Monday, March 17, 2008

university statue speak for themselves

i saw this photo of the oblation statue with the banner that says "OUSTGMA" in it...
i just wonder how the lasallian brothers would react if every statue of St. La Salle would wear the same banner..hehe

Friday, March 14, 2008

a tribute to forever

It was two years ago (4 semesters and 2 summers) when 10 utterly different souls were destined to form the "BITCHES". It was summer of 2006, after the passing the the torturous qualifying exam and overcoming anatomy and microbiology when these people were grouped by the infamous BARLIS for their history of nursing, unknowingly, they were to spend the rest of their college life together. They barely knew each other, coming from different sections and group of friends, they never realize that these people would be the accomplices of their happiness and sorrow. Their junior year came and they discovered the hard truth, they would form an RLE group. At first like all other newborn group, chaos took place, unfriendliness was the denominator and bonding is not known. They always talk about each other at the back of that person, from getting pooped in their fabella duty to the mmdst taking in the community. More duties came and still, the bonding is not seen. Until their 1400 duty with FOJAS that they realized that they are gonna be the bitches. The bridge served as their ground for brain damaging soapie for beginners and stage for their hidden singing talents. Their theme song that time was i foprgot what it is, but its tony gonzaga's song, and all their might they reach the high notes. From then on, the bithes bonded for countless requirements and sleepless afternoons. They danced after a night of drinking, enjoyed the exclusivity of their dorm sessions and teased after getting drunk. They branded each other with codenames such as elephants and bitches, each having a distinct quality that portrays their codename. Fighting and bitching is nothing but normal, i think they are still adjusting, but in the end, they proved each other worng. They can be a good and a foreverlasting group. They can shine and would shine. All of them are cam whores. The photos taken are their memories of each other. One of their accomplishments is producing a simple movie, "The physician in spite of himself". The schedule was tough, times were counted and energies are weak, they managed to aced the short skit. More bonding times came...they went to the beach...discovered secrets...and prayed to their patron, OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE. It is common for them to pray to the lady when they need something, from getting thgeir professors' karma, to simple things to getting their duty cancelled, they all prayed to her. They fought and bitched each other but before the day ends, it is resolved. They love to sing and dance, they had videos and photos in action. Vanity is the group's favorite. They all have there own share of vanity and gossips..One of them left for the states, they missed here but life has to o one so they just spend the nostalgic times talking about her.
The relationship that was formed is utterly long lasting. They may not see each other that often ike beofre and would not see each other as often like before, they know in each others hearts and minds that the BITCHES would always be the BITCHES and even though they leave lasalle, their roots would be the foundation of their deep friendship. xoxo love elephant

Sunday, March 02, 2008

stuckups ASCEND-ing

who said good boys don't flirt??
drink up ladies and gentleman!


pre party looks...who said these girls aren't hot nurses?

only thorn among the luscious roses.
club ascend.
saturday night after your finals week of your last semester of college is to die for!
went to ascend with the stuckups...too bad not all of us where there..but anyway, the party has to be enjoyed...had yah stuckies!