Sunday, January 30, 2005

kiss kiss kiss

have you watched the commercial of colgate?the ones with the guy seeing if people kisssed or not.he sees the kismarks or lipstickmarks on the faces of people on the train.some are so obvious about it, while some appears so demure but kisses so madly.

so, what would the world look like if we or you see kissmarks(not kissmark as in chikinini okay?) these are the following scenes when that happens:

1.when you go to work, early in the morning people will see your face with so much kiss that they cant even recognize it whether its a kiss or something else...from the nights lovemaking. the office the boss and the secretary's secret will be revealed.hehehe.after they had their loveaking, the sec will leave the office with full of kissmarks the cinema..have you tried kiisng their??imagine all couples their with kiss or even red paints on their face will know if your partner is cheating on you

sometimes i think its fun to see those things but i think its one way of invading someones privacy.

a kiss????nakakiss ka na ba???anong clase???french ba??or smack lang????base from my experience hehehe...maraming klase ng halik....take not not all of these are enjoyable....for me the best kiss is yung mild lang...gets mo ba???yung di masyadong aggressive.not too much use of the tongue..lips to lips lang talaga...parang your just appreciating the things around you especialy your partner...pwede yun tumgal ng mahabng oras kasi hinde naman siya nakakapagod db???? is yung french kiss....ewan ko wats the difference pero french kiis daw is yung t2t...sabi nga ng frend ko..or yung tongue to yung parang mahihigop ka na ata...or you suck each others tongue instead of yung lips lang.............this is done sa tingin ko before sex or during sex..yung your hormones is at its peak...kasi you wouldnt do it casually..pero yung iba ganun tlaga humalik...ano pa ba????so far yun lang ang alam ko....

ps.masarap part ng lovemaking(though i havent tried making love pa).........kappy kissing...MMMMMMMUUUUUAAAAHHHH

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


jologs???ano nga ba ang jologs???base from the movie "JOLOGS"

jologs- silang mga cool, liberated, at makatotoo sa sarili; may mga kakaibang pananaw at mga beliefs na handang panindigan at wala silang pakialam sa mundo

Base from the book "Last Order sa Penguin" by Chris Martinez,UP Press 2003,
Dyna, a rich,socialite and a jolog dating,cardle snatching l and a semi matrona, these are the qualifications of being a jologs or jologette(for girls)

a jolog is:
1. nagpapakaamboy pero hinde naman dahil wala silang accent.walang nose bridge at walng breeding
2.bumati sa radio at makipaglokohan sa dj
3.magpa color ng hair in three colors;blonde sa dulo,brown sa itna and black sa may roots
4.pastimes nila ay mambwisit; theyre genetically engineered to become a menace in the society,#1 heckler sa concert,sing along at sa sine. mga usisero,maingay at tkaw-trobol
5.sila yung mga hip-hop-hip-hopan at goth-gothan

jologette is:
1.physically bordering the kakatulungin stage, kaunti na lang
2.pangit ang skin,generally
3.mahilig sa pink lipstick
4.dumadating sa malate ng 10pm,ooredr ng 1 drink, tapos chichika ng buong magdamag.pag umiinom hinde nababawasan ang laman ng baso at aabot ng 3 am ang inorder na isang glass.tapos after that lasing kunwari eh isa lang nman ang nainom

so, if any of these qualifications of if your bordering on of these beware kasi baka papasakin na kayo sa kitchen.

these post is not meant to criticize or label anyone, im just relting what i have read.though sometimes,univetably, i posses one or more of these traits...hehehehe......thanks to ivy for the book...

Monday, January 24, 2005

GET INTO IT???!!!1

these condoms????last night me and my two bestfriends, mon and aby, decided to buy a condom...just for fun....its because the condom issue started when mon told us he has one..then theres a stagnated bill that states that every high school studenmt or i think 15 years old should be equipped with a condom..BUT, it means or indirectly, because of the bills concern to peoples health, it also encourages sex, its safe at least. im not against sex nor the use of these condoms but sometimes i can imagine how people will behave if sex is would be a CHAOS....really....for me all collge students should have one.just to be safe.we never know when will sex come..isnt it???its unexpected!as teenagers whose hormones are overflowing and waiting to erupt, we must keep in mind that safe sex is a should be responsible enough to take care of your precious health or worse get pregnant or makabuntis.tsk tsk tsk. im not pro these just on the side of safe sex, a responsible one..........also eventhough there are condoms to prevent unwanted incidents we must aslways put in mind that its better if you have sex with someone you love not just with anyone.thus,you are ready to take all the consequences that may result....gets mo ba??????post you commnets okay.... Posted by Hello

frenzy loco

frenzy.....the party condom????does that mean tht theyre encouraging teens to engage in safe sex????or is it just a marketing strategy??? Posted by Hello

