Friday, September 22, 2006

"units of blood"

a unit of blood can be life saving..some pain from the needle puncture can help save some lives...its our last day of our community duty yesterday and it so happen that they have their annual blood letting activity. the PHN encouraged us to save lives..donate some blood..refresh our system...i really want to donate blood but the problem is im afraid of needles...hahaha..i dont like sharp objects especially needles either. it was last wednesday when we knew about right there we were screened, not our blood yet but our weight, health and BP..i was really anticipating the pain and was kinda tachycardiac and diaphoretic...then friday came...we arrived as usual a little late and was shocked because there are so many people there..after getting the VS of some people..we had our VS taken..and got interviewed and lined up..we were waiting for our turn for almost an hour...the blood letting per se lasts for about 5 minutes and youre supposed to lie down for the next 10-15 mins..i was preparing my antecubital area for the venipuncture...i placed my cold coke in it and believing that it could somehow decrease the pain. but when its my turn, the medtech told me that my vein that i was preparing is thin so she has to use my other arm..WAAAHHHH..i asked what gauge the needle is..and was shocked..gauge 16..the needle that is used for IM injection is gauge 24...ehdi yun..nakuha na ang isang bag ng dugo sa akin..medyo nanghihina after but its okay...i got a free shirt..i donated blood pin..blood assurance card and free snacks...and most importantly im gonna help someone with that450 ml of blood..
-the maximum amount of blood that can be donated is 450ml..higher thatn that can cause complications.
-donating blood can refresh your blood system..the old RBC's would be replaced..
-it causes great satisfaction afterwards.

Friday, September 08, 2006

why dont these photos make the news??

ive been seeing photos like this before but its just now that i took value of them. im not sure if the war in iraq had already ended but seeing photos like this amkes me realize the sacrifice these soldiers made in order to save the majority. diverting their attention into a more serene one other than the war itself...may GOD bless these people and all the people who works for mankind with their life at risk.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

devil wears prada...angels wear DG....

i saw devil wears prada yesterday...i was really frustrated on seeing it because last week i bought a dvd but was so pissed off because it wouldnt play. so i bought another..anyway...i was planning on buying the book before..but decided to watch the movie was a good movie..lots of funny, interesting, frustrating and "oh" scenes..anne could be one of the niyo din,,,

Friday, September 01, 2006

i passed!

hahaha..God is so good..i failed 2/3 quizzes..its really hard you know, but i just losed 2 points for my midterm grade in pharmacology..hahaha..really, i hate anti cancer drugs...!

ward exp....

-my Ci told me to do blood transfusion to one patient, its not my patient though...she was on a semi private room and enjoys it until a lola was admitted for some respi problems.then when i checked my patient's blood bag, this lola told me if i could turn off her O2 because she cant properly eat, to tell the staff that she wants a room transfer, that the room has many defects, that she doesnt want to be there coz theres no curtain and partitions and that the door is not opening properly...excessive demands should be on the nursing dignosis list stat!

-"dont you know that we both belong baby!"..hahaha..our favorite song..never fails to bond our group during free times, all the time and everywhere...weve done varieties of this time rovi told us to sing that song from the lowest to the highest note. we never really met our objective but managed to get PIYOK all the time.

-sometimes being a nurse/nursing student/staff/medical staff makes you decoders most of the time..the drs penmanship are quite illegible,its like guessing whats this and that especially if your new in the area. i always ask my CI what those writings meant, its not that i dont know them, i just cant understand them