Monday, November 30, 2009

massacre hysteria

it has been a few days when the infamous maguindanao massacre happened, when innocent people where slained to death, where our respective reporters died while at work,
when lives where taken....
see, we are emergency room nurses....
we are the first line of medical staff you'll encounter in an emergency situation or when you are brought to the hospital..
everyday of our duty lives we work our ass so hard to save he lives of everyone, without any hesitation, without reasons, without prejudices..and even when our own lives are at risks in being infected and even when none of the patients would cooperate
...we still do what we can...
and these killings make our job useless..
it is tantamount to closing all directly telling the nation on televised advisory that lives are to be taken anywhere, anytime by anyone so who will need us, nurses to help save them..
but regardless of what happens to our nation, despite the irrational killings of oneself or another

Monday, November 16, 2009


Ever since college i have been watching TV series like Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and just recently, Queer as Folk and many others.. Why?...Because everybody watches it.. It's seems that the topic for the next day is what would and what happened on those shows. It is very intriguing to see twists and interesting life stories that you don't come across on everyday life, i mean on reality, that happens on these super class dramas.
Anyway, have you ever thought about being on those shows?? ME? Yeah!...but i always think if these plots, stories and interesting life stories happens on real life??
Im not sure. For the next 12 something hours, 12 plus episodes and countless seasons without any commercial breaks, just my occasional visits to the loo and water breaks, i have seen the life story of those characters; their humble and lucrative beginnings, their downfalls and success, their wild and unexpected relationships and of course, their picture perfect, ideal, unrealistic stories. But why does these shows always make the story ideal? Like the flaws are just a mild hint of despair and not really an effort to ruin them.
The lifestyle of the Upper Eastsider's, lucrative, well formed, shining and extravagant. They study at a well known high school and Brooklyn is what they call the other side of the bridge. Their parties are everynight in a who knows where and how much they pay. They are serviced by limousines and maids and butlers. They can pay someone's worth regardless of the amount.
The One Tree Hill characters, they live high school like it is the perfect stage of everyones life. Their romance is addictive and exciting. The head cheerleader and the captain ball of the varsity is the IT couple. Then all of a sudden, in the same high school, you'll find your half brother, uncles gets killed by brother who's a mayor and arsons are part of their revengeful plans.
The Queer as Folks men, they don't portray what the present IT scene is. I mean, the ever gorgeous bisexual guy has a son, the mother of which is a bisexual herself and the friends are like party people who goes to clubs every night. The IT guy has a boyfriend that made him a cradle snatcher, whos mother approves their relationship. The ever playful friend, gets fame from an internet pornsite and the other one owns a comic books whos mother shouts out loud that she proud of him.
Those series show watchers the ideal life. What life and things should have or would have to be. How people should live and let live. How the unrealistic lifestyle can come up to life in front of your very own eyes. How life can be so playful that even the most impossible circumstances would happen.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

written in the sand

last sunday, as me and my dorm mate was passing by the manila peninsula, he mentioned that the top ball of the fountain was where Regine Velasquez performed "Written in the Sand" last millenium count i watched it over youtube that same night...

REALIZATION: the dignity of our profession is priceless.

artists celebrate holidays at work..

nurses spend holidays caring for patients...

doctors enjoy holidays treating patients..

law enforcers spends holidays watching over people...

but regardless of the amount of the salary we get from it...the double pay...overtime pay we get from spending those precious moments in our own respective field...the bottomline would always be...

our service to others is what we care for. our concern and care to them is our priority. we sacrifice our own little happiness for the good of many. and thats why i am proud to be one of the.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

wrong place....
saw this at my mom's bathroom, apparenly, my nephew hid his legos there so as not to be seen by nanay win,,

Saturday, August 15, 2009

roller coaster ride

(photo compliments to my dad, i asked him to send me this so i could use it for my blog)

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. I do not discriminate anyone. This is just based on my belief of this issue.

Last June, when my grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary here in the country, I had plenty of time discussing social issues with them, especially with my ever academic and certain lolo, a former DECS official he was, he stands to what he believes to no matter what, and that made our daily debate interesting, him versus me and my cousins. One morning over pandesal and coffee, we tackled about the specifications of being a president…. Contradicting my beliefs, he said, that academic background is not important, experience or the positions Harry Potter (a former president) held before becoming a president is more than enough to qualify him as a president, Harry on the other hand came from an upper middles class family, he went to Ateneo and Mapua but did not finish school because he was expelled and he dropped out to those school respectively. However, being raised and brought up in a family where education is substantial, not just mere how to read and write learning but concrete education that would a weapon in one’s future, I disagreed with my lolo. I told him that one’s educational background is vital in being the president…then the debate went on..haha…

This morning, I attended a seminar about the psychiatric aspects of a Filipino family.. One ice breaker question asked, “What was Harry Potter’s work when he met his wife?”….Guess what was the answer.. An Orderly at a Psychiatric Hospital.