Saturday, January 22, 2005

mixed editorial

the thing about cosmetic surgery,vanity and facial improvement had inflicted my mind long ago.since i was in high school i chose to look presentable,formal,groomed and tried to improve my look in every way i can do.then i entered college.things suddenly changed.i used to be vain before but it was just my own choice but now it's like i am required to be vain, obliged to follow the trends and be IN; not by wearing the latest clothes but by being presentable, always composed,looking smart and handsome.then i start getting tips on how to improve my looks from friends and from the people around me.BUT although im attached to being VAIN as what my friends labelled me, im still practical or should i say economical.

i had this friend,she is a she.we always talk about anything especially on improving the looks.she told me that she started spending bukcs for her facil treatments twoo years ago.her objective?to get rid of those pimples and to have a fairer skin.then she started visiting different dermatologists/clinics whenever the the former fails to to satisfy her. the just this aftrenoon, i saw her face with some big zits.i asked her why. she told me it was because of the crystal something that she had undergone through last friday.she went back to the clinic then asked the desk lady why it had resulted in to that.the lady told her that she has to apply certain medications to eradicate those zits.(she had bought lots of medicine like creams and tablets before and tried lamost everything).she told us what the lady told her.we were shocked!theyre just sipping money form her.they would ask her to buy those things, telling her different benefits and miracles.we told her to stop meddling with her body's natural was just her body excreting toxins out of her.let it pass naturally without interferring/preventin or blocking what is supposed to happen.i just hoped that she listened to us.

LOOKS: the basis of a relationship
looks???its very is the external manifestation of our insights and thought someth\imes is what people looked at us and it is what we present to the society.some people are blessed with good looks,with assets; nose job done like nose,tantlizing eyes,kissable lips,rosy cheeks,jet black hair,towering height,
sexy body,fair skin,nice tan,pearly white teeth,long eyelashes or an overall good looks. but unfortunately there are also people who are not as lucky as the ones who has those great assets.but is its really the basis on how you choose your partner???

all of us for sure wants to have a perfect partner.someone who is msart,cool,understnding and of course good looking.sometimes we even set standards for our partner.but what if you liked someone but he is not that good looikng?i mean youre not on the same level of beauty.would you go for that person or lean back for the sake of not being criticise?is it really love that you feel or just infatuation?it is not bad too look for someone who has the same level of beauty like yours but to sacrifice your true feelings is too much. but i cant blame them. its natural for us to find someone who is presentable, someone you can be proud "hey guys this is my fiance" and would receive positive have a reputation of being so bagay together.they complement each other or they they were meant to be.

have you seen couples who are not at the same level of good lookingness????like the girl is so pretty and the guy is like a ta
mbay?????or the guy would be a heartthrob and the girl has this pimple infested face???or someone who is so opposite that you wouldnt actually imagine them being together????it is not their fault!!!!!it is destiny that approves the togetherness of two is IT that makes things complicated and gives things a twist.a big twist. but in fairness to those who were deprived of good looks, they sometimes are the ones who perseveres and has the true feelings.unadulterated by others and a constant love.

so to end this talk:unfortunately i dont know how to make a good conclusion.

comments are welcome at the tagboard.

Thursday, January 20, 2005


yesterday, me ivy elisha and critel palnned to met up @ jollibee, walter mart at 830 am.but when i arrived there no one was there instead i saw dianalyn at i went to mcdo and joined her.then she told me about tehri previuos plan on going to sm manila with madel,fritzy and juno.madels oing to meet with her ex, i think.then just a couple of minutes earlier madel told me to read her post at her it goes:

