Saturday, January 20, 2007

tired and stressed out


how to get off from tiredness and stress????
TAKE PICTURES....thanks leslie..
How to you manage stress???

Saturday, January 13, 2007


last night, me and my dear friends (fellow nursing students) went to mall of asia to watch the world pyrolympics..thanks to the god damn traffic that we ended up parking before we even reached the mall. but it was all worth it, i got to catch some vids and pics of the actual magnificent fireworks on my phone but i still cant upload it in my pc.....
anyway life is like fireworks..we have to feel every moment we see that magnificent color combination..treasure that memory forever for we are not sure what to expect next..enjoy and appreciate what we see that time...for like life, it is bounded by time..nature controlled..far from reach..and powerful.
like fireworks, lets enjoy every moment of our life..radiate our emotions and influence others..for we are not sure how long we are gonna last...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

post new years day post..

sorry for not posting for some time..been did you celebrate you new year??
well me:

-i wore red .hahaha..feeling lucky eh?? get tall??
-ate the first media noche with my family..
-and of course got tipsied with my friends.....well...oh i miss them..these aremy childhood long time neighbors..weve know each other for like since we were kids and still dont know how to count..before, we used to sneak after the "putukan" so that we can have our own inuman but now..were all grown ups..almost all are at leagl age..working and soon to get off from college.sad thing iss were not complete.but still we did our new years eve tradition..the kainan and picture picture.. now 19!!

how did you celebrate your new year??