Wednesday, February 23, 2005

another mixed thingie

whew!!!! since i last blog last 14th or so plnty of unfortunate and simple things happened to me........

una.....i had measles last monday up to now na medyo pagaling was so shit talaga...i saw the rashes at my arms after pe last monday then went to the doctor to have it checked up then sabi allergy lang then nung gabi..gosh i was dealing with fever na....then yun yun na nga.......

then...nasira yung modem ko....i dunno if it was the modem actually but sionce i cant connect to the internet maybe modem nga ang cause....

my nepehew's bird died yesterday......we saw him crying...hehehe...hes just 2 years old...i just thought it was funny since he doesnt have any emotional attchment to those things yet......hhmmm...think so????

last tuesday i still went to school but went home before my last subject..but after going to umc to have my measles checked up again the pasaway in me told me to go to robinson and get the passport pic that i had last sunday know what happened??????people stared at me like i was an outcast..someone who has an unfamous disease..very communicable that they'll push you right out of the jeep....i just thought that how does people who has those kind of disease deal with the discrimination?? kung ako nga na parang rashes lang eh kung tingnan ay sobrang pinandidirihan eh paano pa kaya sila??? at first i got ashamed...but this lady looked at me like no one else did...i was like insulted of what she did...she was literally staring at my rashes all time i was at the jeep.what did i do???? i looked at her eyes all time also...makng faces at her and staring at her madly...i really want to tell her frankly whats wrong with her??? why is she like that??? but its no use... let her do what she want.. makakarma din un....gggrrr.... so people just a piece of advice, if youre gonna look at people with uncommon thing on themselvesok at them DISCRETELY......dont be too obvious (if you really cant help looking) but if you can srtill control yourself, be humane and just think what if your in their shoe.....right????

"hindi mo alam?! hindi mo alam.! hindi mo alam na mahal kita?! hindi mo alam na ikaw ang buhay ko?!"
by my friends bf
sweet isnt it???? i heard that kasi they were talking or should i say fighting over speakerphone while my friend is confiding her problems with me.. so sweet... i think...its like being the life of someone and being their existence...medyo corny or pwede ding sabihing its not true but i think its true.......gulo ko no???? basta so sweet that it was stamped and pasted in my head........
last saturday pala i had a movie marathon....
touch of pink........
new york minute.......
and sleepover....
thats three so marathon na ba yun???? i started at 630pm after school then ended up mga 12 na....palibhasa there is no one home kaya enjoy ako....
touch of pink is story ng 2 men...believe me.....or watch mo na lang...
new york minute..i guess you know who's the lead...the famous olsen twins, of course.....its about the twins obviuosly....roxanne, the rocker and happy go lucky girl, who si trhe complete opposite of jane, an academic achiever and a cheerleading team captain.......they never thought that they miss each other, although they live in the same house and that they havent spend a moment together after their mom shows how they will survive for each other and how they need each other to survive...and in the end...they, two, will support no one but each other...
so much for this long blog.....still have reed class...

Thursday, February 17, 2005

a poem from wimpy...

JAN OTIT <-------
(full name ko...ahehehe)
Jot kung tawagin nila akO
January kasi ang b'day kO
Jan-jan lang makikita, 1 simpleng taO
Join ako sa gala, sa'n ba ang tungO
Aywan ko kung bakiT
Ang mga chicks ay malapiT
Ay, hayop! kung dumikiT
Ala linta kung kumapiT
Nah, ngiti naman dyan o, ngitI
Nics naman, inluv ka sa aing pisngI
Natutuwa ako, i mean, kamI
Na ikaw, Jot Kasama namin lagI
kaibiga'y dagsaaan, walang puknaT
ugali mo kasi'y walang katapaT
sa pagiging real, heto't tanggapi'T
alay kop sa'yo ang tulang piiT
so what do you think?????me??i think it's really great..wilpi's got the talent..really..he made it in less that 10 dont believe???see for yourself.....
it's 2:25 in the morning na...just finished editing the eng research then made that nonsense histo report.....(sigh) im tired na but i dont wanna sleep yet....
net called me kanina while i was at lexi's car waiting for tish and majei to arrive from pch, and playing with felty the called me..she was crying so i left the van then went to net net......she's my bestfriend in college...hehehe..our friends tease us always that we should be together..and that we look good with each other....why???they think we are sweet...talking silently...holding hands sometimes...sort of things like that....but we made a promise that whatever happens we wont be a couple....hehehe...mas masarap pag friends lang...but still we keep teasing our classmates..acting like kami pero inde naman...
so much for this madaling araw.....

