Thursday, January 15, 2009

real life movie story

have you ever experienced knwoing someone you dont really know?

haha...i know its quite confusing..but its like thought that you know someone inside and out have been talking for like a year already and you know everything about that person, but the catch is you havent met only with pictures. so you fell in love, seriously and depply in love. you know the family, friends. etc etc etc. you have been planning on meeting together and when that time arrives BOOM! no sign of that person only the friends. many excuses came up and you got fed up and broke up. but then the friends said that the JOHN DOE of your life told them to take care of you. so you got kilig kilig and touched! went out with the friends and still no sign of that person. morning came. your john doe texted and you called. you begged for you to meet but no sign again. then suddenly that person told you that you were together all night long...KABOOM!! imagine you shock!