Saturday, July 23, 2005


Are you proud to be a Filipino??? Yes I am!!
I just wanna laugh on what I just said, its really on the contrary on what is happening now, Its indirectly saying that I'm proud to be one of the people who is being lead by a president being asked to resign by the people who voted for her, in the first place.
Let's admit it; our political situation had always been like this. We put someone in the throne, and then ask them to resign immediately, be hostile if they ignore our commands. Hostile??? Yes, just look at those rally people who every now and then walks in the streets of EDSA and makati and everywhere else, asking someone to do something and be violent against the police force when not heard.
But political prodigies give us the option on changing the government, CHA CHA!!!!! These are the options they're giving us that we likewise rejected. I think chacha is good. Having a parliamentary government is what the people want, based on they're actions.

Anyway, back on being a Filipino. Yes, I'm proud of our heritage, colorful and blood stained past, I'm proud to be a Filipino. I'm proud of the pinoys who did well but was ignored by our own govt. hahahahaha…. I just wanna laugh…Have you notice that whenever someone becomes famous in they're career, and they have at least a drop of pinoy blood the country would surely publicized that person around the archipelago….but they didn’t help that person in the first place…that my point my dear bloggers. Why is it that our country or at least the government doesn’t want to spend even a centavo in cultivating the pinoys skills and talents but they will always be giving you the attention when you MADE IT out of your own????? Promoting self reliance??? I don’t think so.. Promoting independence??? Likwise.

.i dunno, I guess the government will always be like this unless someone will turn the rudder in a different direction.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

my phone broke

last sunday, while walking to the jeepney terminal, i was texting and then suddenly my phone, samsung v200 went white. i dont know why. but when i arrived home, i tried to turn it on again and it work, fortunately, but just the other day, it went completely white and stop working..........................................conclusion is i dont have a cellphone right now..poor me...but i think my dad would give me a new one...

a week of ....hhhmmm???

its been a week since my last post. i checked my blog always for comments but just had a hard time making time for my posting. thanks to those who keep on visting my blog, im also visiting yours from time to time.

this is just the same as the former weeks. i studied, studied and studied. last thursdaywe had our skeleton practical exam. its kinda weird looking at those human bones.hehehe. but i really enjoyed it.

i have been moody this week, switching moods from happy to silent type. i dont know why. i even joked the stuckups that i dont want stupid people in my sight.

anyway, we had our health care exam. i studied very hard for it. but when i was taking the test i didnt know the answer to 3 numbers, i remember, i felt really depressed after it. you the feeling of unsatisfaction???? the feeling of "panghihinayang"???? i asked myself why it happened??? i did everything for it. i prepared for it so much, but still i commited mistakes. im not against my mistakes, what im against is why our efforts doesnt pay off???? this is such an unfair world. but i just keep on praying for clarity of mind and strength to study.....

Monday, July 04, 2005

no no no

i really dunno what am i going to blog about, but im here on our lib. we had our health care this morning and also after this. had my blood extracted for my hepatitis b screening, just ate at mcdonalds, juno and i were writing thoughts this morning, he was telling how he feels about fem and sorts. i just laughed and teased him more.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

crusader's night

it was "crusader's night" last night. it is the DLS-HSC (de la salle- health science campus) first get together. FYI, the colleges that belongs to hsc are CNM, CPT, CMRT and CM. the banners, flyers and posters promised bands and music and a lot of fun, including the host MIKE CHAN AND HYUBS and the other girl also a CH5 host and MAYONNAISE.
we went their around 8 pm. it was raining still so we went inside angelo king bldg. stayed there for i think an hour or less then went outside when we heard the host start blabbing.
the performances are okay, some are boring, some sucks but some are really great.
finally it rained hard again....we went inside...then this chubby girl passed by us. i recognized her, she was one of mayo's members. she was the bassist. but i didnt realize it until the band was called. then it was their turn....


it was really noisy, i havent heard any of their songs except for JOPAY...they sung 5 songs, JOPAY the last.. there were people ion front slamming their bodies with each other.

just an added info:
DLSU taft- archers
DLSU dasma- patriots
DLS- hsc- crusaders