ei...hmmmnn!!!i can feel that it's been a long tym since i post some stuffs here in my blog!!harhr.hmmmnnn...i..i got to share this 'ta ya!! me and vince finally met up at sm manila...jan. 19, 2005..wednesday!! so happy..of course suot ko nnman ang aking lucky na chinese collar n blouse!!!hehe..hmmnnn...xa nmn nka pantera na shirt &pants..tpos un..we watchd a movie..WHITE NOISE!!! tpos un..we playes
bingo!!! sayang nga eh!!! lapit nkmi mnalo..kya lng may mas nauuna smin!!! but its fyn as long as ksama ko xa..grabe!!i really enjoyed d tyms we've spent 2gether..i gave him 3 cards nga nilagyan ko ng ddication while were watchin a movie.hmmmnn..grabe..we almost kissed at the cinema!!! :) yakap nya me..ykap ko xa..he plaed his head on my shouldrs..he ws holdin my hand..he's holdin my legs..gosh!! i've never felt such this feelin before! i can't explain it!! only him gives me this kinda feelin'!!hmmmnn..of course may mga atribida s eksena!! un bakla s may bingo mukang type xa!!pro nktngin ako, mjo move backward ang bruha!! hehe..and nga pla..nsa quantum dn kmi..nglaro lng kmi ng games!!hnggang s ngsawa dhl skit n kmay nmin!!haaayyy..muntik p mwala ang fon q!!buti nlng nkita ko p dun s wlang hiyang mamang yun!!! un..c vince ang humawak ng cp ko d hul day..haaayayy!! kelan kya ult kmi mgkkta!!? i hope before valentines day mgkta kmi or few days aftr mn lng..ano kya mgndang gft!!? nkalimutan nmin mgpapicture!! hmmnnn..&mg internet!!haaayyy..kulang tlga ang tym!!!hnatid nya us s jeep papuntang san juan de dios kung saan mg iinquire un isa kong friend n c diana lyn!!thanks 2her dhl xa ang isa s mga dhilan hu make this hul thing possible!!dhl kung wla akong ksma!!!d ako m22loy noh!!!thanks 2fritzie and juno dn pla!!! kht npgod naubos ang money!!!at least u saw vince, db!? renzy and 2 all BSN 17.. sayang nlng at d nyo xa nkita!!!haha..anyways..un!!gotta go now!! il tl you my story next tym!! ei..meron nga plng stuff toy n nkuha c vince s quantum..dun s may dream palace b un!!? and preho kmi eh!! mejo prang luma nga lang un stuff toy!! ac2ualy, duck xa eh!! na una nming tnawag n bsura,, tpos rubber duckie. muka nga ung panghilod eh!! keep ko prn un!!preho kmi may gnun eh!!haaayyy..hmmnnn...i wanna b with him again..i want the clock to stop.. i want the time to stand still wenever im w/him.. i still love you vince..i know you kmow dt..wag kna mtakot..d nko ppdala s mga cnasabi ng iba.. i love you!! happy valentines!! ;) this kiss is exclusive for ya!!muaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! i love you!!! i love you! i love you!!il do everythin wag lng tyo pghwalayin uli..hope ul do d same thin' 2.always take care of urself!! vince kissed me aftr we part our ways..he askd me f wer? so i said s cheeks..xmpre!! nsa public place kmi noh!! and besides..d pnman kmi uli!! mutual understanding lng lhat!!i dnt know..well c what'll happen next!! jus keep on visitin' my blog guys!! love ya all!! :) ciao

hay naku!!!it was so romantic.kakaingit,though it is a sin to envy others i cant help it.they were having a romantic time together and im here getting myself busy with schoolworks and having no time for LOVELIFE. im making an effort naman to find the right person but still no effect in return.why is it like that?????

while i was reflecting on what happend today before i go up after my siesta, i thought of something:JENNY, my ex girlfriend.i was thinking of asking her to the movies doing what couples do and having a fun,romantic and a memorable time.although hinde na kami i know that pwede ba din yun kasi were friends naman eh.oh tapos this radio of my yaya played the song TORETE, which was my self proclaimed teamsong to her.i was really feeling so weird that time.thinking if i should reconcile with her and be together again or should i just enjoy being single????(SIGH)i still love jenny??????or should i just wait for the right person to come and just enjoy being unattached?????plz post you comments on the tagboard......

Saturday, January 15, 2005

whoa!!!!dats our recollection pic,,,,at the oasis of prayer.....we had a nice day out der....VIVA BSN17....... Posted by Hello

family pic

dats me and my insans last 25th........theres naba,mom,james,epoy in blue,bea,dylan,geo,gwen,denis.cheska,tita pie with ariel,drew,gaile, and me of course JOT Posted by Hello

PRESENTING THE "STOCKUPS"......tin,cristel,tisha,ivy,anjh,lexi,jot,majei and elisha(the one taking the picture)..........its their house...were kinda oily coz we just played ball....thanks elisha!!!!!!!!!i love you guys....  Posted by Hello

its me and lexi...taken at tagaytay.....elishas house after we had a coffee at satrbucks.... Posted by Hello

its me and mah frend tisha.....we took this pic to make someone jelous....... Posted by Hello

mah bestfrends in highschool......its me,mon and abby...i miz u guys... Posted by Hello

