Saturday, December 31, 2005

why is it easy to fall in love???

when we were younger,
we brag about how hard to write the ABC's
how hard to study those mathematics but now,
I ask myself why is it easy to fall in love?
the substantial things that we need to learn,
those foundations that we need to build,
it seems so hard to achieve but
why do i fall in love so easily?
with just a mere overnight conversation,
creates an eternal and everlasting connection.
i always feel the same way again and again
getting attached with all the risks.
i am so vulnerable,
i admit it and im trying my best to deal with it.
but how come love seems so easy for me,
that it breaks my heart instantly like how it appeared to me.
love love love, for people it seems so complicated.
but i feel the opposite way around.
i easily fall in love, i easily give my heart away.
i cried for love, the uncertainty of its moves.
how it plays my blood and heart to the bowels of my soul.
how it conjures my doors to open wide
just to give me its false promise.
why is it easy to fall in love?
why why why?

Friday, December 30, 2005

sinag ng nakaraang taon

(its quite long, so just bear with me and forgive me for my typos and unevitable grammar errors...)every year, before the year ends, we always ponder about the things that had happened in the former year...realizing that time passed easily and things happened rapidly is a know when you are still on that situation, we always brag about time being slow and how we wanted to speed things up but later on we would realize that things really did happened so fast..not literally of course but weve been so preoccupied by stuff that we barely noticed how things are developing.

ito ay ilan sa mga SINAG ng aking 2005...

1. unang una ay ang aking pagiging 2nd year sa kolehiyo bilang isang nursing student..ito ay isang SINAG dahil dito ko na kukunin and subject na HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY..ang isa sa mga foundations ng pagiging nursing student ko..whats so special about it??? MANY STUDENTS HAVE FAILED IT AND CRIED OVER IT..SPENT SLEEPLESS NIGHTS STUDYING AND WOULD JUST FLUNK THE TEN ITEM EXAM..AND MANY HAVE TRANSFERRED SCHOOLS OR SHIFTED COURSE JUST BECAUSE OF ANATOMY. (i might be exaggerating but its true.)

2. ang taong 2005 ay ang ton kung saan magsisipagdalga na ang aking mga kabatch!!..oo, theyre turning 18...or they have turned 18 already...before i got into college i asked myself why havent i been attending debuts and parties of my friends...then when i got into college na, i was shocked...almost every week may high school friends, college friends..mga family in!!! moms getting mad at me kasi i always ask for money so i could buy a gift and a new polo or whatever the attire is..but its fun socializing with the people..being with old friends...eating, dancing and hanging out afterwards...its fun being looked upon kasi quite prepared ka sa damit mo...and its fun celebrting their birthdays..

3. im now a most of my classmates i passed swimming with flying colors....i thought that swimming being a PE class would be hard..kasi nga lalampa lampa ako...heheh...but i was wrong..being in the water and getting tanned is one of my most enjoyable experience...i still have my tan lines most of my batchmates having tan lines marks your first sem of second year...and learning how to swim means learning how to cope up with life's waves..alam mo yun..we have swimming today and tomorrow would be our anatomy class...EFFORT talaga ang gagawain kasi nga swimming, although 2 hours lang is not easy..talagang PISIKALAN...heheh..i can still remember yung mga ginagawa ko nun..drink ng kung ano ano pa...hay naku..thank GOD im over them!!!

4. my brother in law died last was really shocking..i wont tlk about it that much..just read my entry about it...

5. i got a new cellphone...N6020....unfortunately, sira na naman balik mun aako sa V200 ko for a while...then i got an mp3 player rom dad..its cool that you can listen to 100 of your most fav songs but hassle and magastos kasi i have to buy batteries again and hello..bumuli daw ba nun araw araw..

6. before december came, we finally passed our first sem..the bad thing about it is that we were was like OH MY GOSH!!>..what would just happen to me pag naiwan ako ng mga kabarkada ko?? or pag ko lang magisa sa section na yun..patay na ako...we were really anxious and against it..kasi nga parang hello!!!..but in the end, we learned to accept and dealt with it..anyway, wala naman kaming magagwa kung hindi sumunod diba??? so ayun..from being 11 sections of 45 students we became ten of 35 students...36 in our was alphabetically chosen...parang count off..1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10...tapos ulit ulit.. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10..and i end up being in the BSN21...from bsn27..21 na ako....hay..i missed my classmates..but its quite an advantage i guess...kasi more friends and more connections..thats what we like..hehehe..and more kwentons...but friendship cant be broken by those reshuffing...hello..dugot pawis na ang connection niyo even though we dont get to see everyone else always..lagi naman nagkakaroon ng interaction sa pag may mga in..yung mga magkakasection dati ang magkakasama...

hay nako...ang bilis nga naman ng panahon ano???...dati they were worryin about the millineum bug, but where are we now???5 years and turning 6 from it...hindi natin mamamalayan year 3000 na..or in our case tpos na ang ating pag aaral....