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

a whole day of............

im not in the mood for story teling but im insisitting to myself that i should.syang ang blog diba.well anyway, yesterday,14th, ivy and cristel went at my house to make our english research.our prof wasnt around for a long time due to some problems. then william called me to tell the block to o to osh for our chem grades.

(flashback)the boys of BSN17 planned to give all the girls of the block a rose for the we had our share and they bought the flowers.

---then when we arrived there.karel started giving the roses and picking my grades on the table.ivy was a little inis na kasi ang tagal ko.then after 48 years we headed home..hehehe

--we made our research and finished it at halp past 5.we went to sm dasma to catch the movie "DREAMBOY".we arrived their at 6 but the movie would start not until we bought the inkand ivy's mom whitening pills...bought a bbq burger then went upstairs...actually our first plan was to watch "LET THE LOVE BEGIN" corny????hehe...a little bit but what are those movies for????christmas???halloween???it's for valentines.....although we werenot a couple, a trio instead..we still had a good time..

Piolo Pascual and Bea Alonzo
-Its about Cyd(Bea) a young girl who loves to read romance paperback and havent had a BF since birth.

-this channel 12 made a reality show entitled mr. dreamboy
-it show how a girl falls for a guy with different personalities
-thats where Piolo show up, he was the lead their and was supposed to capture Cyd's heart
-the first personality is Philip,son of the owner of the supermarket where Cyd is working he's elegant, handsome and very refined..but Cyd didnt fall for him
-2nd is eboy or emboy...a rugged looking guy,hapy go lucky,adventurous and a triathleteCyd was about to tell him the magic words "ILOVEYOU" when mabel howed up claiming that she iseboy or emboys fiance
-the third is the rael Jaime,he's real name...a probinsyano, boy next door..
-but the thrill ended when Isidro, Cyd's suitor told her about the show..
-when finally Cyd told Jaime the magic words the place suddenly was filled with crew and stage prod.but Cyd was so mad and humiliated that she showed her anger in the cam
-then i think afetr a few days or weeks...Cyd was invited at the show..the aim? to ask if shehad forgiven Jaime.
-her answer???she just gestured her hand on her neck showing that she's not wearing her fathers is a symbol of Cyd's love for someone.she wont take it off until she fall in love.
-then they met again then they kissed ordinarily...hehehe..without tongue...
-Ivy said that Piolo was really good..he portrayed and acted 3 characters withoutshowing any similarities between them.

-Ivy is so kilig at Eboy...especially when he was half naked..
-Ivy said that the burger is so sulit....she liked it very much..thanks to KFC..


-couples holing hands
-couple's hand at each others waist
-congested mall
-a stuff toy store, teddy bear to be exact, surrounded by men and couples..their merchandise is almost sold out
-friends having a date
-let the love begins' queue was up to the cinemas in...hanggang dun sa mall proper
-motels with different people....riding a tryke,jip,van,car and taxi-roses all around


Sunday, February 13, 2005

a happy heart's day...

who told you that the V day is justr for couples and lovers?????? if thats what you are thinking YOURE WRONG!!!!!!!!.......hahahaha.....although i dont have any gf, i still have many girlfriends(literally)...their my valentines.....last week the stockups planned to go to tagaytay @ yellow cab today but one of isnt avilable so i think they decided to go over anj's place and celebrate there......but unfortunately ivy and tel and me have to do our research so we can't come...or maybe well think about it....then tel told us that if we cant come maybe we could catch a movie later tonight.......tama?????yeah tama....astig yun!!!.....trio date with my friends.....nothing to ask more...

