Sunday, December 24, 2006

a christmas tale..(reposted)

a christmas tale(my christmas post)Thursday, December 22, 2005

It was the night two days before christmas, December 23rd five years after the millineum bug scared the world 2005, when the "Council of Legendary People" knew that SANTA CLAUS was diagnosed with acute tonsillitis due to the rampant dispersion of STREPTOCOCCUS bacteria in the north pole. Thus, he can't laugh in his usual christmas tone the all famous "HO HO HO, MERRY CHRISTMAS". It wouldn't just make any sense if he can't laugh with all his heart on that tone. We all know that it is one of the seasons most awaited things; eg. lights, christmas tree, gifts, angels. So there he was in his four pole bed covered with thick fur comforters suffering high fever with Mrs. Claus giving him a sponge bath and checking his temperature every hour. So the council, getting so much worried because it would be christmas eve tomorrow and all the presents for all the good boys and girls around he world are now ready to be delivered.

SO the council called an emergency meeting with its members:
1. Mother Nature-has no permanent address but you can text her.
2. Father Time- can be found in every clock, 24/7
3. Easter Rabbit- found in the Netherlands
4. The Tooth Fairy- a guy with a tooth factory underground, all you have to do is stump your foot six hundred and ninety one times to call him
5. Cupid- can be seen just flying around hopeless couples

So there they were perusing the resumes of possible SANTA CLAUS this year. Then they found this one interesting boy named JOT. Hehehe.. Mother Nature found it and presented it to the council. Jot is a 17 year old boy, turing 18 on the 4th of January, a sophomore student of De La Salle University. He used to believe that there was really a Santa Claus until he was older that he assumed like everybody else that it was their parents who put gifts into their Christmas stockings. But really, he used to believe that there is this fat crazy man in red and white who travels around the world to give presents.
On the other hand, Jot who lives in the Philippines near the equator in the Tropic of Cancer was gazing in the heavens for no apparent reasons at all. He was getting crazy because of the nonstop carols of the children in the streets when he felt weird. He didnt hear any out of tune songs anymore, nor get distracted by the blinking of the light. He was sure that the time stopped. And yes he was correct. The council appeared before him with their great smiles, courtesy of the TOOTH FAIRY. Mother Nature explained to him what happened and was asking him a favor, to help the elves distribute the presents. Of, course not by him alone. So with glee and enthusiasm, he agreed and they went to the NORTH POLE, where he was asked to wear a trendy and coño cloak. Hehehe..He was totally amazed on the sight. It's not what the world have portrayed a Toy factory would be, its very magnificent and unbelievable. First there were train stations where elves come down carrying their bags and cases. Then a track of roping train tracks everywhere, speeding in the speed of light. Then as they go in, the factory was like an igloo, but so gigantic that king kong could live. It is made of glass and was decorated with colorful lights and trees around it. There were angels roaming around the air. Inside you could find sets of reindeers, all the same practcing their air stunts. Yes, Santa uses differnt sets every year..The set that wins the year's reindeer exhibition show gets to be with Santa on christmas eve. Then all the elves has a wand along with them, charming toys so that it would be very beautiful and pass the CHRISTMAS standards...Jot was nonchalantly being toured by the Council..Father Time as the tour guide..He was nonchalant as always..Then they arrive at Santa's office..a huge room with tellies all over..each for every kid aroubnd the there were millions of tellies all over. Ecah telly is monitored by an elf, each equipped with a parchment and a feather pen...North Pole is really techie, Jot thought..Then all of a sudden..They heard a loud knocking..He was so sure that it wasnt part of the north was breaking..tellies were breaking and everyone was panicking..and He heard jot jot!!! was her tita..ate maribel..leaving and saying goodbye..and he was awoken in his christmas dream...hehehe

Sunday, December 17, 2006

highschool superstars!

last night me and my high school friends got together for a "parang christmas party" inuman..hosted by adel, the one in pink glasses..

its been 3 years since we got together like this..and we really missed each others company..the best part of this was, we got to reminisce our HS life..just some of the topics we talked about and im sure you'll also have a similar experience back when you were still in HS:
-teachers..from our GOD DAMN IT male teacher, commandant, 1week strike of our teachers to our section, furious teachers because of our so called "unbecoming" daw, punishments we received, arguing with them and ending up with a "SHUT UP MR.tooot" ...
-exams that we failed, passed, aced and took
-gossips about former classmates and teachers..hahaha
-COCC!!!! thing we all hate..from that roll to the left, roll to the right, to that carry the earth and slap you mouth 10x, to rebellion against officers, cor commander and commandant, criticism on how they execute commands
-porn movies weve mags weve seen

adel,egy,jen,me,cez and maemae

-before we started the inuman.. most of us have changed since HS..from our points of views, clothes, vices etc etc etc..

adel, egy, me, crizel??, mae, cez and christian..

-compliments to adel's drinks, lady's adobo, cez/jen/adel's sioma at lumpia, and egy's pork may pahabol pa..RICE..hahaha

egy, me, mae

cez and me

-i just knew last night that she had her tongue

knyck, mich (inner portion) roi and egy (outer portion)

jen, me

egy cez jen

-after the inuman..hahaha..

even though were in separate places now, study in different schools and meet not that often..the memories of the past would always make me smile and would be treasured forever..

who said high school life isn't the best part of your educatioal career??

Friday, December 15, 2006

im back!!!!!... back..again im in the mood for endless blogging..ive missed blogging and bloghopping...


our no sweat pose

-why we did this? "say no to underarm sweat during community duty"..our uniform is so prone to sweat...the slightest heat would make a preschool wet stain on your underarm..
RULE #1: raise your arm always and bring a fan with you! or just pray that the health center is airconditioned

our telenovela pose...

-we really love this picture..clang and rovie was supposedly the star of the telenovela but it turned out that me and guia got more of the camera's attention..hahaha. were supposed to be the couple's couple friend. im not sure about the roles of the others..but we did have a role in this picture..

emotion-less snapshot..
-i edited make it more realistic..BW of our "ha?" pose..

it was during one of our usual and "got used to it community duty" when we decided to goof around the cam while waiting for our ever dearest CI..being cam bitches...yeah were officially the bitches group.(we call each other bitch..hahaha).we posed immediately while nonchalant to the students and people walking by..thanks to our manong driver who took the gorgeous pictures..