Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lt. Abordo

(a shot from cavite naval hospital)

A columnist once quoted a graduation speech of a PNPA graduate. He said “We rise together… and together we will remain strong for our motherland to serve, live and die for.”

This powerful phrase awoken something in me, something I have never thought before, something that I want to do and is still contemplating if I needed to do. When I was in college, we have this subject called nursing elective. You choose a field of nursing, apply there and wait if you can be assigned there. Oftentimes, it is our favorite area where we specialized and spend gruesome yet worth it time. I chose emergency nursing, I like the thrill, the activity, the new faces that come and go, the procedures and everything about it. But right now, I realized, how come I did not consider myself as a military nurse? How often do I think of being in the field and imagining myself running when someone shouts “MEDIC”. ALWAYS!.. But what if I be in a military hospital? Would I still be useful and would I still enjoy?

“We knew we were no longer sons and daughters of our parents but sons and daughters of our motherland.” I am never patriotic or nationalistic. I am always practical and tends to be influenced. Would I consider turning my back from my parents and be the son of our motherland instead? Why not.

As I type this article there are numerous things that I’m considering. My plans of greener pasture to the land of milk and honey, my plans of going down under and my plans of working in Middle East would all be set aside. But come what may, I need to be a STAFF NURSE right now.haha

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