Sunday, October 12, 2008

kuya, payag ka ba na ituro ang sex ed sa classes?

my sister asked me "kuya, payag ka ba na ituro ang sex ed sa classes?" i answered, "oo naman, bakit ayaw mo ba makipagsex?!"...i laughed...but this seemingly unimportant conversation is a big issue in the country. the reproductive health act, if thats what they call it or planning to call it, has been the talk of the town from news spreads, tele tubes and priests' homilies.

im a nurse. from the very beginning of my bachelors education, my eyes and mind and i would assume all my colleagues have the same mind set that we are here to promote health and we dont have any problem or rejection with contraceptions and sex education otherwise we would not have passed. so all this time, we were made and cultivated to propagate sex ed and related areas to anyone who want to learn. then there is this bill, legalizing what we, health care workers have been doing for the past centuries. whats wrong with this? why cant just everyone accept it and just think of our overflowing population?

first issue: it is not the government who opposes this. it is the CHURCH who do so. the government should really approve this!..hello?! the budget for health and education is really low!..they want a first class economy, then they should control population growth first!..who wants to be called third world monkey? yes, our literacy rate is high and most of us can speak fluent english but the poverty rate is relatively high as well, as well as maternal death rate and abortion and teenage pregnancy and the list goes on.

2nd issue: it is against the teaching of the church. the constitution states that the separation of the church and the state should be inviolable. but thats why this bill walks like a snail because everyone is saying something about it. looking just the reliious part of it and not its future effects and impact to the nation.

i came from a catholic university. yes! from la salle where it is just common to see nuns or sisters or mothers as we call them and priests and former seminarians teaching in the academe. so we have a chapel in our campus. i heared the mass there like 3 weeks ago. so most of the people there are nurses, doctors, and people in the medical field. with the same education and knowledge and background re: sex educ and contraceptions. then after the mass, the priest told us not to support the repro health act, it is just against the church and the bible. im aware of the rivalry bw church and this law but i was just surprised, like sarcastically surprised when i heard father asking the NURSES, DOCTORS, NURSING AND MED STUDENTS AND MEDICAL PEOPLE not support hello?! this is our job, to promote and protect the health,haha..i know im being antichurch but im not. it is just ironic to ask the medical community not to support sex ed and contraception...

I SUPPORT THE REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH ACT. It is for me, for you and for my children. It is for all of us.