaya asked my mom to make a speech for me....sabado na...edit ng konti yung speech tapos may baccalaureate mass....heto na in COMMUNITY DIAGNOSIS ang class namin...yes my dear readers...BSN 17 had done it again...bagged the prize..only program whose awardee is a group.....tapos eto na....message from JAN TITO ABORDO of BSN 17....dug dug dug dug....good morning everyone...................salamat natapos na

im really proud of my block...proud of its talents...the values and the bond....the dedication and cooperation....

whew ang dami na nito......ikaw musta block mo???okay ba????