Saturday, October 28, 2006

early christmas...

inspired from one of my blogmates photo blog, isko, i tried to capture this pathetic photo while i was waiting for my cousin to leave electronic shock at 4th floor robinsons imus..he was watching eat bulaga there and theres nothing that i can do to make him leave the store...

...i was fascinated with the lights and their grandiose stall..full of lanterns and star shaped it too early to feel the christmas spirit in the air??...hhhmmm..halloween fever has not yet ended and the halloween trick or treat havent started either..i have not decided what notebook to use next week..have not bought any pens yet...the 2nd sem havent started..its not even november yet...ewan nga ba...wala pa nga akong christmas list eh......kayo??? ready for christmas na ba???

Monday, October 23, 2006

reality vs TV

as a nursing student, i take pride on my chosen career and seeing the actors play a nurse role and acts contrary to reality gets me agitated to the fullest...i know other professionals also feel the same when they see things on TV which is not really the nature of their job. here are some:

! i saw this on maynila last sunday...female nursing students on the show doesnt wear a hairnet and just have the LUGAY hair..which is one SUBSTANTIAL rule of nursing..always tie your hair and wear a dont want hairs falling while your assisting on an operation...and it can get contaminated and be the carrier of microorganisms..

! white shoes' hills should only be an inch high...not the wedge type..

! you dont tell your patient to write down their complains. you ask them instead and observe them. thats what nurses are taught, to observe patients so that they can get their nursing cues..and assess them in the end

nainins lang ako..hehehe..

Thursday, October 19, 2006

tara tena!

right after our last day of semester we went to batangas for our much awaited group outing...

groupmates...she and guia..maj and jot...

complements to our bonefire.....i love this picture.....FIREEEEEEEEEEE

gove and guia...

gov, huia, jot and the beach..

hhhmm..guia d jot..sweet..

jot and maj....nice light...

the bonefire...thanks to the efforts of she and gov....FIREEEEEE


morning serenity...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Yahoo! Time Capsule project..

would you like the future generation to see how "would be primitive" our world today???
would you want them to idolize the fashion, and be called vintage???
how the people talk and look like????
...........if yes,

YAHOO! has the answer....with their Yahoo time capsule project the future generation would be able to see about us....idolize encouraging you to take part in it..just upload your photos, posts or video and and the future gen would see you some ten or 20 years from now...

Sunday, October 08, 2006


how ofetn do you get nostalgic??? how often does your memory works in reminiscing the unforgettable past? do you deal with it?....

...i cant say that im a sentimental and an emotional person..but often times, i would get lonely or inspired or happy whenever i see something or hear something..most of the times i get envy..i mis some people..i miss the things that we usually do..i envy them because i want to have something like that..but after a few minutes i would realize that these thing are made to be very plausible..and that its not always happening..(sigh)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

retake or nt?

As a junior nursing student and a future board examineeI am concerned with the 2006 board exam issue. The government is utterly concerned with the integrity of the country’s nursing profession but what I am wondering is why just now? Why the 2006 nursing board licensure exam?

1. Sa dinami dami ng mga anomalya na nangyayari sa Pilipinas bakit itong board exam na ito? Ang swerte nga naman nila ano, jam packed ng intriga ang batch nila. Pero bakit hindi ang mga anomalya daw noong last election? Hindi ba na ang integrity of our country;s honesty in terms of leadership ay ang nakasalala? Ang daang taong pakikipaglaban ng ating mga bayani ay mawawalan ng saysay kung sa ating panahon ay papabayaan natin magkaroon ng pandaraya at paglabag sa batas? Ngunit ang issue na iyon ay nawala na lang kahit na marami ang patuloy na tumutuligsa sa mga leader ngayon!
2. Sabi nga sa news its is impractical! Absurd! Bakit pa uulit eh kung sa scoring naman ay excluded na ang test 3 and 5 (which are the parts believed that leaked out)..kung nakapasa sila eh di pasado na. naging fair na naman sa pag count ng score.
3. Living in a third world country, our priorities should be set at their best..Marami na nga utang ang Pilipinas eh sasayangin pa instead of just spending it in a more productive way. Sobra nilang pinagtutuunan ng pansin ang leakage na yan, eh bakit ang election hindi nila ma computerize? Hindi ba nila naisip na sa gagastosin diyan eh magagamit sa iba pang projects na pakikinabangan ng mas nakakarami?!
4. Sobrang hassle for the examinees..Review ulit…Anxiety to the max katakot takot na application ulit..Effort diba..Hndi dapat examiners ang magshoulder ng eefort kung hindi ang exam giving body\!
5. Sino ba ang may kasalanan?! Sa dami dami ng mga nagtatake taon taon at sa tagl tagl ng pagbibigay ng exam ng mga yan eh bakit nagpapabaya pa din sila?! Alam nilang kinabukasan ng iba ang nakasalalay dito, tapos pag kumalat mga examinees sisisihin!..Ang mga reviewers/examinees ay walang kasalanan. You enroll in an institution thinking that they have the best of what you need and not because they have what you are gonna face. Alam ba nila in the first place na exam questions na ang nirereview nila?1 I assume that they do not! If they do, the news would spread like a fire and for sure wala na nang mageenroll sa ibang review centers kung alam nila na board questions na ang rereviewhin nila. Dapat mga exam giving body ang magsuffer not the examinees. It is the carelessness of the examiners that should be dealt with.

Kayo what do you think? Retake or No retake?!..this is just my opinion...