Monday, January 10, 2005

a day at the gym

after out tiring and fun ballroom dance pe class we had out boring yet fun eng class...then i heard joanne talks about their plans of oing to d' nearby gym after here i was excited and nervous presented myself to be one of them.....yehey!!!!
at the gym:

we arrived there at 230 i think then registered warmed u at the bike machine and the ladder climber..after 15 mns we each had a pole and layed it on our upper back and did the was me mark and joanne then when val and lexi arrived,they had a group meeting so they were not able to make sabay with us.then we did the warm up again like what we are doing during pe class.after the stretching the hard part begun......................................first work out:you lay on the bench press and lift it up with your arms straight forward and lower it down to your chest and repeat it...we were instructed to do three sets of each work out twelve counts with 30 seconds interval in each was kinda heavy but i managed to finished it with numb rms...hehehehe..then we rested and did the military press....thats similar to the first one but you do it while sitting and raising the barbel upward after it we did the shoulder rotation....with a hold dumbels on both hands while rotating your shoulders...its also tough..i thought i was gonna have a MUSCLE BREAKDOWN(is there such thing in the first place???) then we did the shoulder with raise your hand holding the weights then bend it forming a triangle onto your opposite shoulder....aaaahhhh....its hard....i started to experince muscle pain....then we did the exercise for lower sit of\n a bench and lift the weights using you feet.....then we did the lie on your back version of it......afetr t we did some sit ups, two sets of it with two different variations and did the gymnanst thing...............your arms are suported by this platform then you'll lift you legs up until your on a fetal position then lower it again......THATS MY FAVORITE........i was so numb tired by that time......then after it we did the stand on a circualr platform and twist........its the machine version of tummy twister....after it.....AT LAST WERE DONE....IM SO TIRED NA.....actually nanganglay na yung arms ko.....pero gus2 ko pa magshare.......well that my gym experince...we are plnning to go back i think on wed or next monday again........

Saturday, January 08, 2005

i love this girl.....she looks good and sings well/..unfortunately....they said shes an airhead....but i think she's so chiq....go jessica....i love thier reality show the shows her bratness and bitchness...... Posted by Hello

i love this girl.....she looks good and sings well/..unfortunately....they said shes an airhead....but i think she's so chiq....go jessica....i love thier reality show the shows her bratness and bitchness...... Posted by Hello

Friday, January 07, 2005

friday madness!!!!!!!!!!!!

gggrrrr.....i hate fridays......why?????
these are the vlid reasons:
1.history sucks!!!!but ironically history was my favorite subject when i was in high skul...
2.i always get tired of sittin for three hours in that history class
3.the chem class of ms baby also sucks.......why does she treats us as"say it again all together...blah blha blha......
4.its a DEAD hour........and because it is a .........we tend to get sleepy and tired.......

tapos...hay naku,....i just finished editing my blog..whew.....hirap ha........kanina kasabay ko si dianna sa jip.....tapos yaun kwento ng konti......then im gonna make tambay na after dis...bye....

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

love at kelan kayA????????????

i had a chance of browsing the pretty blogs of people on my network.....i tried to change my template but i dont know how it i told you b4 its my bday yesterday......then my friends here gathered at our house and went tambay while eating,rochelle aka mauigrl,abloy aka b2k,janine aka yumei,aye aka pya ate jane, yayie and jojo aka pintazero...we were chatt8ing sa tv and having fun when suddenly juin aka showtime texted me at greeting me happy bday...he saw our msg sa chatrum kaya yun..then he told me things like sorry sa inyong magpipinsan.....i have no idea on whats going on..tapos someone blurted out that janine and juin had broke up just last night..........i was shocked..........then here is pintasero????>>>>>>>>>>>>then he confessed about his problem about janine....tapos after we hatid hatid pintas eh we wemnt strolling pa to look for loading centers kaso ts already closed na...hello!!!!??????thats 100 pm probinsya pa ng onti e2 noh....bask to the ko kay juin f u want to tok ounta ka na lng d2...tapos he asked me kung nandun pa yung tropa sabi ko wala na....tapos yun we talked.....iabng juin yung kanita ko.....sincere siya of whats he's saying i think.....tapos.....parang naiiyak na cya pero inde niya lang ginagawa.....bsta i was touched by his story..........kay janine naman di ko p cia nakakausap.maybe later...tapos aftyer that i went inside then texted juno......ayun tired of w8ng na daw siy for his destioned 1...hehehehe.....ako din eh...kelan kaya????

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yahoo!!!its my 17th bday today......may kbdei ako c anjh......i treated my friends at kfc kaninang lunch...they were majei,anjh,lexi,tin,ivy,tisha, and crsitel..........then they bought us a cake...its like a real party.they were singnin the happy bday song until we blew the candles......i love you guys.... Posted by Hello