Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sunday, December 28, 2008

who are you after 2008?

this 2008,

i was a senior, i am 20, i am a de la salle graduate, a la sallian RN, a board passer, i was a cell center rep, i am resolutions expert, i am hired, i was a bum for 10 days....these are just some of the most significant events in my life this year....

but who will i be after 2008? who are you after 2008??

Saturday, November 22, 2008

pursuit of happpiness

Once or twice or should I say oftentimes, we contemplate, we think and we ponder if we are happy on whatever is happening or doing at the moment. But what are we willing to pay for or do for in the pursuit of it?

Last week, me and anj, my supposedly “sugar prohibited” friend enjoyed ourselves with starbuck’s OH SO YUMMY OREO CHEESECAKE!..This is happiness I told myself.. every bite.. every bit of it is so delicious. It is like eating heaven. I know I’m over exaggerating but I’m such a lover of sweets especially cheesecakes. My favorites!! Filling your tummy with yummy food. Spoiling your tongue with things you crave for is the best.

To be with the one you love. To speak. To flirt. To laugh. To cry and to build things is nonetheless happiness as well. One can never explain how this works, how you can get attached, to feel that something that the world can only describe to the most as “LOVE”. Words are not enough I may say.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

time runs fast..

10 days after the raging board exam, we applied for a job. a call center job. thinking that i would only last for 6 months, but i was wrong. i know i havent been there for 6 months yet but i think i would last longer. im really enjoying it.. halloween have past...columbus day have its nearing christmas and hhhmmm..maybe a couple of hundred of calls later then its gonna be christmas already. im now anitcipating of spending christmas and new years eve inside the floor..haha...heres anj, tl kristen and me goofing around last 31st..

Sunday, October 12, 2008

kuya, payag ka ba na ituro ang sex ed sa classes?

my sister asked me "kuya, payag ka ba na ituro ang sex ed sa classes?" i answered, "oo naman, bakit ayaw mo ba makipagsex?!"...i laughed...but this seemingly unimportant conversation is a big issue in the country. the reproductive health act, if thats what they call it or planning to call it, has been the talk of the town from news spreads, tele tubes and priests' homilies.

im a nurse. from the very beginning of my bachelors education, my eyes and mind and i would assume all my colleagues have the same mind set that we are here to promote health and we dont have any problem or rejection with contraceptions and sex education otherwise we would not have passed. so all this time, we were made and cultivated to propagate sex ed and related areas to anyone who want to learn. then there is this bill, legalizing what we, health care workers have been doing for the past centuries. whats wrong with this? why cant just everyone accept it and just think of our overflowing population?

first issue: it is not the government who opposes this. it is the CHURCH who do so. the government should really approve this!..hello?! the budget for health and education is really low!..they want a first class economy, then they should control population growth first!..who wants to be called third world monkey? yes, our literacy rate is high and most of us can speak fluent english but the poverty rate is relatively high as well, as well as maternal death rate and abortion and teenage pregnancy and the list goes on.

2nd issue: it is against the teaching of the church. the constitution states that the separation of the church and the state should be inviolable. but thats why this bill walks like a snail because everyone is saying something about it. looking just the reliious part of it and not its future effects and impact to the nation.

i came from a catholic university. yes! from la salle where it is just common to see nuns or sisters or mothers as we call them and priests and former seminarians teaching in the academe. so we have a chapel in our campus. i heared the mass there like 3 weeks ago. so most of the people there are nurses, doctors, and people in the medical field. with the same education and knowledge and background re: sex educ and contraceptions. then after the mass, the priest told us not to support the repro health act, it is just against the church and the bible. im aware of the rivalry bw church and this law but i was just surprised, like sarcastically surprised when i heard father asking the NURSES, DOCTORS, NURSING AND MED STUDENTS AND MEDICAL PEOPLE not support hello?! this is our job, to promote and protect the health,haha..i know im being antichurch but im not. it is just ironic to ask the medical community not to support sex ed and contraception...

