Sunday, December 24, 2006

a christmas tale..(reposted)

a christmas tale(my christmas post)Thursday, December 22, 2005

It was the night two days before christmas, December 23rd five years after the millineum bug scared the world 2005, when the "Council of Legendary People" knew that SANTA CLAUS was diagnosed with acute tonsillitis due to the rampant dispersion of STREPTOCOCCUS bacteria in the north pole. Thus, he can't laugh in his usual christmas tone the all famous "HO HO HO, MERRY CHRISTMAS". It wouldn't just make any sense if he can't laugh with all his heart on that tone. We all know that it is one of the seasons most awaited things; eg. lights, christmas tree, gifts, angels. So there he was in his four pole bed covered with thick fur comforters suffering high fever with Mrs. Claus giving him a sponge bath and checking his temperature every hour. So the council, getting so much worried because it would be christmas eve tomorrow and all the presents for all the good boys and girls around he world are now ready to be delivered.

SO the council called an emergency meeting with its members:
1. Mother Nature-has no permanent address but you can text her.
2. Father Time- can be found in every clock, 24/7
3. Easter Rabbit- found in the Netherlands
4. The Tooth Fairy- a guy with a tooth factory underground, all you have to do is stump your foot six hundred and ninety one times to call him
5. Cupid- can be seen just flying around hopeless couples

So there they were perusing the resumes of possible SANTA CLAUS this year. Then they found this one interesting boy named JOT. Hehehe.. Mother Nature found it and presented it to the council. Jot is a 17 year old boy, turing 18 on the 4th of January, a sophomore student of De La Salle University. He used to believe that there was really a Santa Claus until he was older that he assumed like everybody else that it was their parents who put gifts into their Christmas stockings. But really, he used to believe that there is this fat crazy man in red and white who travels around the world to give presents.
On the other hand, Jot who lives in the Philippines near the equator in the Tropic of Cancer was gazing in the heavens for no apparent reasons at all. He was getting crazy because of the nonstop carols of the children in the streets when he felt weird. He didnt hear any out of tune songs anymore, nor get distracted by the blinking of the light. He was sure that the time stopped. And yes he was correct. The council appeared before him with their great smiles, courtesy of the TOOTH FAIRY. Mother Nature explained to him what happened and was asking him a favor, to help the elves distribute the presents. Of, course not by him alone. So with glee and enthusiasm, he agreed and they went to the NORTH POLE, where he was asked to wear a trendy and coño cloak. Hehehe..He was totally amazed on the sight. It's not what the world have portrayed a Toy factory would be, its very magnificent and unbelievable. First there were train stations where elves come down carrying their bags and cases. Then a track of roping train tracks everywhere, speeding in the speed of light. Then as they go in, the factory was like an igloo, but so gigantic that king kong could live. It is made of glass and was decorated with colorful lights and trees around it. There were angels roaming around the air. Inside you could find sets of reindeers, all the same practcing their air stunts. Yes, Santa uses differnt sets every year..The set that wins the year's reindeer exhibition show gets to be with Santa on christmas eve. Then all the elves has a wand along with them, charming toys so that it would be very beautiful and pass the CHRISTMAS standards...Jot was nonchalantly being toured by the Council..Father Time as the tour guide..He was nonchalant as always..Then they arrive at Santa's office..a huge room with tellies all over..each for every kid aroubnd the there were millions of tellies all over. Ecah telly is monitored by an elf, each equipped with a parchment and a feather pen...North Pole is really techie, Jot thought..Then all of a sudden..They heard a loud knocking..He was so sure that it wasnt part of the north was breaking..tellies were breaking and everyone was panicking..and He heard jot jot!!! was her tita..ate maribel..leaving and saying goodbye..and he was awoken in his christmas dream...hehehe

Sunday, December 17, 2006

highschool superstars!

last night me and my high school friends got together for a "parang christmas party" inuman..hosted by adel, the one in pink glasses..

