Saturday, April 19, 2008

gucci gang

i read about DJ Montano and Brian Gorell's issue at the Inquirer last week....then last wednesday, my friend told me she slept late because she watched the GUCCI GANG at youtube...i made a mental note to search for it when i go home...

there are two different sides of the story...the blog , it's brian's expose about DJ and the gang is of course of brian's side..and the side of DJ who says the opposite of course..

its just amusing to see people make a fuss about them, Gucci gang.. so what if they pretend to be elites and socialites? They have the means and the connections. So what if theyre the mainstays of embassy?? (lol..yo emba!) they can party!.. they came from luxurious families who brought them up to be like what?...

My point is, we live life the way we want as others..we criticize and praise others and so are why bother about the lifestyle of others if we have our own life to mind?


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

memory traces

in our life, it is not uncommon to experience ambivalence towards others and just stick to one person with all your heart and mind. you know the feeling of satisfaction and glee even though your not committed to each other? (btw, your an ex couple, but still act like one after 6 months since the breakup). it is weird i know, but we are just humans..we fall and hold on...we realize and move on..but as psychologists says, experiences makes memory traces in our brain, thus, we dont forget conmpletely.