I SUPPORT THE REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH ACT. It is for me, for you and for my children. It is for all of us.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

i dont wish that life is a box of chocolates. i dont like inconsistency, unpredictable things and cluelessness of tomorrow. i lived my life planned and schedule. not being OA like i planned for the month, but basically i plan my whole week. i have been like this since then, if my mental notebook would be seen it would show lots of things that i plan minute by minute. i study by excat hours, or i used to study.hahaha..anyway, these past few months of my life, i learned to live by expecting things. not living on my planned life but living as if im anticipitating all sorts. this is very good. from my last entry, i had some psych dilemma, now i know hot to deal with it. learn to ANTICIPATE and expect, so that when that happens, you wont be as wounded as it would when you least expected it....and up to know i still havnmt registered for my license..

Sunday, September 07, 2008

how to deal?!

when i was in college and high school, i firmly believe that i can separate and keep my personal life and acdemics away from each other. i mean, whatever happens in my personal life, my acads would never get affected. separate life as they are, i thought i have been doing good dealing with them differently, until just recently, i experienced one interesting psychological mechanism. i had some problem with my love one just last week, its so painful but i chose to be understanding and forgiving on the other hand. i thought i dealt with it fine like how i deal with my other concerns, i admitted to myself that i got hurt, but being angry wont lead you to anything. so there i was, not mourning and being OA for that, going to work, taking calls, just being normal, just normal. and then the week went by, i started having palpitations with no apparent reason, started being nervous for no reason at all, getting restless without any reason and my QA scores failed....the QA asked me if i have any problems, i told her none, my TL asked me whats bothering me, i told here none, and then i came to realize that i might have one. i told her everything, i told anj, i might have exprienced repression, the conscious denila nd hiding of painful experiences, but i said, i was not aware that i have one nor did i deny and pain im feeling. so it was suppression, unconscious hiding of it, and then psychosomatization for my physical symptoms. i was dead scared! what i did, i drank! drunk!!..threw up and tried to deal with it normally!..the good thing is, im busy so i wont be stucked up with pain that i thought should not be there. im now okay. we are now okay. everything should turn out well already.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


It was not too long ago when the mere idea of being a call center agent crossed my mind and was battled with the stereotype perception of the public about them. Actually, I wanted to be one just to collect plenty of clothes for partying and going out, also, I always thought that I look good or to make it less boastful I look decent with business attires. So I with Tin and Anj armed with lots of resumes went to Alabang to try our luck on being employed. I always thought that being one is just easy, you get hired, get orientated for some time and take in calls after, that your sole purpose is to answer calls and help the customers, you do this every night, be a vampire, miss the fun and get your generous salary after. But I was wrong! Completely wrong. Like all other jobs out there, you first need to undergo strict training before they send you to the floors, and that’s approximately 4-6 weeks of basic, specific and advance training, but the good things is you get paid even when you’re not taking in calls yet. So basically, you get paid while listening to the company’s policies on the first few weeks, but get trained with the graveyard shift while still training on the next weeks. The stereotyped CSR job is far from reality. Yes, unfortunately speaking, you just need your good communication skills and rapport without any educational background needed to be hired. Like what I see, people there are heterogeneous, from fresh graduates like us, to professionals, teachers, old experienced men and women, college undergraduates and so many more from different fields. So what are you waiting for??...Apply now..haha.. I’ll be more glad to refer you…lol.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