its been 3 years since we got together like this..and we really missed each others company..the best part of this was, we got to reminisce our HS life..just some of the topics we talked about and im sure you'll also have a similar experience back when you were still in HS:
-teachers..from our GOD DAMN IT male teacher, commandant, 1week strike of our teachers to our section, furious teachers because of our so called "unbecoming" daw, punishments we received, arguing with them and ending up with a "SHUT UP MR.tooot" ...
-exams that we failed, passed, aced and took
-gossips about former classmates and teachers..hahaha
-COCC!!!! thing we all hate..from that roll to the left, roll to the right, to that carry the earth and slap you mouth 10x, to rebellion against officers, cor commander and commandant, criticism on how they execute commands
-porn movies weve mags weve seen

adel,egy,jen,me,cez and maemae

-before we started the inuman.. most of us have changed since HS..from our points of views, clothes, vices etc etc etc..

adel, egy, me, crizel??, mae, cez and christian..

-compliments to adel's drinks, lady's adobo, cez/jen/adel's sioma at lumpia, and egy's pork may pahabol pa..RICE..hahaha

egy, me, mae

cez and me

-i just knew last night that she had her tongue

knyck, mich (inner portion) roi and egy (outer portion)

jen, me

egy cez jen

-after the inuman..hahaha..

even though were in separate places now, study in different schools and meet not that often..the memories of the past would always make me smile and would be treasured forever..

who said high school life isn't the best part of your educatioal career??

Friday, December 15, 2006

im back!!!!!... back..again im in the mood for endless blogging..ive missed blogging and bloghopping...


our no sweat pose

-why we did this? "say no to underarm sweat during community duty"..our uniform is so prone to sweat...the slightest heat would make a preschool wet stain on your underarm..
RULE #1: raise your arm always and bring a fan with you! or just pray that the health center is airconditioned

our telenovela pose...

-we really love this picture..clang and rovie was supposedly the star of the telenovela but it turned out that me and guia got more of the camera's attention..hahaha. were supposed to be the couple's couple friend. im not sure about the roles of the others..but we did have a role in this picture..

emotion-less snapshot..
-i edited make it more realistic..BW of our "ha?" pose..

it was during one of our usual and "got used to it community duty" when we decided to goof around the cam while waiting for our ever dearest CI..being cam bitches...yeah were officially the bitches group.(we call each other bitch..hahaha).we posed immediately while nonchalant to the students and people walking by..thanks to our manong driver who took the gorgeous pictures..

Saturday, November 25, 2006

on blog leave....

...due to some inevitable circumstances...i'll be on blog leave.....ill miss back soon/..

Friday, November 10, 2006


what would you do if you were asked by the Dr to sign the DNR (do not resuscitate) form?

i had a patient, a lola of 73 who suffered from hemorrhagic stroke and was stupurous, she had O2 via facial mask and was unresponsive. Stupurous, its like a deep sleep, not coma but the 4th stage of consciousness if im not mistaken. Coma is the 5th. Pain sensation is still present and little corneal reflex are also present. I asked the clerk what the results of her corneal checking was, brushing the tip of a cotton to the cornea to see if it reacts to pain, and she said that the LEFT eye is the only one responding. For my case study and assessment i tried to press her nails to see if shes gonna withdraw, another type of test for cosciousness) but i failed because i just cant press much harder so i asked my classmate to do it, and YES she withdrew her hands slightly. The next day, i saw that they have signed the DNR form, the husband actually, and saw that her BP that night was just 50/pap and she was given dopamine to increase it. when you auscultate her apical pulse, it cant be heard, and her radial pulse is also weak. she was intubated and was basically living through ambubagging. by the time i left, her BP was 70/pap and was still deteriorating.

how would you deal with this situation?? would you sign the DNR form???

Saturday, October 28, 2006

early christmas...

inspired from one of my blogmates photo blog, isko, i tried to capture this pathetic photo while i was waiting for my cousin to leave electronic shock at 4th floor robinsons imus..he was watching eat bulaga there and theres nothing that i can do to make him leave the store...

...i was fascinated with the lights and their grandiose stall..full of lanterns and star shaped it too early to feel the christmas spirit in the air??...hhhmmm..halloween fever has not yet ended and the halloween trick or treat havent started either..i have not decided what notebook to use next week..have not bought any pens yet...the 2nd sem havent started..its not even november yet...ewan nga ba...wala pa nga akong christmas list eh......kayo??? ready for christmas na ba???

