Wednesday, April 27, 2005


oh..its been a long time since i posted...been busy with some colds and coughs....but i still dont know what will i talk about.....

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

could you fall in love in two days???

i met her last saturday while i was in my friends debut. i was so bored at the party that i chatted on our cable tv's, chatroom. of course i wasn't watching but i posted a message and my number in search for friends, sisters and bros. many people texted me, some i already knew, some are new to me. this girl texted me. we got so involved in our texting that i was enjoying it than the party itself. i left the party at 11, still texting with her up until1 or 2 in the morning. then we talked again on sunday, and planned to meet by monday. we met andwe chatted for a long time. we were really compatible, i guess. like what she said that we could really jive. then we really made a connection. we enjoyed the day and bonded so much....*wink*..tuesday, i asked her to come with me as lasalle...she went with me..we were together the whole day..then again our bonding became much closer..

here's the catch.....

yesterday, we texted noong umaga..then i got no reply after 2-3 text. i was worried, thinking what i did wrong..i texted her asking for a reply...still no response..later that noon, she texted me, she said she was just not in the mood for texting....i was shocked...many things popped in my mind..things that i shouldn't think of her... but i cant help it... then last night, i miscalled her, then she just texted me gud night......i was really feeling sad and teary last night...i thought she just doesn't want me anymore and things like that...i was missing her.....i dont know if i was just missing her or was i falling for her????

please help me....

Saturday, April 09, 2005


Postings here are personal, it is based from my own ideas and things that i experienced or things that comes into my mind. The subjects are my own choice and not from anyone else, the opinions expressed on this blog are from what i think things are. The opinions in this blog has nothing to do on your blog or what you think whatsoever, it is published in order to let people know what i feel or how i see things. I have the liberty to post whatever i want and say what i want. Feel free to visit. If ever you're not satisfied on what i wrote, it is not my job to know all the things about what i write, my postings here are just an overview of the entire ubject. Any disclaimer please message me. Thank you


you asked why panay sex articles??
why sex articles??? is so happen that im a teen and im on the stage of discovering things... we are all different..... this is what i want to write about...and it is not always that i write about this things... is so happens that these things popped i my mind.... ok???

Saturday, April 02, 2005

pedophiles and threesomes

nice subject isnt it.
sex, usually is done by two bodies inlove, executed with love and passion for each other, discretely it is done out of lust but these days as people get liberated and open minded, they try different things, deviant as they consider and having threesome is not an exception. yeah group sex maybe, but 3 persons having sex, because of lust. i was aloof on that threesome idea before but when i read and researched it, i discovered that its not that bad afterall.

ikaw what can you say about having threesome??


what can you say???