-ive been suffering from this stupid cough since later last week...i hope it wil be gone soon.....

.....ANYWAY HAPY VALENTINES TO ALL!!!!!!!...............

im looking forward on my date with netnet....pero matagal pa kami bestfriend..tapos weve been teased na akmi daw...hehehe......

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

the obssesive compulsive guy and a dial up internet shop

after we had our intro102, which was kinda bring murmured elisha, we went to OCC(over a cup of coffee) to make our eng research but ivy didnt bring the papers so we just discussed our histo reserach,,oreo shake,carbonara,ham and cheese pasta,tuna sandwhich and triple decker dunno...........we went to golden then i went home......

..then i thought of my assignment in fil...the legend,fable and parable...i went to the nearest comp shop.........................................

eto na ang mga nangyari:
-i sat down, surfed then stopped.....the pc stopped working...and i think that guy is blaming me for what happened...i just pressed ctrl alt del then tried to close the IE box that does not work.

-i transferred to the next pc..

-take not: its not dsl its dial up so its just like surfing at home

-i was not supposed to be there in the first place until i discovered that we run out of ink last week when we tried to print our research

-then i asked the guy if they accept printing jobs....yeah sabi niya P15.00 per my min ..............ang mahal ha!!!mura pa sa skul na 2 lang and dsl pa yun.....but i have no choice...

-then the internet got was such a bad night..........then after trying to reconnect which failed...i just had my docs printed then went out....luckily my friend's are outside.

-i just couldnt say to that guy that surfmaxx cant easily connect at night....DUH> din yunh ginagamit ko eh...

-OC....y????he was so mad at his nephew when the folders he's selling was crumpled and he didnt find it.....pinalo niya ng envelope sa eto pa...he was so concerned about his merchandise when it got crumpled kasi nadadaganan ng iba....hay naku..that guy....

-last resort ko na talaga na maginternet OC..... with madel and juno here at ERS.....1:30 pa yung boring reed class namin...its like 3 hours of sitting....

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

4 friends + a hot sauce covered ham n' cheese= sizzling kaboom

last monday i got a text msg from meme
meme:jot, wat tym break mo?punta ako dyan.lamagawa eh
jot:2 uwi ko
meme:ok w8 mo ako ha.txt ko din cna tin at egy.miss ko na cla

2 pm
meme:san kana?punta ka d2 walter.
jot:may gnagawa pa kami eh.bk maya pa kami tapos
meme:wat tym?okcge w8 kita..bilis




meme:san ka na ba??kl ko 3 years lang ako magiintay yun pala 48 yirs..

tapos by 4 i was in AMA na patawid to walter mart when meme appeared behind...pauwi n daw siya..then we went to walter when we saw the couple mitch and knyck.ayun we talk and make asar kay meme tapos decided to eat pizza.we had a ham n cheese fam and a hot sauce...yeah kasama sa order yung sauce...hehehe
tapos yun na nga we ate our first half when i squirted hot sauce sa pizza na nasa pan pa...isa lang was like a pizza coated hotsauce.literally.pula na yun ibabaw.tapos itong si mitch sabi niya to be fair sa lahat nolagyn din ng hotsauce yung in!!!...we consumed all the hotsauce sa bottle...we were like saviong out drinks for the big moment....then here it hot....i was like getting red or blushing sabi nila...i was sweating like naiiyak na ako sa sobrng hot niya...tapos after that i asked them kung gusto nila ng ice 5 peso lang...pero it was 6 pala....just to ease the spiciness oon out mouths...then we went home....went to mitch's house where there is a house blessing + a bbq grill........we stayed there getting smoke from the bbq...tapos we went at our house....when i smelled my uniform it was like amoy porkchop....hehehe...pati din yung sa kanila...then konitn kulitan at asaran...we called it a night...