Monday, October 23, 2006

reality vs TV

as a nursing student, i take pride on my chosen career and seeing the actors play a nurse role and acts contrary to reality gets me agitated to the fullest...i know other professionals also feel the same when they see things on TV which is not really the nature of their job. here are some:

! i saw this on maynila last sunday...female nursing students on the show doesnt wear a hairnet and just have the LUGAY hair..which is one SUBSTANTIAL rule of nursing..always tie your hair and wear a dont want hairs falling while your assisting on an operation...and it can get contaminated and be the carrier of microorganisms..

! white shoes' hills should only be an inch high...not the wedge type..

! you dont tell your patient to write down their complains. you ask them instead and observe them. thats what nurses are taught, to observe patients so that they can get their nursing cues..and assess them in the end

nainins lang ako..hehehe..

Thursday, October 19, 2006

tara tena!

right after our last day of semester we went to batangas for our much awaited group outing...

groupmates...she and guia..maj and jot...

complements to our bonefire.....i love this picture.....FIREEEEEEEEEEE

gove and guia...

gov, huia, jot and the beach..

hhhmm..guia d jot..sweet..

jot and maj....nice light...

the bonefire...thanks to the efforts of she and gov....FIREEEEEE


morning serenity...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Yahoo! Time Capsule project..

would you like the future generation to see how "would be primitive" our world today???
would you want them to idolize the fashion, and be called vintage???
how the people talk and look like????
...........if yes,

YAHOO! has the answer....with their Yahoo time capsule project the future generation would be able to see about us....idolize encouraging you to take part in it..just upload your photos, posts or video and and the future gen would see you some ten or 20 years from now...

Sunday, October 08, 2006


how ofetn do you get nostalgic??? how often does your memory works in reminiscing the unforgettable past? do you deal with it?....

...i cant say that im a sentimental and an emotional person..but often times, i would get lonely or inspired or happy whenever i see something or hear something..most of the times i get envy..i mis some people..i miss the things that we usually do..i envy them because i want to have something like that..but after a few minutes i would realize that these thing are made to be very plausible..and that its not always happening..(sigh)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

retake or nt?

As a junior nursing student and a future board examineeI am concerned with the 2006 board exam issue. The government is utterly concerned with the integrity of the country’s nursing profession but what I am wondering is why just now? Why the 2006 nursing board licensure exam?

1. Sa dinami dami ng mga anomalya na nangyayari sa Pilipinas bakit itong board exam na ito? Ang swerte nga naman nila ano, jam packed ng intriga ang batch nila. Pero bakit hindi ang mga anomalya daw noong last election? Hindi ba na ang integrity of our country;s honesty in terms of leadership ay ang nakasalala? Ang daang taong pakikipaglaban ng ating mga bayani ay mawawalan ng saysay kung sa ating panahon ay papabayaan natin magkaroon ng pandaraya at paglabag sa batas? Ngunit ang issue na iyon ay nawala na lang kahit na marami ang patuloy na tumutuligsa sa mga leader ngayon!
2. Sabi nga sa news its is impractical! Absurd! Bakit pa uulit eh kung sa scoring naman ay excluded na ang test 3 and 5 (which are the parts believed that leaked out)..kung nakapasa sila eh di pasado na. naging fair na naman sa pag count ng score.
3. Living in a third world country, our priorities should be set at their best..Marami na nga utang ang Pilipinas eh sasayangin pa instead of just spending it in a more productive way. Sobra nilang pinagtutuunan ng pansin ang leakage na yan, eh bakit ang election hindi nila ma computerize? Hindi ba nila naisip na sa gagastosin diyan eh magagamit sa iba pang projects na pakikinabangan ng mas nakakarami?!
4. Sobrang hassle for the examinees..Review ulit…Anxiety to the max katakot takot na application ulit..Effort diba..Hndi dapat examiners ang magshoulder ng eefort kung hindi ang exam giving body\!
5. Sino ba ang may kasalanan?! Sa dami dami ng mga nagtatake taon taon at sa tagl tagl ng pagbibigay ng exam ng mga yan eh bakit nagpapabaya pa din sila?! Alam nilang kinabukasan ng iba ang nakasalalay dito, tapos pag kumalat mga examinees sisisihin!..Ang mga reviewers/examinees ay walang kasalanan. You enroll in an institution thinking that they have the best of what you need and not because they have what you are gonna face. Alam ba nila in the first place na exam questions na ang nirereview nila?1 I assume that they do not! If they do, the news would spread like a fire and for sure wala na nang mageenroll sa ibang review centers kung alam nila na board questions na ang rereviewhin nila. Dapat mga exam giving body ang magsuffer not the examinees. It is the carelessness of the examiners that should be dealt with.

