Tuesday, May 30, 2006


what happened??!! i thought ive already installed haloscan then wala na ulit...hay....anyway, yup russ, ive watched xmen na.....


may the people who died in indonesia rest in peace..another tragedy na naman for them..kawawa naman sila...after nung killer tsunami yung lindol...but we cant blame anyone, their location is really risky...being on the ring of fire..theyre prone to those events....
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Friday, May 26, 2006

si leonardo da vinci talaga oh...

this would be comments that i heard from people about the da vinci code.
- da vinci had himself condemned and praised by people at the same time..half, thinks its a blasphemy (its based from a fiction book in the first place isnt it?) including my mom, a die hard catholic and half thinks its true including my uncle...

-a banner was displayed at the entrance gate of ayala alabang village saying they dont approve the movie

-it was rated 18, kahit na hindi siya porn but because of its sensitive issue..

kayo, what do you think of it?? true or not??

for me, kasi, if you would look at it, it seems to be very possible..all the details are from facts..sabi ko nga sa mommy ko, fiction always come from reality...diba??parang lalagyan lang ng twist or iibahin, but the story is still based from facts..para kasing, its really possible, my faith is not affected, though.

ps.ive installed haloscan na..hehehe..na bobo ako nung una..
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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

the last stand

as we all predicted, JEAN GREY's powers flourished to a dangerous one, one that could break you into dust......professor X died so as cylops and jean....many mutants queued for the cure including rougue...to stop magneto, the group injected magneto with the cure, and mysique who was shot also half way of the film...anyway im not contented with the film, i thought the mutants would unite to fight the government like what they did on X2..hhhmmm..ano pa ba??? wala na eh..kayo, have you watched x3???

Sunday, May 21, 2006

the return from an unexpected blog-hibernation

yes, at last im blogging again after 3 months of not visting my blog and not updating im back!!!....i got so busy that i cant even type my post..school got me so occupied..anyway..ill be blogging again and im so happy about that..just keeping my blog simple with B and W..im having problems with inserting haloscan, though..so im gonna used the blogger's instead muna..anyway...im really excited..