Monday, February 23, 2009


Finding the right person for a good relationship is like finding the right drug for a disease.

There is what we called first level antibiotics, the penicillin. When we meet someone and fell in love with him or her that is infatuation. At that very moment, you immediately thought that he or she is the right one for you. Carelessly, you give out all that you have for him or her without even thinking of who really that person is, but then eventually you realize that infatuation is dangerous and ineffective. Just like the penicillin, it is the first choice of most, simple colds and sore throats are treated by laymen with those without even thinking of the so called resistance and sensitivity. But what can you do, those are available over the counter and are just readily available without proper consultation. The person we thought is the right one has many flaws and is just superficially attractive. Again, superficial symptoms are dangerous and dangerous afterwards. We use them radically but after that, we don’t feel the cure or the spark analogously. So after the basic who, what and where, you hook up, then after that what? Strangers! You develop this resistance to that person and a line is instantly drawn between seriousness to sex and that is the hard part, to cope up with unmet expectations and disappointment. You expect that you could be together more often, date often, catch a flick, grab some bite, sleep together, and later, the truth will bite you that penicillins won’t do any good at all and would just give you instant cure, short term basis as they say. We hold on to the thought that we are made for each other then you would find out that penicillins cure other acute symptoms as well. Jealousy. You get insecure, hurt and down hearted when you see that person entertain others when you expect and assumed that you shared some special feelings but after that unfaithful night or day you made out, the care and passion you shared beforehand was lost and like it did not exist. But that’s life. And then after timeless observation and examination you find out that some people are the right one for you. The one that we thought are not compatible with us, the one we thought are not fitted and we do not really pay attention initially would prove to be the best for us. After tests and clinical observations, we realize the best drug for us. It is a case to case basis actually. People may really look good with others, all are subjective but those may not be the real picture. It is just a piece of a high faluting puzzle of disease. So we knew that this certain drug would be good for us afterall. Some maybe expensive and some may have drastic side effects but in the end you are cured. In a relationship, these people are those far from our expectations and qualifications. We reject them for their superficial traits but when you see the effect, which is when you realize again the truth. Some may look for people opposite to them, set high standards and sometimes perfect combination for all but end up with those far from whom they want to be with. Another situation is for dying patients, you use the common emergency drugs. These drugs prove to be very effective in saving lives. We experience situations where we are so down, we feel it is the end of the world for us, like we have been cursed but then someone will save us from that. Lol. They try to lighten up our lives and bring happy thoughts. They show kindness and potential for a good relationship. They revive our dying hearts. They pump blood to our weak veins. They maintain what they have started. I am not really sure of this. It is what we call the rebound. You get hurt, someone comes in, then you get attached. Rebound they call it because we are still vulnerable in those times. But no matter what, superficial things should not be always considered. Yes, those are what we see at first, but to know the real thing or deal is what is more important. You have to look beyond what is seen by the naked eye. We should not be fooled by what is presented, not for their assets but on how they work with those. jta

Friday, February 06, 2009

hospital requirements

for all: since i love you all, here are the requirements from some hospitals


all should be original

  • - accomplished dean's form (from their website, when you bring it sa hsc, 3-5 days for you to get it and pay for it, 45php ata)
  • - transcript of records
  • - board rating and passing preferably the PRC blue copy
  • - RLE
    - resume with 2x2 black and white picture
  • - PRC license
  • - PNA


  • application letter

(address to: Dr. Bernardino A. Vicente, MD, FPPA, MHA, CESO IV

Medical Center Chief II

Thru: Lucila O. Espinosa, RN, BSN, MAN

Chief, Nursing Service

  • TOR (photocopy)
  • diploma (photocopy)
  • Traning and Employment Certificate (photocopy)
  • Authenticated Birth certificate NSO (photocopy)
  • NBI clearance (photocopy)
  • Board Rating and License (Nurse Applicant)
  • Autobiography

MAKATI MED (photocopy of the ff:)

  • updated CV or resume
  • currect PRC ID
  • Board Rating and Certificate
  • TOR with RLE
  • Diploma
  • Good moral Certificate (5 days sa hsc, request at OSA)
  • current NBI clearance
  • NSO birth certificate
  • 2 pieces 2x2 colored pictures white backgorund
  • present original documents, incomplete requirements will not be acepted, submit at 9th floor, Training dept, sa parang tower, akyat ka pa..hehe 9am-12pm