Kayo what do you think? Retake or No retake?!..this is just my opinion...

Friday, September 22, 2006

"units of blood"

a unit of blood can be life saving..some pain from the needle puncture can help save some lives...its our last day of our community duty yesterday and it so happen that they have their annual blood letting activity. the PHN encouraged us to save lives..donate some blood..refresh our system...i really want to donate blood but the problem is im afraid of needles...hahaha..i dont like sharp objects especially needles either. it was last wednesday when we knew about right there we were screened, not our blood yet but our weight, health and BP..i was really anticipating the pain and was kinda tachycardiac and diaphoretic...then friday came...we arrived as usual a little late and was shocked because there are so many people there..after getting the VS of some people..we had our VS taken..and got interviewed and lined up..we were waiting for our turn for almost an hour...the blood letting per se lasts for about 5 minutes and youre supposed to lie down for the next 10-15 mins..i was preparing my antecubital area for the venipuncture...i placed my cold coke in it and believing that it could somehow decrease the pain. but when its my turn, the medtech told me that my vein that i was preparing is thin so she has to use my other arm..WAAAHHHH..i asked what gauge the needle is..and was shocked..gauge 16..the needle that is used for IM injection is gauge 24...ehdi yun..nakuha na ang isang bag ng dugo sa akin..medyo nanghihina after but its okay...i got a free shirt..i donated blood pin..blood assurance card and free snacks...and most importantly im gonna help someone with that450 ml of blood..
-the maximum amount of blood that can be donated is 450ml..higher thatn that can cause complications.
-donating blood can refresh your blood system..the old RBC's would be replaced..
-it causes great satisfaction afterwards.

Friday, September 08, 2006

why dont these photos make the news??

ive been seeing photos like this before but its just now that i took value of them. im not sure if the war in iraq had already ended but seeing photos like this amkes me realize the sacrifice these soldiers made in order to save the majority. diverting their attention into a more serene one other than the war itself...may GOD bless these people and all the people who works for mankind with their life at risk.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

devil wears prada...angels wear DG....

i saw devil wears prada yesterday...i was really frustrated on seeing it because last week i bought a dvd but was so pissed off because it wouldnt play. so i bought another..anyway...i was planning on buying the book before..but decided to watch the movie was a good movie..lots of funny, interesting, frustrating and "oh" scenes..anne could be one of the niyo din,,,

Friday, September 01, 2006

i passed!

hahaha..God is so good..i failed 2/3 quizzes..its really hard you know, but i just losed 2 points for my midterm grade in pharmacology..hahaha..really, i hate anti cancer drugs...!

ward exp....

-my Ci told me to do blood transfusion to one patient, its not my patient though...she was on a semi private room and enjoys it until a lola was admitted for some respi problems.then when i checked my patient's blood bag, this lola told me if i could turn off her O2 because she cant properly eat, to tell the staff that she wants a room transfer, that the room has many defects, that she doesnt want to be there coz theres no curtain and partitions and that the door is not opening properly...excessive demands should be on the nursing dignosis list stat!

-"dont you know that we both belong baby!"..hahaha..our favorite song..never fails to bond our group during free times, all the time and everywhere...weve done varieties of this time rovi told us to sing that song from the lowest to the highest note. we never really met our objective but managed to get PIYOK all the time.

