Sunday, August 26, 2007


love is all about confusion..
we always think that the brghtest of signs are of what we see at the moment, but remember that these stars are just floaters in the vast universe. when you'll look behind these shining elements, you'll realize how ambiguous these blinding stars are.

the solar system has one sun that provides it with day and night, happiness and sorrow and smiles and frowns..but the eart doesn't revolve only in the sun. it still has numerous and thousands of stars awaiting for it's attention.

What would you do if another star provides the life that you need and want?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

standards of living

when i was young, i always dreamed of being a veterinarian. the obligation and desire to take care of pets as i called them is so strong that i carried that ambition until my early years of high school then i realized that i would not earn that much on that profession (askals are eaten) so i shifted my ambition into being an ECE, thanks to my tito who told me that i would be climbing network towers and fix it if i'm gonna be one, then on my senior year in HS, i suddenly wanted to become a nurse, of course from the influence of many influenece..hahaha..(i know it's grammatically incorrect). anyway, i applied in lasalle for nursing,ECE and brodjourn as my choices. then i got into nursing, but not into ECE.hahaha.i was not disappointed though because it wasn't my first choice and i really don't plan to take it but it makes me laugh when i remember it.

now im on my senior year in nursing, and as they say, lasallian nurses are tough and well holistic. hahaha. i wouldn't daresay and wouldn't allow anyone to say that nursing in lasalle is easy. it is HARD! NURSING is hard at least. hahaha. and it's expensive. im not sure about the tution fees in UST and UP but ours is quite expensive. it's worth it i'd say. no hassles for vehicles to rent etc. anyway, then i wanted to become a US nurse, this and that.....the usual filipino dream, but that wouldnt be the epitome of my professional growth. i want to become a doctor, a dermatologist. i would want to work as a nurse until im 30 then go to med school. by the time im 40, id be a derma..hahaha..that's my plans...and let god and my ambition help me achieve my standard of living.

whats yours?

Saturday, August 04, 2007

deathly hallows..

if you have not read the 7th and last installment of the HP series...don't continue..
if you don't want any comments and spoilers..don't continue..

i just finished reading the book..and to my dismay and furiousness..i just can't stop thinking if Rowling should make another one..

and im really glad that Ron andHermione got married 19 yers after....the same with Harry and Ginny..
-i was thrilled with Harry and Ginny's children:Albus Severus, Lily and James

And yes, Voldemort died at last..

i wish i can do magic as well...seems interesting..hahaha...