they are my hs friends.though we live in the same subdivision we hrdly see each other...tuwing planado lang...busy kasi eh..tapos we go to different schools pa....i miss my hs friends.........

ryt now:
- im hearing my tummy grunting
- im hungry now
- making thoughts about what happend yesterday

- while at the nstp class me and netnet made kulit with each other
- took pics of us sa phone niya....most of them ayaw niya..pero merong isang gustong gusto niya
- they were teasing us
- i got netnet's phone then she tried to get it back when it fell on the ground, sorry netnet
- got to ivy's car with elisha infront and mark,aby,karen,armille and karen at the back...
- went to sm to eat ice cream kasi i dont wanna spend for coffee or some merienda
- ivy's went to dermclinic for her weekly face ekek(dunno the name eh)
- had a buttache for sitting too long sa jeep with elisha, enjoyed it naman kasio we where talking about our hs classmates

ps..that it

Sunday, February 06, 2005


i was blogging yesterday morning, editing my blog and previewing what i did, then when i was supposed to save it, this fuc*ing pc of mine stopped working. its like AAAAHHHHHH....why is this happening to me...whatever the cause is i dont know...basta ngayon tapos ko na siya i-edit. ewan ko ba...

question: what would you feel if your friend calls you then ask you this and that then when she was about to say bye someone from the background said "bye", then you recognize it as your ex???? i felt really stupid....the moment i talked to her i know that someone is listening...her questions are weird, its not her i thought. then you would hear giggling on the background. AAAAHHHH.....its like being spied or something..why would people use others just to hear or talk to you?? cant they do it themselves??? ewan ko....

Friday, February 04, 2005

R*** AND A*****----midterm's last but definitely not the LEAST

before i start..i would like to acknowledge CLOSE UP for their kiss commercial.i mistakenly said that it was COLGATE' really sorry..thanks to juno...

today is the last day of our midterm exam.almost done for our 2nd sem of my frosh year.
1 and 2 are the two exams scheduled today.after a month or three weeks classes.
(names are ommitted,just for fun....i'll let you decide what subject am i talking about)

first is 1:

this term it talks about the history of the church. the dilemma that it had experienced, the resolutions and its proponents. we did what we needed to do. REVIEW!!!....but here comes the exam......ENGK!!!!!!!...tick tick tick...the time pass by.....seconds turned into minutes..but we really cant figure out most of the answers...we dont know if we reviewed to the least that we can do. but as far as i can remember, i reviewed kinda hard for this exam...after the exam i thought...WHY DO WE, NURSING STUDENTS NEED TO STUDY RELIGION, CHURCH AND ITS HISTORY IN THE FIRST PLACE????...we are in the field of medicine...religio ------- medicina ??????no connection isnt it.??but wait im at of its jobs if to mold the students spirituality....for us to be spiritually inclined not only academically...but i cant understand why does 1 needs to be hard???...anyway i just hope that this term, the finals, would be a great one..far from the former....


after a 3 hours break, after we spent an hour at MMP-dasma...we took the SA was so hard!!!!!!!!!!!! its not that we didnt review but its because most of the topics are not discussed....not traditionally but our prof tasked us to present the lesson in a creative reportings we aiming to get a high grade preapared for a presentation... a which the topics are seen in the scenes.. but even though we understand what the lesson means we still cant conclude which is which...which will be on the exam???this or that??? we ended up searching for answers in our empty mind.. having no idea about whats is going to be asked is like fighting in a battle empty handed. we did review..very hard...but still some of the questions are baseless...base from our handouts... its like it appeared from someones notes...but not ours...i just hope ill pass the test and still get a high mark... have you figured out what subjects am i talking about?????is your experience same as mine????whew...hope the finals term would be better...