Sunday, October 28, 2007

pardon to the nation

the recent ERAP pardon has not sunk into my mind until this morning when i read yesterdays sunday broadsheets.

i would agree with patricia evangelista that "this pardon doesn't mean stability, or healing, or justice. It is Estrada's middle finger shoved up the country's collective consciousness, but it's happened so often that it feels almost normal".

the country's law makers, the leaders and the law itself was overpowered by the selfish will of a big time social criminal!! there are thousands of criminals (accussed and proven guilty) who are imprisoned in low class prison jails, most often, when proven guilty, being humane and caring is forgotten. ordinary lawbreakers satisfy themselves with overflowing lugaw, harsh treatment, unsanitary restrooms, jampacked cells, cold and wet floors and the worst retribution that can be given to a criminal. take note that they somehow experience this all regardless of the gravity and extent of their crime, from robbery to murder, from physical abuse to rape. and here comes mr. estrada, proven by the highest court in the country in the eyes of all it's people, sitting and enjoying a "simple life" in his tanay home. i daresay that it wasnt even a detention!

how in your proper mind and without any internal arrangement would you give presidential pardon to someone who showered himself with the money of the nation while millions of the pinoys are thinking where to get there next meal or if they would survive tomorrow. what came into the mind of our president to grant him that pardon that is tantamount to taking forgranted the crimes that he have done. the law applies to everyone no matter what. but the law fails to cover the high ends of the society. those that approves and makes it are now excused. how come a proven guilty criminal with not just one criminal case did not suffer like those in city jail and muntinlupa jail and those that is guilty with physical abuse suffers like hell?

what is the cost of JUSTICE in the Philippines?

it is degrading to think that the bloodstained land of our country is the nest of unjust and incompetent law people.
that the people we expect to give proper punishements would just paperdolls and followers of their hailed hero.
it is a slap in the faces of the parents of those littlekids who wants to become lawyers and politicians someday.
it is shameful to our ancestors who fought for justice and equality to see this unjust disregard of a major crime.
it is a demolition of the people's pride from revolutions and peaceful organizations of the thoughts of the concerns.
it is tantamount to erasing edsa revs in our history books.
it is an official announcement that our government patronizes robbers of the national properties, straight from the pockets of the poor people.

im sorry, but the governent will have to make a major change before we could even reach the start of stability, healing and justice, and so far and as of now, that start is not on their plans.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

fun stuff

1. i finished watching GREYS ANATOMY season 3..and for those that have not watched it or is still watching it..stop!!
i like what addison montgomery said to karev
"we do not get unlimited chances to get that things that we want, dont miss a chance that could change your life."...ganda no?

-the raise for being the chief of surgery wa so exciting.. i think addison would be a great chief of surgery but it turned out that the chief wanted derek to be his replacement and not burke which is his first choice. but derek doesnt want to be the the choice....i hope bailey gets the job since she didnt get the chief resident surgery
-yang and burke's wedding didnt happen!>..i was so shocked...burke is such an asshole!
-im really looking forward to the 4th nakakabitin!
2. my friend told me that cockfighting is in our culture as well as corruption...i told him im against cockfighting, its cruelty to animals. even though we eat it and cook it, we dont play with it until it dies like sabong....i told him, its degrading to hear that a foul act (corruption) is a part of our culture no matter what, we all know that culture is what binds us and it is the heritage from our ancestors and to the next generations..

Monday, October 15, 2007

stereotypical love..

we often assume that love is sweet..honest..perfect and ideal...but we forget to include its bitternes. the poison that is coated with its superficial sweetness.
love is not what we always thought it is...just take for example those MISMATCH couples.the movies show us picture perfect couples but realty presents us with the opposite...
same sex relationships...they may say its not long lasting but there are some that are really strong..
love may be so complicated but just enjoy the moment..dont live yesterday or tomorrow but live today...