Thursday, September 15, 2005

ALahas ni Imelda

i was watching the news last night when the issue about Imelda Marco's jewelries came up. They got it from her, the govt. says it was from their ill gotten wealth and they were planning on selling it on the auction. Now poor former first lady filed a complain, i think or a motion for it to be stopped. Would it be just to sell it???
Well for me i think its not. I think the govt. is just envy of their political success and selling it is just their excuse to gain money. I just dont know the law that much but is it just right for the govt. to confiscate your properties if you were said to be corrupt? Like your precious shoes, jewelries etc etc etc.... Hay naku ang gobernment nga naman..Its o magulo!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

incomparable violence

"To see is to believe" as the saying goes, but on our modern time now, believing does not always follow seeing the actual incident, for television has provided us the luxury of witnessing reality on our dear homes but this is incomparable to what reality really is. Television gives us the chance of witnessing reality, experience gore without actually sensing it, and shows a more docile images of reality.
Television's existence gives us the joy of seeing what is happening around the globe anytime and anywhere we want. Because everyone can access it, it does not filters what show to be shown that suits the viewer. Almost everything you asked for is found in TV channels. News programs although informative stress the violence that we are experiencing. Robberies, bombings worldwide, terrorism, deaths, rapes and more gruesome scenes are always showcased by our dear TV. Informing viewers is there primary objectives but the principle of double effect works. As they aim to inform us on the present situation, they flood viewers, things that are not really made to be aired, violence. As they inform us, they also show the violent reality that who knows who's watching at the moment. Thus, even the unadulterated minds of the young sees what the tube shows.
The tube makes things milder by being distant to the actual situation. It shows the violence outside our homes yet we can feel its rage and its effect by just watching. I don't know if it's a good thing that we are just watching it but watching it also makes an effect. We feel the emotions of the situation by just watching it; the fact that we see what is happening triggers our mind so that we can feel it. The violence that we see lets us experience it by just seeing it without actually undergoing that violence. Also it makes us connected with the situation feeling their emotions, just emotionally, though.
Although TV shows things of reality, it makes it more docile by taking away is physicality. The TV filters blood from gushing out of blooded bodies, shrapnel from hurting us, bullets from shooting us, screams from deafening us and gruesomeness from infiltrating us. This is the privilege that we get but this means that what we are seeing is far from what is really happening, the reality could be a lot more violent. Thus, violence on TV can't be compared to reality. A hard truth it is that the reality is a lot more brutal than what the tube shows. This just means that a more intense and strong emotion and trauma envelops reality.
When we watch TV, we also feel what we see however, it is just a mere glimpse of reality. The rage reality has is incomparable to what we feel. The violence that we see is just the tip of the iceberg, only the infamous part is shown. Life really is strong, and it deprives its strength to TV viewers leaving us unaware of what's life's violence is all about.
The things we see on TV is just a glimpse of life's real violence, thus it give us the privilege to see those things without actually undergoing it and most especially the TV showcases violence in a more docile way.

Friday, September 09, 2005


sorry but i just cant think of a good topic..plz help me...