Monday, November 30, 2009

massacre hysteria

it has been a few days when the infamous maguindanao massacre happened, when innocent people where slained to death, where our respective reporters died while at work,
when lives where taken....
see, we are emergency room nurses....
we are the first line of medical staff you'll encounter in an emergency situation or when you are brought to the hospital..
everyday of our duty lives we work our ass so hard to save he lives of everyone, without any hesitation, without reasons, without prejudices..and even when our own lives are at risks in being infected and even when none of the patients would cooperate
...we still do what we can...
and these killings make our job useless..
it is tantamount to closing all directly telling the nation on televised advisory that lives are to be taken anywhere, anytime by anyone so who will need us, nurses to help save them..
but regardless of what happens to our nation, despite the irrational killings of oneself or another

Monday, November 16, 2009


Ever since college i have been watching TV series like Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and just recently, Queer as Folk and many others.. Why?...Because everybody watches it.. It's seems that the topic for the next day is what would and what happened on those shows. It is very intriguing to see twists and interesting life stories that you don't come across on everyday life, i mean on reality, that happens on these super class dramas.
Anyway, have you ever thought about being on those shows?? ME? Yeah!...but i always think if these plots, stories and interesting life stories happens on real life??
Im not sure. For the next 12 something hours, 12 plus episodes and countless seasons without any commercial breaks, just my occasional visits to the loo and water breaks, i have seen the life story of those characters; their humble and lucrative beginnings, their downfalls and success, their wild and unexpected relationships and of course, their picture perfect, ideal, unrealistic stories. But why does these shows always make the story ideal? Like the flaws are just a mild hint of despair and not really an effort to ruin them.
The lifestyle of the Upper Eastsider's, lucrative, well formed, shining and extravagant. They study at a well known high school and Brooklyn is what they call the other side of the bridge. Their parties are everynight in a who knows where and how much they pay. They are serviced by limousines and maids and butlers. They can pay someone's worth regardless of the amount.
The One Tree Hill characters, they live high school like it is the perfect stage of everyones life. Their romance is addictive and exciting. The head cheerleader and the captain ball of the varsity is the IT couple. Then all of a sudden, in the same high school, you'll find your half brother, uncles gets killed by brother who's a mayor and arsons are part of their revengeful plans.
The Queer as Folks men, they don't portray what the present IT scene is. I mean, the ever gorgeous bisexual guy has a son, the mother of which is a bisexual herself and the friends are like party people who goes to clubs every night. The IT guy has a boyfriend that made him a cradle snatcher, whos mother approves their relationship. The ever playful friend, gets fame from an internet pornsite and the other one owns a comic books whos mother shouts out loud that she proud of him.
Those series show watchers the ideal life. What life and things should have or would have to be. How people should live and let live. How the unrealistic lifestyle can come up to life in front of your very own eyes. How life can be so playful that even the most impossible circumstances would happen.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

written in the sand

last sunday, as me and my dorm mate was passing by the manila peninsula, he mentioned that the top ball of the fountain was where Regine Velasquez performed "Written in the Sand" last millenium count i watched it over youtube that same night...

REALIZATION: the dignity of our profession is priceless.

artists celebrate holidays at work..

nurses spend holidays caring for patients...

doctors enjoy holidays treating patients..

law enforcers spends holidays watching over people...

but regardless of the amount of the salary we get from it...the double pay...overtime pay we get from spending those precious moments in our own respective field...the bottomline would always be...

our service to others is what we care for. our concern and care to them is our priority. we sacrifice our own little happiness for the good of many. and thats why i am proud to be one of the.