Monday, December 26, 2005

is there a real SANTA CLAUS??

waking up in a Christmas morning, and seeing a toy in our stocking is every child's dream.

yes, christmas is generally for children!! those imaginary figures that the society and the world introduced to us is only for children isnt it?? or unless there is a real SANTA CLAUS?? all of you people who could read this now would agree, adults doesnt have a SANTA CLAUS..why??? whats so special about it that only children can have a SANTA CLAUS and us ADULTS will have to make them believe of the sad truth that ************..

ikaw do you believe in SANTA CLAUS???right now..not if you used to belive... but now...

oh, would always be complicated no matter how we make things easy..

satisfied????!!!!!! tracker?!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

a christmas tale(my christmas post)

It was the night two days before christmas, December 23rd five years after the millineum bug scared the world 2005, when the "Council of Legendary People" knew that SANTA CLAUS was diagnosed with acute tonsillitis due to the rampant dispersion of STREPTOCOCCUS bacteria in the north pole. Thus, he can't laugh in his usual christmas tone the all famous "HO HO HO, MERRY CHRISTMAS". It wouldn't just make any sense if he can't laugh with all his heart on that tone. We all know that it is one of the seasons most awaited things; eg. lights, christmas tree, gifts, angels. So there he was in his four pole bed covered with thick fur comforters suffering high fever with Mrs. Claus giving him a sponge bath and checking his temperature every hour. So the council, getting so much worried because it would be christmas eve tomorrow and all the presents for all the good boys and girls around he world are now ready to be delivered. SO the council called an emergency meeting with its members:

1. Mother Nature-has no permanent address but you can text her.
2. Father Time- can be found in every clock, 24/7
3. Easter Rabbit- found in the Netherlands
4. The Tooth Fairy- a guy with a tooth factory underground, all you have to do is stump your foot six hundred and ninety one times to call him
5. Cupid- can be seen just flying around hopeless couples

So there they were perusing the resumes of possible SANTA CLAUS this year. Then they found this one interesting boy named JOT. Hehehe.. Mother Nature found it and preented it to the council. Jot is a 17 year old boy, turing 18 on the 4th of January, a sophomore student of De La Salle University. He used to believe that there was really a Santa Claus until he was older that he assumed like everybody else that it was their parents who put gifts into their Christmas stockings. But really, he used to believe that there is this fat crazy man in red and white who travels around the world to give presents.
On the other hand, Jot who lives in the Philippines near the equator in the Tropic of Cancer was gazing in the heavens for no apparent reasons at all. He was getting crazy because of the nonstop carols of the children in the streets when he felt weird. He didnt hear any out of tune songs anymore, nor get distracted by the blinking of the light. He was sure that the time stopped. And yes he was correct. The council appeared before him with their great smiles, courtesy of the TOOTH FAIRY. Mother Nature explained to him what happened and was asking him a favor, to help the elves distribute the presents. Of, course not by him alone. So with glee and enthusiasm, he agreed and they went to the NORTH POLE, where he was asked to wear a trendy and coño cloak. Hehehe..He was totally amazed on the sight. It's not what the world have portrayed a Toy factory would be, its very magnificent and unbelievable. First there were train stations where elves come down carrying their bags and cases. Then a track of roping train tracks everywhere, speeding in the speed of light. Then as they go in, the factory was like an igloo, but so gigantic that king kong could live. It is made of glass and was decorated with colorful lights and trees around it. There were angels roaming around the air. Inside you could find sets of reindeers, all the same practcing their air stunts. Yes, Santa uses differnt sets every year..The set that wins the year's reindeer exhibition show gets to be with Santa on christmas eve. Then all the elves has a wand along with them, charming toys so that it would be very beautiful and pass the CHRISTMAS standards...Jot was nonchalantly being toured by the Council..Father Time as the tour guide..He was nonchalant as always..Then they arrive at Santa's office..a huge room with tellies all over..each for every kid aroubnd the there were millions of tellies all over. Ecah telly is monitored by an elf, each equipped with a parchment and a feather pen...North Pole is really techie, Jot thought..Then all of a sudden..They heard a loud knocking..He was so sure that it wasnt part of the north was breaking..tellies were breaking and everyone was panicking..and He heard jot jot!!! was her tita..ate maribel..leaving and saying goodbye..and he was awoken in his christmas dream...hehehe

Monday, December 19, 2005

"xonrox is better than acids or SLEEPING PILLS"

Image hosted by Photobucket.comi bought paulo coelho's VERONIKA DECIDES TO DIE yesterday..i was choosing between that book or the shopaholic and sister.......

how hard is it to be usual???to be mediocre?? to be simple?? to be conventional??? to be minute in this massive world??..we always say that we are just those simple guys etc etc...but then in our own hearts, we aim to be of a kind. we aim to make a name and shine in our own little way..i agree with veronika..its hard to be be predictable..its like nakakasawa na..but then i havent read the whole book yet so ill speak about it later...

