Saturday, January 14, 2006

isang pagpugay sa mga nagdadamit.

Retrospectively speaking, I have suffered being a goldfish in an aquarium meticulously being criticized by acclaimed chauvinist and being extolled upon by fashion victims. It is two semesters of once a week fashion dilemma where I need to decide what to wear, what accessory to use to accentuate my outfit and what hairstyle would suite my that day fashion statement. For all the college students out there, I would assume that you all know what I'm talking about, the so called "wash day" as what our university calls it.

The wash day of every school is every stylish persons dream day. It is their only time to show how trendy they are, how flamboyant they could get and how stylish they could get. As a college sophie, who belongs to a strict and uniform-loving college, I have the privilege of being a fashion critic to all those pretentious people who feels like they were walking in the catwalk, legs are crossing, soles are barely touching the ground and has the irritating chauvinist aura. They are everywhere, the fashionistas and the acclaimed ones. The former, being elegant, simple yet stylish, the so called chic, sublime, well fitted, and was lucky they came up with an impressive outfit and the later being super confident in flaunting there mismatched tops and bottoms. I'm not being so critical and projecting my fashion flaws to them but is so happen that I don’t get to wear civilian clothes during Wednesdays, uniforms are worn whenever we go to school, even during Saturdays, that’s what health sciences student do. So, there we are, just being the usual uniform wearers, enjoying the criticism-free outfit and just enjoying the fashion scene of our school.

Pedals plus sketchers rubber shoes?? Not a good idea…So freshie as they call it…What about those that wear elephant pants??? Duh!!..During the time when it became a fad among teenagers, I never dreamed of having one. I never had one. I always stick to the usual ones. But I admit, there is this time of my life where I thought that big shirts are cool..Now I'm regretting why I wore those…is it really part of your life to suffer those?? Then there's this girl in PE class that we saw last time. PE class plus dangling earrings?? Yeah, it looks good I your ears but hello??!! Do you want your ears lacerated? Maybe. Bohemian looks or whatever they call it...Cool, free flowing long or short skirts with cool designs paired with simple spandex blouse accentuated with beads on your neck or wrists..I find it very conservative yet trendy but what dismays me is their footwear. You have to be very careful in choosing what slippers or sandals to match your outfit otherwise it may ruin the total package. I can't describe how they look like but I just don’t find it very pleasing.

Fashion requires money, regardless of what amount, small or big. Admit it, we all use money to buy our clothes and accessories. We buy from the tiangges and boutiques, rue d'vie or malls, wherever we shop we all need money. Spending money for fashion is everyone's gusto but sometimes we spend so much that we are being victims of it. How do we look at someone? A walking price tag? Or a perfect combination of economic buys? It is not always right to think that those expensive clothes are better, sometimes those that we can buy in a cheaper price proves to be more fashionable and versatile. Fashion drains our ability to participate in the world market. It disables us to buy necessary goods but who doesn’t want a new shirt?

The bottom line is, fashion is a broad spectrum of diversities that makes of breaks a person. We all are fashion victims sometime in our life, but everyday we always think that we are one of the most gorgeous people alive. Long live jologs! Long live the fashionistas at feeling fashionistas! Mabuhay ang mga manang at tatang! Mabuhay tayong lahat na nagdadamit!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

usapang kaPIZZAhan

at this point of time, i dont know what to blog about..many things are flying in my mind..thoughts are wandering..words are forming and yet i cant come up with a composition....pero dahil ako ay isang bloggista ay magpopost ako no matter what...hahaha..

sige, magsusulat na lang ako tungkol sa PIZZA..yeah, our all time favorite merienda, courtesy of PIZZA HUT...kahapon, dahil kumpleto ang aking pamilya sa aming bahay, siyempre except sa daddy ko na nasa TSINA, nagorder sila ng PIZZA from PH...makalipas ang isang oras ng paghihintay, ayun, sa wakas dumating na din ang merienda namin..naligaw pa nga daw si manong delivery man..

ano nga ba ang pizza?? ang pizza ay isang klaseng ng baked dish..made from a mixture of dougha and other ingredients to make the crust then pinatungan ng mga toppings na pampasarap....ang masarap dito ay yung ibat ibang toppings sa ibabaw na umaapaw sa sarap...ang masarap sa kinain namin ay yung stuffed crust talga sa sarap yung cheese...ika nga, ur gonna eat it backwards..marami pang ibang variation. it all depends on your taste..masarap yung hawaiian na stuffed crust,..haha...obvious ba na yun yung inorder nila?? pati supreme masarap din..daming beef...eto pa mga pare...masarap ay yung may hot sauce.,.WOW sa anghang talaga..tapos sabay inow ng PEPSI..siyempre kasama siya dun..haha...

ikaw anong style ng pizza gusto mo????

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

it shouldnt be like this..

i dunno..but i just cant accept that my birthday would be like seems that i wasnt born today..damn!! i hate it...i dont know what got into my parents that they dont even take importance on being tempted to compare my bday to my ate's.....yeah yeah i know..but hello....shit!! promising that my sons and daughters birthday wouldnt be like would be a day so special that they would remember it the whole year and treasure it all their life..