So what does a president need to have before becoming a president? In my own OPINION. First, a well structured, concrete and excellent relative educational background. I say relative because he is not just running in some freak show, he is not just gonna deal with the economy alone but all its sub aspects; agriculture, education, finance, foreign affairs, technology, health, national defense, engineering and education just to cite a few. So, having a excellent knowledge about the economics is very important. First and foremost, you would handle a country’s economy in your hand, I know it is not a one man’s job but admit it, all the blame and expectations are on you so and the control is with you as well. Charisma over the people is not enough I daresay. The support of the many may win you a title but it is because here in the country where most people would support you because you promised something with them not doing anything; jobs! Uplifting their conditions! Etc etc….where they do not entirely care about your roots and backgrounds…but how about those that know….those that thinks that, a sensitive and powerful position needs specific and standard qualifications. When you apply in a bank, isn’t that what they look first is your educational background? They want someone who know’s what to do not just because you knew how to do it by experience, the realistic aspect, but because you know the theory behind it, every single step and literature there is, expected outcomes, the idealistic point of view. I firmly believe that is more important to know the theory of something rather that just merely seeing it happen. I know that what we learn from school is not all correct, but isn’t it right to know how to handle situations when it deviates from the ideal because you the pros and cons of it and you take every single step perfectly to bring everything back in order and not just because you put some temporary remedy over it?

Think people. The president is someone who could maintain and change the country’s status right now. Would not it be fair for the future generation to have a great leader where you can speak about him to other nation?... Don’t let our nation go over that same roller caster ride again.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

yellow ribbon

yeah, i know everybody is talking about her...but i just couldnt help myself..

if you work in the institution where she was confined, you thought everything is just ordinary. On the day she died, i was on duty,for weeks, mediamen have been outside and trying to get some scoop of her updates. i was waiting for something that night, but i did not hear it over the hospital operator, so i assumed right.

my colleague aproached us and told us there is some bad news, and we went to watch the TV news. there was a commotion outside the hospital but when you look out, everything seems just ordinary.

then news were like typhoon that flooded all lines; local and internationally, everybodu mourned for our former president.

i watched the news, coverages and special features and i cant help but cry.

i am never really patriotic, but her death made me realize how should i be proud of being a PINOY.

i wacthed her funeral this morning. i was so amazed of it.

who could summon all the important people in the country both now and before and pay respect to you? Only she, a former president.

It is very amazing to see all the bishops of the country bless her body one by one, imagine how many prayers would that be? the gravity of their prayers to be precise. All of them at your funeral on their best purple dress.

The aisle of the church are lined with NUNS.. Nuns from all orders lined her way as if they were soldiers. Who can summon those nuns? She even have a rosary from a saint, that is so amazing. Only she, a religious and faithful president. This only proves how her faith to God is very well seen by everyone. Yes, we all know that but i believe that beneath that superficiality is a deeper truth that her devotion to MAMA MARY and GOD is beyond what we see.

9 high officials of the forces carried her coffin outside. 1 representatives of each national forces ;navy,army,police, air force (im not sure), guarded her coffin as it takes its way to MMP...canons are being fired the whole day until sunset when she passed away..flags are mourning on her death and covers her coffin.. Only a former head of state could do that. Being the CHIEF, a title that comes with PRESIDENCY, she was responsible for keeping the nation safe and sound. Her 7 coup d' etat attempts were nothing to her. She surpassed it with grace and strength.

people from all walks of life, people from the society came to mourn for her. family feuds are forgotten, political rivalries are set aside, they came to pay respect to a woman whose power is way beyond anyone could imagine. Her influencing power gave rise to a historic and well known revolution. A revolution, where i did not witness, but is very well known and is attached to the bloodlines of all PINOYS.

the priest said "we loved her 3 times..." first was when NINOY died and she went back home...2nd was when she ran for president and third was when she passed away..

well. i may not have the priviledge to live on her reign but i know that what we are right now is because of what she did before, most especially, taking importance of the 1986 constitution.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lt. Abordo

(a shot from cavite naval hospital)

A columnist once quoted a graduation speech of a PNPA graduate. He said “We rise together… and together we will remain strong for our motherland to serve, live and die for.”

This powerful phrase awoken something in me, something I have never thought before, something that I want to do and is still contemplating if I needed to do. When I was in college, we have this subject called nursing elective. You choose a field of nursing, apply there and wait if you can be assigned there. Oftentimes, it is our favorite area where we specialized and spend gruesome yet worth it time. I chose emergency nursing, I like the thrill, the activity, the new faces that come and go, the procedures and everything about it. But right now, I realized, how come I did not consider myself as a military nurse? How often do I think of being in the field and imagining myself running when someone shouts “MEDIC”. ALWAYS!.. But what if I be in a military hospital? Would I still be useful and would I still enjoy?

“We knew we were no longer sons and daughters of our parents but sons and daughters of our motherland.” I am never patriotic or nationalistic. I am always practical and tends to be influenced. Would I consider turning my back from my parents and be the son of our motherland instead? Why not.

As I type this article there are numerous things that I’m considering. My plans of greener pasture to the land of milk and honey, my plans of going down under and my plans of working in Middle East would all be set aside. But come what may, I need to be a STAFF NURSE right now.haha