Monday, November 30, 2009

massacre hysteria

it has been a few days when the infamous maguindanao massacre happened, when innocent people where slained to death, where our respective reporters died while at work,
when lives where taken....
see, we are emergency room nurses....
we are the first line of medical staff you'll encounter in an emergency situation or when you are brought to the hospital..
everyday of our duty lives we work our ass so hard to save he lives of everyone, without any hesitation, without reasons, without prejudices..and even when our own lives are at risks in being infected and even when none of the patients would cooperate
...we still do what we can...
and these killings make our job useless..
it is tantamount to closing all directly telling the nation on televised advisory that lives are to be taken anywhere, anytime by anyone so who will need us, nurses to help save them..
but regardless of what happens to our nation, despite the irrational killings of oneself or another


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