-sometimes being a nurse/nursing student/staff/medical staff makes you decoders most of the time..the drs penmanship are quite illegible,its like guessing whats this and that especially if your new in the area. i always ask my CI what those writings meant, its not that i dont know them, i just cant understand them

Monday, August 21, 2006

at last!!

at last..ive managed to catch high school musical on disney last saturday..after waiting for it to be shown again..i was not excitement was worth it..hahaha..and im so hooked up to niyo din...

Saturday, August 12, 2006

sitcome LIVE!

TGIS..thank god its saturday and i was able to rest from my weeks toxicity...
kuya emil's (my late bro in law) relative wanted to go to sitcom live at las pinas, hesitant at first but i decided to go with them with my expected, lots of laughters flooded the house, mature dialogues and lots of singing and dancing from the performers....special guest was beverly salviejas...before we left, i managed to ask beverly s. to take a pose with us...

the sitcom stamp, still on my wrist

mom, beverly and me..

Friday, August 11, 2006

when i see you smile...

........."Sometimes I wanna give up
I wanna give in,
I wanna quit the fight
And then I see you, baby
And everything's alright,
Everything's alright".....
these are lines from kris lawrence's song...i find it very interesting..i really can relate on what those lines mean...its when you fight with someone..your friend..or your love one.and in the middle of it he/she smiles...and it ends up eveything...a smile so magical...but sometimes hard to do...

Thursday, August 10, 2006


it was my first duty on the hospital ward, my previous rotation was in the OR and community....excited from my classmates' ward stories i was really looking forward in interacting with the patients and making use of still tiny nursing skills...

these are some of what i already did:

-regulated a non-dripping IV..hahaha..i never thought that what i did was the right way.i taped the infusion chamber so it would be high enough to flow...i learnedlaetr that day that i was really supposed to be that way

-i shaved the perineal area of a male patient, a pre op procedure for cholecystectomy...hahahaha..imagine me infront of the standing guy in the bathroom only inches away from his genitals and only gloves preventing us from skin2skin contact..hahaha..

-watched a urinary catherization on a this is my CI and classmate find her urethral opening, LOLA said "ito yun oh" while she attempted to touch her pussy and point it..we were laughing secretively and was joking that what if LOLA would come to the ER and tell the people there that shes in labor with her FIRST BABY..PRIMI LOLA....

-removed an IV of a the interesting part was when we saw that blood was oozing out of the wound...his hand was really soaking in blood..i called our CI fast running...hahaha..

more ward tales nxt post...cheers everyone..

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

happiness for themm

my friend just got so happy for himm/
my other friend celebrated her monthsary with her bf today...
my other friend would be celebrating her 1st anniv with her partner.....
im happy for my friends.....

at ako??!!! wla..
..although i got into relationships, it didnt last long..

i always assess wether the problem is with me or to the other person..
but i hope maging long lasting din ang susunod kong rel
mga bloggers..what can you say?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

bsn38, reco '06

recollection is a time for gathering of your spiritual thoughts...
formation of budding friendships...
strengthening of your friendships....
changing ways....
revealing oneself...
and most importantly, talking with GOD......

ako..nakatingin sa kawalan ng batangas..

majei, jot and tin.


Monday, July 31, 2006

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Monday, June 26, 2006


just so disappointed last weekend....i hope something good would happen on the 28th...our 1st monthsary.... so this is the result of from my webcam..

