Saturday, May 05, 2007

corals at stake

this, people of the blogging world is one of the greatest coral reef shot that i got from yahoo. who knows how many years back when this photo was taken.

this on the other hand is what is happening on present times. one place to be exact is in zamboanga.

i saw from jessica soho's tv show last night this awful reality. the badjaos, the watermen and a native of zamboanga , dives at a depth of 40 feet and gets corals of every kind to sell to businessmen for export. now people may have weird jobs but what shocked me was its cheap value, 10php for an average sized coral. those coral reefs took a hundred years to for, hundred generation to build and have endured countless storms and sunshine. they have witnessed sea miracles, saw countless sea creatures feed on them and made their most feeble way to propagate themselves little by little over a centuries time.

now im calling upon those who wanted to make changes, the candidates for this election.

you, lawmakers should put some attention on what is happening and not on what you wanted to happen always. it is sad to say that our rich and beloved philippines resources would just be a history in the near future if no actions would take place. those minute and sparse coral harvesting might not be an obvious problem but once we put it all together, the damaged would be seen. take actions like how you promised and said it. think of the children who wantedto enjoy the view of those corals in person and not just in the books and magazines. think of the effort of mother earth tp build those for the benefit of all. think of God's blessing and how you would value it. and for one time, dont think of what youre gonna get if you'd put an end on those illegal actions but what youre people would get instead.