Friday, December 16, 2005

night of moon and sugars!!

it was dlsu-hsc CONCERT FOR A CURE last night....the blitz club, which is composed of different bands supported it..there were 10 bands who performed before MOONSTAR** and SUGARFREE went on stage...first was MOONSTAR88..oh gosh..the vocalist was so pretty...she really sang very well..and tell stories of the song's history....then it was SUGARFREE's turn..
Image hosted by
.. the vocalist...i think its eli or ebi or something like that was so down to earth...he is such a true pretentions on stage..he was so cool that while he is singing he went on the audience area and stood on the table, which is supposed to be a barricade..then sang the panday themesong..i was like..OH GOSH>>..abot kamay ang langit..heheh///he is just like 1foot far from us....and people were crowding our area..lucky us...heheh...after the exciting and rocking concert we went to starbucks, as usual to get some coffee..and frps for some..
Image hosted by
..i got a CAFE MOCHA...and after sipping our lavish caffeines we went outside and just goofed around....taking pictures of course and joking and telling stories and making fun with each other...then unfortunately the rain begun to fall and we end up inside the cars..we were in 3 cars..fritzie's, ivy's and patrick's..we were 17 or 16 i think..then went to 7 11..grab a bite...planned what to do next,,,planned going to batangas but it was too far then ended up cruising the tagaytay area..but fog was all around so we decided to leave tagaytay..went into a videoke resort and went home at 5am...o here i am now,.,24 hours awake, and still typing and moving..but i really want to sleep muah..

Monday, December 12, 2005


it was a night of excitement and full of nerves for the BIG 4. for uma, cass, jayson and nene..that night is the make or break night of their life...either they become 6 million worth of prizes richer or not...but the PINOYS have made up their minds and VOTED for NENE..the kumander as they say from romblon...i really like nene especially in the latter part of the series..shes so so mabait!! protective of her friends...i just cant stop admiring her when inaway niya si KUYA!.diba its so couragious to do that..its like risking your spot..but i hope nene would help her family..she said she would save half of the money in the bank..anyway..hail to nene and CONGRATULATIONS..
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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

"carry my bag" or ill "carry your bag"

of course, all of us have seen couples walking together in the mall, streets, schools...walking together holding hands or magkaakbayan aor just together..but ONE thing i notice always is that the guy BRINGS THE HANDBAG OF THE GIRL!!!..yeah..that small little thingy that has her kikay kit and stuff..that even a child could point is! why does HE have to carry HER SMALL BAG??!!.. yeah its a sign of gentlemanliness but i just thought that its super OA!!..ewan ko..but whenver i see couples like that i just say "OMG, ang bigat ng bag mo". isnt it too OA for a lady to let her man bring it?? diba you could carry it naman... i just dont find it cute..for others maybe but for me..its a TURNOFF. bringing your own stuff makes you look independent..not so attach to your BF..kaya nga you brought it, for your own not for HIM>..cguro pag ganun it would just be fair if the girls would carry OUR BACKPACKS while we carry your handbags.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

handaan wonder?!

whenever im in a party or a gathering that have, of course, a table full of succulent dishes, i always end up wondering why people try to get as much as they can and get all kinds in one for instance last saturday..i went into a debut and was so damn hungry after waiting for the dances and wishes to be said...i got a some food and went back to my table...then i saw these people, that tried to get all kinds..whats the point??? for the sake of getting a bite of all the dishes??? or "hello! its free, get as much as you can" not degrading those who do that but isnt it very improper to be?? isnt it that when people see you grab those delicious food at once, they might think that your being a glutton?? or being so excited of eating those?? or that youve never eaten in 7 days??? or so much more negative feedbacks..hhmm..its just that i always see the same scenario in every party i attend..even those that you expect to show finesse acts the way i talk people of the world try to be aware of what we do in social might make or totally BREAK US!!

Saturday, December 03, 2005


weekend.ohhh i love weekend....saturdays only...stuckups had a lunchdate today...we ate at mcdonalds....tyra banks retired from modelling...i so so like her especially in americas next top model..hay...ang dami kong gus2 ipost kaso sa sobrang dami eh wala na akong magwang matino..sugarfree and spongecolas gonna have a concert at our SCHOOL> the 16th..heheh...