Friday, June 23, 2006

invisble love

All throughout my life, I’m legal now; I’ve witnessed people tying the knot, couples getting engaged, and friends getting attached. All these people are bonded by the mysterious thing called love. Love seems to over rule the world, it seems to show itself to people, they say it makes them happy; like a drug that causes unconditional and indifferent feeling of cloud nine but I came to believe that this love has never shown itself to me.
I daresay believe that I have not met love, seen, felt or by the use of my physiologic senses sensed it. I have met different people, some I thought I loved but eventually I come to realize that it is just a faint overwhelming and self assuming feeling that it is love. But why have love forsaken me? Why did love forget to pass by my street? Why haven’t it manifested to any of my sensitive senses? Or is it just me being so naïve, insensitive and repulsive to the feeling that people show me? Should I blame it on my past life; that I have done something to be treated like this?
On my scientific observation on the behaviors of people who said they’re under love’s spell, it shows that love is simply these things. Love is when two people liked to eat together sweetly. When the other helps the other eat and offers his or her drink. Love is when you hold hands along the mall, the over crowded street and on the jeepney ride. Love is when you smooch around whenever you can even on public places and on the risk of being ridiculed. It is when you exchange your oral juices with each other, thinking that this is a sign of your love. It is when you date; catch a romantic flick and try to snatch a smooch over the movie. It is when you lay your head on each other’s shoulder, expecting it to be there always. It is when you shower each other simple gifts to lavish ones, spoiling each other to the most unreasonable desire. It is love, when you publicly fight, professing your love while the other narrates what you have done and trying to appear to be on a movie. It is when you text each other all day long quotes of love and personalized affection messages. It is when you can’t seem to be contented asking if you have eaten but to ask all the minute details instead. It is when you cry over petty things, and thought it was the end of your damn world. It is when you celebrate monthly and count how long have you been together. But, again because of my doubting and insecure ego, I tried to decipher what love really is, being unknown to others.
Unknown to many, I believe that love is not about the shallowness of human actions but the formation of an eternal mystery that seems to hide itself from me but is believed to be ubiquitous in this damn world. Love is when we learn to sacrifice for others without expecting anything in return. The unconditional love for someone is immeasurable, not by money, by neither time spent nor any selfish satisfaction we know, for to give up something we are soulfully attached is not easy but for the genuine love for another, this difficulty would nonetheless be easy. Love is when hostility is absent, but rather a selfless, caring and compassionate attitude is seen. It is clearly obvious to a mother’s love for her child, a dad’s care for his gentle treasure. It is when you try your best not to cause harm, to give your love one your care by all means. It is when you understand his or her most shallow reasons, unlike attitude and childish tantrums. It is when your ears are always ready to hear his or her thoughts, without the fear of being condemned. It is love when you trust your life to the other. It is when doubts are set free and your hearts are pure. It is when negative thoughts vanished and you learn to appreciate every futile thing, no matter what it is that he or she does. It is when you realize that you are now connected to each other by an invisible silver cord that grips your hearts fully.
Love is not when you think of the other always, it is when you realize that you are the other and the other is you, making you one that whatever you do to him or her is also doing it to yourself. I am writing this for the reason that I can’t seem to digest the fact that love has not come my way. I think this would make me realized what I’ve been missing just in case or what I should look into and not expect something cheesy that the world is telling us.

JT. Abordo 2006

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

post fathers day entry..

This is dedicated to all fathers especially to my dad. This is not bias, I’m focusing on a father’s perspective.
Men, starting the age when they could think critically would somehow imagine how they can be a great dad. Children would usually say that they wanted to be like their own dad’s, teenagers sees the greatness their dad’s made and would put into their mind that one day, they would be like that, late adolescents would have a picture perfect view on how their fatherhood career would be. Before we go into fatherhood, we could imagine how we are going to be the best dad but nevertheless, when we are in the fatherhood career per se we would realize how difficult it is to be one, contrary to our belief that it is one easy task.
Tying the knot is a hard decision to make, for the both parties of course, but I would focus on being a dad. I surmise that even before the wedding, men would painstakingly save for future expenses, expecting that they would contribute more financially. From the moment they say “I do”, it would commence their official fatherhood duties. Sexually, most of the time, I think that men does most of the work, sweat most and exhaust most after the coitus. When their wives get pregnant, who endures the side effects of pregnancies? Men! They are expected to carry their wife’s stuff. They can’t do anything when their wife craves for this and that; otherwise they have to deal with their conscience of not giving what their spouse wants. They tirelessly wait until their baby is born, worrying for their wife and child. Then if the mother is still incapable of doing things, men do it. They watch their babies and make sure that they are safe and well fed, sleepless of course. They would do anything to provide their family life’s necessities, do this and that, enduring hard works, hunger and homesickness. They would sacrifice their family’s presence to work abroad, so they could give more. They always want the best for their family.
But our fathers are not forced to do this, I would assume. Nor I would be forced to do everything for my family, because fatherhood is all about being selfless. The fact that you can give your family the best that they can have is enough to replace those sweat and blood into satisfaction and happiness. The smiles and sweetness of your children and wife are an overwhelming sight. The hugs and kisses of their family make them a million times happier.