lost writer

When was the last time you read the Sunday broadsheets? I came from a family of avid newspaper readers. My lolo would always have his daily news as he eats pandesal over a cup of coffee, criticizing the government and posting remarks and its implications to the nation. My uncles and dad brings those reading materials as they do number 2. I, on the other hand follows my favorite writers and columns as they write and talk about interest topics and life stories. My favorite Sunday broadsheet is the Philippine Star and the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Before we used to have only the Star delivered to us but due to my discontentment, I asked my mom to have the PDI delivered as well.
Today’s, June 8, 2008, news talked about different issues as usual but one issue keeps on being on everyone’s columns, the gay, same sex, homosexual and marriage cliché. So long have the world fought for the rights of different groups and so long have they appealed in the legal department of every nation to approve equality of rights. The California government just recently approved same sex marriage, Ellen and her girlfriend tied their knots already!! but the law making body is again making a petition to abolish it. I don’t care, I said. In one column that features letters of advice from readers, a letter from a soon to be married gay man ask if he has to tell his girlfriend about his true sexuality. The truth will set you free said the writer! It’s not the exact words but after how many paragraphs, it’s the bottom-line. Then there is this column about RULES inside the university campuses. One UP rep said, “over at UP….the very idea that we have rules is considered offensive to many students.” Instead of using the word “bawal” which is nowhere to be seen, they use the word “masama” instead. I dreamed of becoming a scholar, a UP student during my high school days and up until now wishes to continue medicine in UP but failed to utter any comments about this. In La Salle, rules are everywhere. In the De La Salle-Health Sciences Institute, where medicine, nursing, PT, midwifery and RT students spend their hospital bounded education, rules are every students identity. In the College of Nursing and Midwifery, ladies are required to have their hair made into a bun whenever they go the school, nails should be kept free from polishes and ears without earrings. Gentlemen are required to have their hair kept clean, earrings free from bling blings and white shoes polished everytime. Slippers like ipanema and havaianas were not allowed so as shorts, sandos and spag straps. Although these rules are to be followed strictly, most often than not, we find it entertaining not to follow. I remember wearing just my briefs instead of boxer shorts during our duty, comparing printed colored undies with my group mates while smacking each other’s butts. But rules are made to make distinctions from others. They were made for order and conformity of a community, thus making them responsible but sometimes rebellious. In those two broadsheets that I said, two different writers wrote in each columns why they blog. I almost thought that they are one. I’m still not sure, though, but I find it intriguing.
Newspapers are the window to reality. They give readers snapshots and headlines, the tip of an iceberg they always say, because the exciting part on an event is just what is featured, however the interesting part is still for you to uncover.

Monday, June 02, 2008


It was four years ago when I first stepped into college life, excited and anxious just like any other fresh high school grad I walked through the roads of La Salle, feeling its fresh air courtesy of the numerous big trees that sends a feeling of being a character in those koreanovelas where Autumn leaves fall and are scattered all over, unfortunate if you were hit by a falling branch causing minor injuries on your beloved hairdo, feeling deprived of the luxuries of being an upper year nursing student where they stay on air-conditioned classrooms and are exposed on the ambiance of the hospital setting all year round. Anyway, freshman year ended with very little discomfort and brain injury….toot toot toot toot……..3 years after here am I now, with a degree BSN, waiting for something that will dictate my future and a BUM!... But being active and can’t tolerate inactivity for such a long time, I decided to deviate from my line of career and try the call center world. Hahaha…. So am I ready??... I am not.. I lived my school life without having to commute to school and without suffering the hardships of getting into a jeepney or a bus, I learned to cross the highway when I went into college, I learned to commute very well on my first year but still unsure of my commuting skills up until now.. I often ask my mom for instructions about stuff, she got my birth certificate although I was the one who got my cedula and…and what else?..hahaha.. My resume does not have any job experience that I can be proud of, does not have any major company to be my credential… It is just a one-page description of my demographics and my educational background edited to fit a call center job instead of a nurse. Many people try so hard to get a job, I heard and I saw.. but I don’t know the reality. As they say, to see is to believe or should I say, to experience is to believe.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

gucci gang

i read about DJ Montano and Brian Gorell's issue at the Inquirer last week....then last wednesday, my friend told me she slept late because she watched the GUCCI GANG at youtube...i made a mental note to search for it when i go home...

there are two different sides of the story...the blog , it's brian's expose about DJ and the gang is of course of brian's side..and the side of DJ who says the opposite of course..

its just amusing to see people make a fuss about them, Gucci gang.. so what if they pretend to be elites and socialites? They have the means and the connections. So what if theyre the mainstays of embassy?? (lol..yo emba!) they can party!.. they came from luxurious families who brought them up to be like what?...

My point is, we live life the way we want as others..we criticize and praise others and so are why bother about the lifestyle of others if we have our own life to mind?


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

memory traces

in our life, it is not uncommon to experience ambivalence towards others and just stick to one person with all your heart and mind. you know the feeling of satisfaction and glee even though your not committed to each other? (btw, your an ex couple, but still act like one after 6 months since the breakup). it is weird i know, but we are just humans..we fall and hold on...we realize and move on..but as psychologists says, experiences makes memory traces in our brain, thus, we dont forget conmpletely.

