Saturday, November 22, 2008

pursuit of happpiness

Once or twice or should I say oftentimes, we contemplate, we think and we ponder if we are happy on whatever is happening or doing at the moment. But what are we willing to pay for or do for in the pursuit of it?

Last week, me and anj, my supposedly “sugar prohibited” friend enjoyed ourselves with starbuck’s OH SO YUMMY OREO CHEESECAKE!..This is happiness I told myself.. every bite.. every bit of it is so delicious. It is like eating heaven. I know I’m over exaggerating but I’m such a lover of sweets especially cheesecakes. My favorites!! Filling your tummy with yummy food. Spoiling your tongue with things you crave for is the best.

To be with the one you love. To speak. To flirt. To laugh. To cry and to build things is nonetheless happiness as well. One can never explain how this works, how you can get attached, to feel that something that the world can only describe to the most as “LOVE”. Words are not enough I may say.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

time runs fast..

10 days after the raging board exam, we applied for a job. a call center job. thinking that i would only last for 6 months, but i was wrong. i know i havent been there for 6 months yet but i think i would last longer. im really enjoying it.. halloween have past...columbus day have its nearing christmas and hhhmmm..maybe a couple of hundred of calls later then its gonna be christmas already. im now anitcipating of spending christmas and new years eve inside the floor..haha...heres anj, tl kristen and me goofing around last 31st..