I am thanking my father for giving us the best that we can have in this world. From the moment you made us until our very last breath, our never ending gratitude would be yours. We would love you always like you loved us.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


what happened??!! i thought ive already installed haloscan then wala na ulit...hay....anyway, yup russ, ive watched xmen na.....


may the people who died in indonesia rest in peace..another tragedy na naman for them..kawawa naman sila...after nung killer tsunami yung lindol...but we cant blame anyone, their location is really risky...being on the ring of fire..theyre prone to those events....
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Friday, May 26, 2006

si leonardo da vinci talaga oh...

this would be comments that i heard from people about the da vinci code.
- da vinci had himself condemned and praised by people at the same time..half, thinks its a blasphemy (its based from a fiction book in the first place isnt it?) including my mom, a die hard catholic and half thinks its true including my uncle...

-a banner was displayed at the entrance gate of ayala alabang village saying they dont approve the movie

-it was rated 18, kahit na hindi siya porn but because of its sensitive issue..

kayo, what do you think of it?? true or not??

for me, kasi, if you would look at it, it seems to be very possible..all the details are from facts..sabi ko nga sa mommy ko, fiction always come from reality...diba??parang lalagyan lang ng twist or iibahin, but the story is still based from facts..para kasing, its really possible, my faith is not affected, though.

ps.ive installed haloscan bobo ako nung una..
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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

the last stand

as we all predicted, JEAN GREY's powers flourished to a dangerous one, one that could break you into dust......professor X died so as cylops and jean....many mutants queued for the cure including stop magneto, the group injected magneto with the cure, and mysique who was shot also half way of the film...anyway im not contented with the film, i thought the mutants would unite to fight the government like what they did on X2..hhhmmm..ano pa ba??? wala na eh..kayo, have you watched x3???

Sunday, May 21, 2006

the return from an unexpected blog-hibernation

yes, at last im blogging again after 3 months of not visting my blog and not updating im back!!!....i got so busy that i cant even type my got me so occupied..anyway..ill be blogging again and im so happy about that..just keeping my blog simple with B and having problems with inserting haloscan, im gonna used the blogger's instead really excited..

Monday, February 06, 2006

whats wrong with respecting people's discretion??

you know what i dont like most?? is when people try to criticize others based on their freedom to decide...hhhm,mm...did i say it right?? let me further explain..we decide on things personally..sometimes with or without considering others..its our own decision anyway..but when people get mad at you because others are favored and not them thats where the problem starts..i so so get irritated when they starts to bug you on questions and inarte tactics..what i did?? i shut up and asked them "ano sinusumbat niyo itong mga ito sakin??? huh???ehdi sa inyo na lang!!"..hay naku..when will people grow up and be mature enough to think of it, that they just have to respect other's decision and that they should not expect everything even though they think etc etc etc....

ps...i pray for the soul of those who died in ultra...

Saturday, January 14, 2006

isang pagpugay sa mga nagdadamit.

Retrospectively speaking, I have suffered being a goldfish in an aquarium meticulously being criticized by acclaimed chauvinist and being extolled upon by fashion victims. It is two semesters of once a week fashion dilemma where I need to decide what to wear, what accessory to use to accentuate my outfit and what hairstyle would suite my that day fashion statement. For all the college students out there, I would assume that you all know what I'm talking about, the so called "wash day" as what our university calls it.

The wash day of every school is every stylish persons dream day. It is their only time to show how trendy they are, how flamboyant they could get and how stylish they could get. As a college sophie, who belongs to a strict and uniform-loving college, I have the privilege of being a fashion critic to all those pretentious people who feels like they were walking in the catwalk, legs are crossing, soles are barely touching the ground and has the irritating chauvinist aura. They are everywhere, the fashionistas and the acclaimed ones. The former, being elegant, simple yet stylish, the so called chic, sublime, well fitted, and was lucky they came up with an impressive outfit and the later being super confident in flaunting there mismatched tops and bottoms. I'm not being so critical and projecting my fashion flaws to them but is so happen that I don’t get to wear civilian clothes during Wednesdays, uniforms are worn whenever we go to school, even during Saturdays, that’s what health sciences student do. So, there we are, just being the usual uniform wearers, enjoying the criticism-free outfit and just enjoying the fashion scene of our school.

