Wednesday, February 28, 2007

first blog entry..2nd keeping it..

today would commence the start of my multiply blogging..

thanks to "teej" ill be busying myself with this and blogger
anyway, 2 bottles of beer and 3 doughnuts=unforgettable night

i was given this pasalubong doughnuts from krispy kreme by...i thought i was not gonna be liked but i assumed that i was wrong. i enjoyed spending the night with you. i i cherished the conversations that we had and would have..nagulat ako when i visited your blog, my picture was always here for you..

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


ashes to ashes...
dust to dust....
did you receive the sign of the cross??

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

emily rose

a part of being a student nurse is you get to experience UNFORGETTABLE AND MEMORABLE EXPERIENCES while your in the area. some are iunteresting, mostly funny, but some are nerve breaking..
this morning, while i was taking the bp of a patient with seizure precautions, she started jerking mildly. i know that i have to give diazepam PRN(meaning when needed) but i dont know if its the right time. so while the relatives are holding her, i rushed out of the room and called my CI. she just asked me to support ehr and the nurse arrives and prepared the diazepam. but after that, she still had her seizure episodes. some major..some just minors..
i was shock at first..i have not seen a patient having a seizure. but after several episodes with her, i have maintained my composure even though my hands are knocking painfully at the foot of the bed whenever she kicks..hahaha.
sabi nga ng CI ko. Naka ngiti pa raw ako kahit na nagsei2zure na siya..

Monday, February 12, 2007

almost at lovapalooza..

the close up lovapalooza stage...its kinda small..kasi super zoom na yan..

and the kissmark!!

i went to close up's world record breaking event..the 2007 and abbie pretended as a couple so we can get in..but forced them to go out becore the clock strikes 12!!...hahaha...
love is all around??? would you spend your valentines day??

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


ive been having emotional episodes this past few days..

emotional attacks of disappointement...infatuation and stupidity..

why is there infatution that kills probable love on the spot???

why does people come all of a sudden and meet your expectations and leaves you empty handed?

why do we get envy when our past had become happy and youre not?

why do we feel insecure when they find a new one incomparible to you?

why??? why am i so stupid?? it just like when i was i kid and start asking my dad and mom for things when i cant get it myself??its not..because first of now mature..i think so..but in the end..ill always end up getting advices from my dad and mom and searching for a good shoulder to lean on...