Monday, October 24, 2005

part full sand and water

i just came from puerto galera..its fun there..full of sand and water..hahaha...i just hate those sandmites..their bites are so itchy....but anyway ive got lots of things to talk about...

UP LAW SCHOOL:proposed to be abolish

..i saw this news last week pa..i think sa yspeak/...some congressmen or someone is proposing that UP law school be abolished....although im not a part of the system, i did think about it...its just like this, UP las school is know to produce efficient, effective and copmpetent law people since then...most of the political body is a proud alumni of it...defensor...pangilinan...munoz palma/..etc etc etc./ in marami pa..i think they want it removed because theyre too much liberal....un ata ah..pero i dont far as im concrned i just cant help but laugh to those people..its like demolishing mt mayon...or making a disneyland in the chocolate hills....


Thursday, October 20, 2005

sem breakerss

sem break should be a time for me to have fun..and rest from all those epistaxis-causing schoolworks....and of course celebrate birthdays....ive been spendiong my sundays for the last month practicing for CARLA's cotillion..this week, weve been practicing all day till tomorrow...the event would be on the what im gonna miss????? first is majei's debut..its also on the 22nd...sorry marja, love you.......then tomorrow, ate and the rest of the gang would go to puerto galera until tuesday...leaving me and mom in the house..she'll be with me on carla's debut...but were planning on following there on sunday....i havent bought a gift for carla pa pala...hehehe...

---trivias??? to follow na lang po..

but heres some....

- you know hernia???? or LUSLOS in filipino...its an intestinal dislocation...your intestines fall down to your scrotum...pressure like lifting heavy objects can add up to the dislocation..
-darkening of the skin is caused by the production of melanin by the melanocytes..the production is triggered by exposure to sun

Thursday, October 13, 2005


it was our last meeting on my anatomy class. we have 2 chapters left; urinary and reproductive system... we were really looking forward for this last topic..hehehe..
anyway these are some of my discoveries:

- "G-SPOT" lies 30 degress anterior superior the could reach it in a missionary position and by putting 2 pillows under the woman...(men out there try it)...i remember ms monderin said that "nurses are maid for successful engineers"..

-the semen is kinda basic opposite to the vagina's acidic environment.

-the normal semen released each ejacultion is 2-5 ml...and there are about 100 million sperm cells per there would be about 500 million sperms each time a man ejaculates

-the blood that comes out each time a woman bleeds during her monthly period is in fact her endometrium.

e2 muna for now....

matagal na nawalang blogistah..

akalain mo nga naman noh?? lagi akong nagche2ck ng e mail but i always fail to updtae my blog...well busy kasi eh...
-school play
-final term na kasi
-tamad na din

hehehe.anyway ill be updating na ulit so im back on the groove...