Monday, March 17, 2008

university statue speak for themselves

i saw this photo of the oblation statue with the banner that says "OUSTGMA" in it...
i just wonder how the lasallian brothers would react if every statue of St. La Salle would wear the same banner..hehe

Friday, March 14, 2008

a tribute to forever

It was two years ago (4 semesters and 2 summers) when 10 utterly different souls were destined to form the "BITCHES". It was summer of 2006, after the passing the the torturous qualifying exam and overcoming anatomy and microbiology when these people were grouped by the infamous BARLIS for their history of nursing, unknowingly, they were to spend the rest of their college life together. They barely knew each other, coming from different sections and group of friends, they never realize that these people would be the accomplices of their happiness and sorrow. Their junior year came and they discovered the hard truth, they would form an RLE group. At first like all other newborn group, chaos took place, unfriendliness was the denominator and bonding is not known. They always talk about each other at the back of that person, from getting pooped in their fabella duty to the mmdst taking in the community. More duties came and still, the bonding is not seen. Until their 1400 duty with FOJAS that they realized that they are gonna be the bitches. The bridge served as their ground for brain damaging soapie for beginners and stage for their hidden singing talents. Their theme song that time was i foprgot what it is, but its tony gonzaga's song, and all their might they reach the high notes. From then on, the bithes bonded for countless requirements and sleepless afternoons. They danced after a night of drinking, enjoyed the exclusivity of their dorm sessions and teased after getting drunk. They branded each other with codenames such as elephants and bitches, each having a distinct quality that portrays their codename. Fighting and bitching is nothing but normal, i think they are still adjusting, but in the end, they proved each other worng. They can be a good and a foreverlasting group. They can shine and would shine. All of them are cam whores. The photos taken are their memories of each other. One of their accomplishments is producing a simple movie, "The physician in spite of himself". The schedule was tough, times were counted and energies are weak, they managed to aced the short skit. More bonding times came...they went to the beach...discovered secrets...and prayed to their patron, OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE. It is common for them to pray to the lady when they need something, from getting thgeir professors' karma, to simple things to getting their duty cancelled, they all prayed to her. They fought and bitched each other but before the day ends, it is resolved. They love to sing and dance, they had videos and photos in action. Vanity is the group's favorite. They all have there own share of vanity and gossips..One of them left for the states, they missed here but life has to o one so they just spend the nostalgic times talking about her.
The relationship that was formed is utterly long lasting. They may not see each other that often ike beofre and would not see each other as often like before, they know in each others hearts and minds that the BITCHES would always be the BITCHES and even though they leave lasalle, their roots would be the foundation of their deep friendship. xoxo love elephant

Sunday, March 02, 2008

stuckups ASCEND-ing

who said good boys don't flirt??
drink up ladies and gentleman!


pre party looks...who said these girls aren't hot nurses?

only thorn among the luscious roses.
club ascend.
saturday night after your finals week of your last semester of college is to die for!
went to ascend with the stuckups...too bad not all of us where there..but anyway, the party has to be enjoyed...had yah stuckies!

Friday, February 29, 2008

trapped in the past

a glimpse of the historic past of san lazaro walls and the vibrant and lively present generation.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

grey's anatomy LA SALLE VERSION

this pose is never planned.but we always wear those face masks...we always hang out at the triage area whenever we are not busy..our professor saw us in this formation and laughed and took our picture...

Saturday, February 02, 2008


i miss the weekends where we watch a movie...sleep together...cuddle and talk....
i miss the sleepless night where we talk until we fall asleep...
i miss everything,...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

moving on

there are times in our life where we have to step into the next step of the the present and treat the past as our teacher...go on with our lives and be a better person..thank that once in our lives we lived that moment...thus, it is moving on..

i am writing this to let go of my bitternes. we all know that it is inevitbale but with our maturity and realization we will get over it. breath and out...imagine all those negativities going away..

im not bitter..not grateful things happen to grateful i knew people..but i with this comes risks of regret and anticipations of happines..either way, we must be thankful.