Monday, November 28, 2005

the HALE that hit me

AAHHHHHH..this is my second time writing this one...aaarrrggghh..anyway, heres what happened yesterday..abbie and i went to SM dasma to catch HP4 again...went to the and had coffee...heres our pic....hale was also there so there were so many people shouting, trying to get a glimpse of HALE..i saw them, though..
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Saturday, November 26, 2005

mixed media

im really glad MONDAY is a haliday..yes AS IN HALIDAY>>>..lols...but yeah,this coming monday is a holiday..thanks to PGMA's holiday-moving hobby.,,so that makes my weekend 3 days...sun, mon and tuesday 'coz i dont have any classes every tuesdays...
heres my plan for this 3 day long weekened..

1. today, ill be going to las pinas for gaile and tito boogie's birthday party..
2. then im planning to shop maybe at SM, nearest mall.. i wanna buy contact lenses..woooooo...
3. buy new cloths..hahaha...parang ayaw ko magtipid noh???
4. date!!!!!!!! maybe on tuesday or monday..i have to date...
5. kelv's planning to go to ATC with me and tin..just gonna chill out there...maybe on monday..

-------------------------------so far yan pa lang ang naiisip kong gawin...mag gal.a.lols--------------------------

this weeks really exciting....not all people have the opportunitty to study reproductive health and when i say RH, it means *ttoooottt*...lols...

anyway, our prof taught us about family planning and this includes the demo of condom that how u call it???..hahah..we just cant help but laugh...sabi nga niya it smell like cloud9..its chocoloate so maybe gnun nga...

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


its my second time to suffer throat hurts..i have fever and i ski8pped school today...i hope my fever would subside tom...

Saturday, November 19, 2005

the time of ranting and blabbing

whew, im really enjoying my time every weekend. its a relief after a week of toxicity then a night of fun...LOLS...ive been missing my blog..but i really cant go OL every time i want...heres what happened this past week: phone's N6020 battery is malfunctioning..yeah..kaka inis would turn off whenever im after 10 letters it would shut down.then i would have to turn it on again and again and agian...i went to walter mart to look for new batts but it costs 400 bucks, so i couldnt buy it totally broke right now. and tin as well..hehehe..and im eing a parasite to my friends especially tin..i always borrow her phone so i could text..sorry tin..muah!

2.i wanna buy new clothes this week...

3.schools getting more toxic as days past by. reports are coming and presentations are nearing..ive got reports on microbio next week about chlamydia and in STS this week...

4.every sat its a must for us to have lunch with my former blockmates BSN27..its like a mini reunino of all other sections..we really missed each other and we always look forward on being together again..

5.last night, mom texted me that they were in robinsons imus to catch HP4..but i was like..i just arrived home..thats about 7:00pm..and i was running outside to be there asa..then i was running again in robinson to the cinemas..but unfortunately i didnt get to see the beginning because i was late..its ok..i would just have to catch it again..lols..

up to here,,,

Sunday, November 06, 2005

sem starter

i hate this day...first i have to wake up so early..then i have to wait 6 hours for my next class then i have no one to be with...our batch was reshuffled thats building opened its doors to health science that would be the cradle of future nurses, doctors, midwives, pt's and rad techs...i really miss my classmate so much...