Pedals plus sketchers rubber shoes?? Not a good idea…So freshie as they call it…What about those that wear elephant pants??? Duh!!..During the time when it became a fad among teenagers, I never dreamed of having one. I never had one. I always stick to the usual ones. But I admit, there is this time of my life where I thought that big shirts are cool..Now I'm regretting why I wore those…is it really part of your life to suffer those?? Then there's this girl in PE class that we saw last time. PE class plus dangling earrings?? Yeah, it looks good I your ears but hello??!! Do you want your ears lacerated? Maybe. Bohemian looks or whatever they call it...Cool, free flowing long or short skirts with cool designs paired with simple spandex blouse accentuated with beads on your neck or wrists..I find it very conservative yet trendy but what dismays me is their footwear. You have to be very careful in choosing what slippers or sandals to match your outfit otherwise it may ruin the total package. I can't describe how they look like but I just don’t find it very pleasing.

Fashion requires money, regardless of what amount, small or big. Admit it, we all use money to buy our clothes and accessories. We buy from the tiangges and boutiques, rue d'vie or malls, wherever we shop we all need money. Spending money for fashion is everyone's gusto but sometimes we spend so much that we are being victims of it. How do we look at someone? A walking price tag? Or a perfect combination of economic buys? It is not always right to think that those expensive clothes are better, sometimes those that we can buy in a cheaper price proves to be more fashionable and versatile. Fashion drains our ability to participate in the world market. It disables us to buy necessary goods but who doesn’t want a new shirt?

The bottom line is, fashion is a broad spectrum of diversities that makes of breaks a person. We all are fashion victims sometime in our life, but everyday we always think that we are one of the most gorgeous people alive. Long live jologs! Long live the fashionistas at feeling fashionistas! Mabuhay ang mga manang at tatang! Mabuhay tayong lahat na nagdadamit!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

usapang kaPIZZAhan

at this point of time, i dont know what to blog about..many things are flying in my mind..thoughts are wandering..words are forming and yet i cant come up with a composition....pero dahil ako ay isang bloggista ay magpopost ako no matter what...hahaha..

sige, magsusulat na lang ako tungkol sa PIZZA..yeah, our all time favorite merienda, courtesy of PIZZA HUT...kahapon, dahil kumpleto ang aking pamilya sa aming bahay, siyempre except sa daddy ko na nasa TSINA, nagorder sila ng PIZZA from PH...makalipas ang isang oras ng paghihintay, ayun, sa wakas dumating na din ang merienda namin..naligaw pa nga daw si manong delivery man..

ano nga ba ang pizza?? ang pizza ay isang klaseng ng baked dish..made from a mixture of dougha and other ingredients to make the crust then pinatungan ng mga toppings na pampasarap....ang masarap dito ay yung ibat ibang toppings sa ibabaw na umaapaw sa sarap...ang masarap sa kinain namin ay yung stuffed crust talga sa sarap yung cheese...ika nga, ur gonna eat it backwards..marami pang ibang variation. it all depends on your taste..masarap yung hawaiian na stuffed crust,..haha...obvious ba na yun yung inorder nila?? pati supreme masarap din..daming beef...eto pa mga pare...masarap ay yung may hot sauce.,.WOW sa anghang talaga..tapos sabay inow ng PEPSI..siyempre kasama siya dun..haha...

ikaw anong style ng pizza gusto mo????

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

it shouldnt be like this..

i dunno..but i just cant accept that my birthday would be like seems that i wasnt born today..damn!! i hate it...i dont know what got into my parents that they dont even take importance on being tempted to compare my bday to my ate's.....yeah yeah i know..but hello....shit!! promising that my sons and daughters birthday wouldnt be like would be a day so special that they would remember it the whole year and treasure it all their life..